View Full Version : A desperate Question about the StoryLine???? Please help

5th Jan 2003, 13:10
I am just trying to figure out the plot!
I have been a die hard Tomb Raider Fanatic since the beginning! But I am lost when it comes to Angel Of Darkness??? According to Cronicles, Von Croy finds her backpack and we are left to wonder where she is since her backpack is always attached to her. Can anyone assist me with this small delima??????????

5th Jan 2003, 13:29
She eventually got out of the Tombs and wandered off.

The backpack is removable and does not go with her always....remember the dress she wore to the opera in Chronicles?

In the case of Von Croy finding it, this was merely an iconic use of the imagery to inform you the player that Lara was about somewhere.

5th Jan 2003, 13:33
So basically, Von Croy found her backpack which allows us to know that since there was no body she must be alive, the story doesn't really pick up, just continues??!! Am I understanding this correctly? And by the way Thanks so Very Very Much!!!!!!:D

5th Jan 2003, 13:40
Apparently she wanders off, finds a nearby village and meets up with a tribal guy.
She stays with him a while and re-evaluates her life following her near death experience.

AoD begins in Paris some time later....around 6-12 months?

5th Jan 2003, 13:47
Thank You So Much I So Appreciate It! I Haven't been on the site since they said over a year ago that Chronicles was the last. I just have trouble with the thought that she just finishes the series and a new series starts without some sort of explination to Chronicles. Sorry if I am A bother But tomb raider is like the best game ever and I am forever and always hooked. I was very dissappointed when they said that they may bring it back but with a different person... Once again Thanks...