View Full Version : Thief for Mac???

5th Jan 2003, 11:56
Does anyone here know if there will ever be Thief or Thief2 version for Mac??
It would be really nice :)
I mean, some of Eidos Interactive games, are available for both, mac and pc... but there is no thief for mac yet.

5th Jan 2003, 13:01
And there won't be. They are too old to port and make a profit on.

14th Jan 2003, 13:49
Sad, though. Given the increasing rapaciousness and 'rights management' (i.e. consumers have no rights and record and movie companies have the right to your firstborn child and your left nut) approaches of Microsoft, aided and abetted by Intel and even AMD, Mac is looking increasingly good for my next machine. But with no Thief access, it's a non-starter!


15th Jan 2003, 02:07
It's too bad, but Wintel PCs have over 90% of the hardware market. Much software is not ported to the Mac for economic reasons. Why should anybody bother? I think the only thing that will make the Mac work in the game world is to port Mac OS to the Intel architecture, together with software to make the Windows apps (including DLL's) run on it without much of a performance hit. I have often wondered why Apple doesn't do that. Trying to maintain an OS only for proprietary hardware seems fruitless, especially when most computer users use other hardware. I would buy the Mac OS if it competed with Windows on the same platform.