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5th Jan 2003, 09:01
you know, i really like this game a lot, but i have it for the ps2 and not the pc

i have all kinds of glitches and stuff, though, and that really "chaps my hide". actually, it's only one glitch. if i play two levels in a row (to save my energy cells that i've accumulated the previous level), the system will crash if my 'bots "die" near a creature.

this is particularly harrowing for me since when i play, i send them in first to scope the area and draw out any hiders, or use the laser on the rover to take 'em out as much as possible. of course, it won't do this if i save and reload the game after every level, but then you don't get to save the energy cells :(

anyone else have this problem with the ps2 disk?

my other favorite thing to do on the lower levels (closer to ground) is to just keep bombing the creatures with the time dilation and suck their energy dry, thereby giving me more energy cells :) :)

5th Jan 2003, 22:06
you dont keep your nrg cells if you save and load? why not?

I also liked the time gun. it was so awesome. I would've liked it to be effective on enemies only though.. Was wierd shooting in there.. looked like the matrix... :)

I had the PC version and it ran fine.

I'm afraid I've heard alot of PS2 bugs. They're in this section of the forums.. somewhere..

The obvious troubleshooting tips I can offer is clean your dvd, your ps2 and check if its scratched.

Sorry I can't be more helpful than that :(

Hope it helps..

7th Jan 2003, 01:28
you dont keep your nrg cells if you save and load? why not?

heck if i know... maybe it's another glitch in the disk. you get to keep them on the pc version?

i'd save at the end of the level, since you can't do it anywhere else, and when i'd reload, poof. all gone.

the most i ever lost was when i had 78 on the 4th level from the ground / basement. :(

7th Jan 2003, 03:51
to be honest.. I dont remember :(

I never used the extract thingy (well. i tried it out but never used it for its purpose). I had the infinte energy cheat on. hate running out of ammo. Especially when u turn around a corner and something crawls off the floor....:eek:

7th Jan 2003, 17:08
that's why you send the 'bots in first >:> the rover if there's ground, the flyer if there isn't or if you just wanna get the most ground covered and mutants to appear in the shortest time.

but that's where my glitches came in. crashed if the flyer ran out of energy near a mutant, or if it was crushed by them :\

but still! that's how you do combat - if you have something like a machine, send it in first :) :)

7th Jan 2003, 23:31
You'll have to be more specific about who you send in ahead :)

Cause any team member turns into a "bot" (ai) when you switch "away" or "to another" character.

Example; You play as carter, the other 3 are bots. You swtich to Andre, the other 3 become bots (Carter too).


I usually sent in Amber and Carter. (depending on the situation ofcourse.. If I really thought I'd need to hack or fix something, Id send the person who can hack or fix (miniko, andre..).

Amber was mostly my scouter. She could take lots of damage.

But, if you check the community chat forum, I traded in PE for 1$ :)

It was just collecting dust back there.. :)

Still a good game.

8th Jan 2003, 03:40
You'll have to be more specific about who you send in ahead

Cause any team member turns into a "bot" (ai) when you switch "away" or "to another" character.

the um.. whatchamacallems...

tread / laser / rover-bot

the ones that suck your energy down when they're destroyed.
the non-sentients (i think amber's sentient, like data).
them :)

8th Jan 2003, 21:03
oh! the tools :)

And yes, Amber is sentient (and yes, like date.. but Amber aint in starflett :D )

If Amber isn't sentient, she has a really sofisticated intelligence program :)

(mostlikely not microsoft :D )

22nd Jan 2003, 22:32
amber's a chick in a tin.

seriously. reread the manual... I'd quote here, but I don't have the box to hand...

22nd Jan 2003, 22:51
She's a person in a robot suit? I thought she was an AI program...

23rd Jan 2003, 02:14
indeed, i forgot somewhere in the first few levels of the game that she was an injured person in a cyborg suit. but after reading the manual again, as ms. suzie suggested, i find she's 27 yrs old!

younger than i am... hm. makes ya think...

23rd Jan 2003, 03:31
Really?? Wow. I thought she was like Data. (Dey-ta (ST TNG character).... not computer data (da-ta)).

What I found neat but yet odd was how the weapons are 'replicated' or 'transported' from energy.

They're weapons are energy based right? (appear out of nowhere..).. so why do you need to go to the elevator to get a new weapons? Cant it just be.. em? sent to you?

23rd Jan 2003, 04:10
the elevators are the energy conduits, like replicators on star trek :)

that's my guess anyway ;)

23rd Jan 2003, 05:41
I see...

I guess Elite Force makes a bit more sense (they had a transporter 'utility belt' their weapons and stuff beamed right out of the belt.. Kinda like Batman :) ))