View Full Version : FF7 help! i've been tryin to solve this for weeks!

4th Jan 2003, 00:48
I read every post and did possibly everything. I have a pent 3 1.6 gig pc with win xp. I have radeon 7500 and have installed the 1.02 nvidia patch so that i can run the mode in direct 3d acceleration. The game runs perfectly fun, movies run perfect, no lag at all, graphics are perfect. However, when i first entered the world map, transitions start to get very slow and it starts lagging horredously. I dont know how to fix this? Every time i enter a battle in the world it takes 30 secs before i actually start fighting. After i exit the world map, (in town, caves, etc) the lag completely dissapears and everything runs perfect? Anyone know how to fix this ? Thx (btw i tried installing the config patch only and not the .exe included in the 1.02 patch, that made the lag problem in the world go away, but whenever i entered somewhere else besides the world map everything around me was black except for the characters?)

6th Jan 2003, 20:45
I think your only solution would be to get a Nvidia card. The patch wasn't really made for ATI cards.

With the original FF7config, does the 8 bit test say pass or fail?

You want it to say Fail if you want to use the FF7.exe from the patch, and Pass if you use the originall FF7.exe. The FF7.exe from the patch was really made to be compatible with Nvidia's cards.

Do you have antialiasing on? Turning it off will fix low frame rates.

19th Jan 2003, 10:28
Yeah don't run it with smooth graphics, afterall that not how it was meant to be played.