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The General
5th Jan 2003, 19:19
I have searched for weeks now and I am yet to find a fan site for Project eden, is there one? and if not, why not?!

Also is it possible to create extra maps for the multiplayer and import them into the game to play on?

5th Jan 2003, 22:02
I asked a question liked that a while ago and maggie told me no :( (atleast.. I think it was maggie..)

She (if it is Maggie..) aslo said there were no plans for a PE2 due to lack of interest for the original (not enough sold.. which would suggest a lack of interest in the game..).


It was a good game.

I liked the rover racer thing. It was nice. I was disapointed to find out it was only 1 map :(

The General
6th Jan 2003, 16:44
In that case I must make one, can't have a good game like this without a fan sites as offical sites never tell you anything of use. Anyone waht to assist?

7th Jan 2003, 03:56
They didnt make alot of pr for the game (advertising, etc..) so I doubt they're would be alot of fan sites...

The game gets a 1$ trade-in value at EB.. and thas in canadian dollars :(

The General
8th Jan 2003, 18:57
OK I have started on it but as for downloads I have had trouble obtaining any of the trailers, does anyon have a copy?

8th Jan 2003, 21:01
trailers? sorry. :(

I don't 'download' (I dont save them to my hard drive) trailers unless its from a really good movie (spider-man, daredevil, matrix.. etc...)

The General
9th Jan 2003, 16:41
ok does anyone have the font used in the menu systems?

9th Jan 2003, 22:26
Try using google. I found everything I ever looked for (during the past 5 months.. never heard of google before then..). They also have a "I'm feeling lucky button" which brings you to the site they think your most likely looking for. Works almost every time for my uses.

I'd say about 8 out of 10 uses, it brings me to a site I use for the search I did..

The General
15th Jan 2003, 17:47
normaly google solves all but not in this case it seams. Well the site will be up first of feb.

15th Jan 2003, 18:09
sorry to hear that :( (google problems).

The General
18th Jan 2003, 15:28
Would anyone like to write a new walkthrough to go on the site?
I am never very good at writing them and I think I did a few things back to front the last time, plus I tend to blabber on and drift of the subject, a bit like I am doing now where I have stated the point but the sentence is not ending.

18th Jan 2003, 20:48
whats wrong with the guide now? I think it was ok.. Its the same as the one on game faqs and its the first (well. it was the first when I visited their site when I bought PE).

Did you write that one? If so.. I think someone is taking credit for your work on gamefaqs.com ... :(

The General
19th Jan 2003, 14:08
ok.... where are the current walkthroughs, i found the game FAQ and the one in the fourms. Besides the more variants the better if you read a walkthrough and you can't understand it or it just goes to quickly or too slowly ect.

Is it me or do you post alot?

19th Jan 2003, 15:53
Yeah, mrdefender posts a lot, and only in the PE forums. :p

Trailers....trailers...try ftp.eidos.co.uk

19th Jan 2003, 21:22
I don't post alot. I just post here, so it looks like I post alot. (if you have 200k pens in one room, and 200k pens mixed up in alot of rooms.. Which room would look like it has the most pens? :) though I can't see why one would need 200k pens.. well.. if you're a big buisness.. )

I just reply to people. Its been a very long time since I actually started a thread.

It's one of those 'my mother always said' things (...talk to people who talk to you.. i.e awnser them..).

You can always count on me for a reply :) I'm dependable ;) I'm a Canadian. :) (I think im the only canadian on the project eden 'section')?

Though I wish I could assist with a Project Eden Walkthrough.. but alas, I returned it (trade-in for store credit.. at Electronics Boutique). I got a shiny dollar for it :eek: gasps in astonishment :D

It gets' better. Its a canadian dollar :)

The General
20th Jan 2003, 18:56
I never trade in my games, the entertaunment value is much more than the money you get back for a second hand game. Besides its fun to build a huge archive that could be worth somthing in 50 odd years where there isnt many working copys about. Some old game are going for 100s.

The General
20th Jan 2003, 18:59
is there a walkthrough that isnt copywrited or one that somone will reply to my requests to use it?

20th Jan 2003, 20:19
how valuable can cd pc games can be in 50 years?

Heck. By that time we might have our games in holodeck-technology :)

Or we might have a chip or something that all we would need is our brain/body.

Heh. I'd love to see how games would evolve in 100 years :)

Well.. In 100 years, we're gonna be about 30 years closer to Star Trek :)

The General
21st Jan 2003, 21:41
I am going to be in Montanna at the proper time and data of first contact. My lifes aim. Apart from seeing the world from orbit ect ect

22nd Jan 2003, 03:56
Didn't you see the episode of enterprise?

looks at startrek.com for name of episode...

'Carbon Creek' ? First Contact was actually in a little place called Carbon Creek, in the 1950's. (which would explain ST:TOS.. 15 years later... ;) ).

T'pol's grandmother (remember.. vulcans have appx twice the lifetime we do..) was on a science expedition to study earth, their ship's engines went offline and they crashed on earth.

T'pol tells the story to Archer and Trip over a meal in the captain's em? 'mess' ? (what do you call his private dining room?).

<click me for more info on 'Carbon Creek'> (http://www.startrek.com/library/ent_episodes/episodes_ent_detail_125643.asp)

It was a very very good episode :) ST:ENT (short for Enterprise) is a good series. It gets a bit confusing sometimes because it goes back to before the TOS episodes.. And some thing's haven't be cleared up yet...

Example; In DS9, they remade 'troubles with tribbles' and had the TOS klingons.. Bashir asked if it was some genetic virus or something...

But in ENT, the Klingons look like they do in TNG (After season 3), DS9 and VOY.. ... made alot of fans argue how many things are wrong..

I'm just glad to see something like the first crew.. No one before them went beyond SOL.. So they're basicly starting the adventure :)

That and Archer knows how to keep his shirt on ;) (Kirk always ended up in a fight and lost part or all of his shirt..).

22nd Jan 2003, 20:30
If you want some fan art for your site, there's always my pixel art
available here (http://freespace.virgin.net/toonraider.uk/lucy.gif) :D

Actually, that's a thought. I've never seen PE fanfic either. Give me a week and I'll email you chapter one...

22nd Jan 2003, 22:49
Yah. PE isnt a popular game (as in well-known..). Our local EB has 2 copies of PE at the back of the store.. behind other boxes... so you'd have to remove the front boxes to see the PE boxes.. :/

Don't know why there are no fan sites.. :/ Not enough advertising I guess...

23rd Jan 2003, 02:29
it didn't help that, like wipeout fusion, it was supposed to be out for the ps2 around january or february after the ps2 came out, and when it FINALLY did, there was no fanfare... it was just "there" on the shelves, and by the time it was out for the ps2 it had already been out on the pc for MONTHS (6 patches by that time... that gives you an idea of how long it took). there was a small ad for it that explained it, after all the sports, kiddie, and racing games in the booklet, but most people saw the sports games and decided that was enough reading for them.

i know that most of the people i know don't like games where they have to think or follow a story line, too (shadow of destiny, any tomb raider, project eden... anything where you have to PAY ATTENTION). their loss.... i just hope that the companies don't start pandering too much to those kinds of people, or else we're all in for a long spell of crappy-ass games that have no point.

23rd Jan 2003, 03:26
I love a good game story. It makes the game that much more interesting.

Some games (cant remember the name at this time..) just dropped the player there, in the future, fighting for earth's survival but doesnt exactly explained who you are (millitary, scientist, civilian, person who hides in the corner... etc...) or how the earth came to this "we're doomed" state..

It's kinda like the first myst. (kinda..), the game didnt give you much details (the intro movie has a book that drops out of a 'fissure' in the sky when u pick it up (click on it) it shows another movie in some sort of window in the book.. then your on myst island..). It kinda makes you walk around to learn the story (which is the point of it.. the player/character just touched a book and now he's on an island...).

Alot of games now come out for multiplayer.. little singler-player action/story..

Well.. Unreal 2 is comming out on feb 6. NOW THAT LOOKS LIKE AN AWESOME GAME! ... guess what? SINGLE PLAYER ONLY!!! WOOHOO!!! Now those mp people can spend time clicking everywhere for some mp screen ;)

C&C Generals is also another good sp game (but its more of a mp game.. but the sp is extensive so the people on slow connections or aren't into mp much can still enjoy the game).

We need more single player-focused games!!

Well.. What we need is Pc games comming out for PC and not for console :(

I dont want to spend 200 bucks for a pc game (I already have my 'entertainment system' and im happy with it..)

Long Live Single Player!! :D

23rd Jan 2003, 04:08
Well.. What we need is Pc games comming out for PC and not for console :(

i'm a console guy myself :)
the games i do have for pc are sims, mahjongg, quest for glory 5, sim city, and dark side of the moon (which isn't installed)

i'm always annoyed how a game comes out for ONLY one thing... like the superman game that's ONLY for the xbox and not the ps2... grrr....

although i almost bought thief for the pc

23rd Jan 2003, 05:54
I know.. Good games come out for just one console..

The Last games I know of that came out for all consoles was 007 Nightfire (PC, PS2, XBOX, GC, GBA) and Spider-Man The movie game (same platforms as 007).

But, alas, the console version of Night Fire (they all had the same 'missions' or 'story' but pc had its own story/missions..) doesnt have vehicle :(

I really wanted to get my hands on that BMW of his :)

Spider-Man had the same missions on all platforms.

If I were to name all the games I though looked good and shouldve been released on PC.. Well.. Let's just say I'd reach the limit of the number of characters 1 post can hold :)

(might aswell point out that there appears to be no character limit here...)


But you just gotta know that some games are for consoles only. Like Mario :) (I think the latest is Super Mario Sunshine for GC).

I still wish all games would come out for all consoles. Makes everyone happy ;)

The General
25th Jan 2003, 22:34
Originally posted by SuzieCroft
If you want some fan art for your site, there's always my pixel art
available here (http://freespace.virgin.net/toonraider.uk/lucy.gif) :D

Actually, that's a thought. I've never seen PE fanfic either. Give me a week and I'll email you chapter one...

I will start adding more things soon along with the walkthrough.
mean while here is the current website ahead of scheadule with loads of comming soon things all over it. If you see any bugs please tell me quickly.


as soon as I have an income to speek of and people like it I might get a small dot com but for not a sub domain in an old site of mine will do.

25th Jan 2003, 23:42
Why not get one of the redirection thingys. something like ....

www.cjb.net (thats the only one I know of).

it would be like <something>.cjb.net

like; EdenWalkthrough.cjb.net ..

or GeneralsWaltkthrough.cjb.net (people might mistake that one for a C&C Generals walkthrough ;) )

or.. ProjectEdenRules!!!.cjb.net :)

The posibilities are endless :)

You can have it both ways! with or without the www (both are registered and go to the same place, you can leave out the www if you want to)

I once had one that was 30 characters long...

123456789012345678901234567890.cjb.net (well, its not really 12345... but its to show you how long it was :) )

Dont ask... ;)