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5th Jan 2003, 07:01
Did anyone ever find a 'cure' to this problem of crashing to the desktop?

Heres my spec's:
Celeron 600
GeForce2 MX 100/200
192 MB RAM
Windows ME

It only seems to happen when i've built up a big enough station, so it never happens at the start of the game. I thought it could be a memory problem so i upgraded my RAM from 64 to 192, but still the same problem. I'm sure i've got all the latest drivers for everything.

I think ive tried just about everything all you ppl have suggested in other threads, but no luck yet.

Anybody have any brainstorms?

5th Jan 2003, 14:08
One typical comment:
- Get Patched

I'll tell you to get the latest drivers, but you have that covered.

I think there was a soloution for this released. Maybe someone can remember it, cos I can't. Or search for it.

Hope that helps a bit.

6th Jan 2003, 15:27
well, a while ago someone got shot down when they suggested the computer overheating, but that can be it, the game puts stress on the comp, so moving it out of the corner, or cleaning the dust off the vent in the back could help if the patch doen't (the patch does help). i pulled my comp a foot or two out of the corner, and it worked much better.

7th Jan 2003, 00:40
Well i think its fixed:) , it hasnt crashed... yet

I got a few more updates like the via 4 in 1 patch (that always fixes stuff) and i got rid of some damn adware. I reinstalled Startopia and i havent used my old savegames.

thanks guys :cool:

7th Jan 2003, 01:49
Originally posted by Underlord64
via 4 in 1 patch
Is this a new patch for StarTopia or for your hardware?

8th Jan 2003, 10:14
its for your hardware. I can't remember the website for it, but you can find it easily if you do a search.

25th Jan 2003, 21:18

(Crash to desktop = Patch to game!)