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3rd Aug 2012, 03:27
I have had a dream for awhile now. Tell me if I'm the only one:

SE releases a "FINAL FANTASY CLASSICS COLLECTION" for the PS3 that contains ALL the main series titles with sequels. These titles would include the most recent FMV/CGI intros, and contain 2 versions of the titles I-VI, then the ORIGINAL VII-XIII/2. The early titles would be the PSP/Anniversary editions including new PSP/Anniversary styles for III, V, & VI, and have an option to play in the original 8/16bit format. (No other extras/bonuses/bestiary collections etc... Just the games with movie intros! AND NO PORTS) This collection would hold true to the title of "CLASSICS".

Am I alone with this pipe dream?

3rd Aug 2012, 08:48
I don't really care about the VII-XIII-2 (If anything, VII-IX, and with HD remastery of X coming, I think XIII and XIII-2 are still too new to be re-released as part of this bundle, and not old enough to be called classics yet).

However, I have had a similar dream of getting the original 2d I-VI games in one collection, although I would like to have bestiaries and the additional dungeons seen in the more recent releases, but I would prefer the 2d versions (and, as you say, the FMV's). Most of the extra dungeon additions are homage to other games in the series, and just fun to play, so I don't mind their inclusion (and I actually prefer it). The first 6 games would probably even fit on a single blu ray.

and it would be nice to play a 2d FF3. I think the strange 3d art used for the DS version killed the game for me.

3rd Aug 2012, 11:08
I'd like to see FFI-VI all in one disc. VII & VIII (and IX I think) can be bought from PSN (don't know about XBLA), and since X is already coming in a HD remaster, I don't see a collection coming (or at least soon).

XIII & XIII-2 are still too soon to be put in a collection. I think it should stop with XII.

3rd Aug 2012, 13:35
Me too

But it should contain I to XII .... XIII doesn't need to be there.

3rd Aug 2012, 13:36

They should remake XII in HD... And make it available on PSN.

3rd Aug 2012, 15:15
Just I-VI. Maybe VII-IX.

Honestly, I've wanted the first six on a single disc all with up-to-date translations and features for a long time. It'd be nice if the original, FC/SFC versions were unlockable too, though I suppose just having I-III in their original format would do more than suffice.

4th Aug 2012, 18:42
ALL good points. I hope there be enough interest online or other forms of communication with SE to make a "Classics Collection" for I-VI a reality in the suggested format(s). Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone with this line of thinking. Fingers Crossed!

4th Aug 2012, 20:08
X International HD, XII new Zodiac System, VII (japanese version but with english text, for the black materia), and the rest of them except for XIII because it's too new. I say even throw Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP Version with CGI Cutscenes). That would be the ultimate bundle, and I'd buy it immediatly.

But make it a PS3 exclusive. With all of those titles redone in HD for the PS3.

15th Aug 2012, 22:52
I have had a dream for awhile now. Tell me if I'm the only one:

SE releases a "FINAL FANTASY CLASSICS COLLECTION" for the PS3 that contains ALL the main series titles with sequels. These titles would include the most recent FMV/CGI intros, and contain 2 versions of the titles I-VI, then the ORIGINAL VII-XIII/2. The early titles would be the PSP/Anniversary editions including new PSP/Anniversary styles for III, V, & VI, and have an option to play in the original 8/16bit format. (No other extras/bonuses/bestiary collections etc... Just the games with movie intros! AND NO PORTS) This collection would hold true to the title of "CLASSICS".

Am I alone with this pipe dream?

1 to 6 and maybe GB versions. PS Vita, 3DS, WiiU, PS3...what have you.

I think the original scale, and SNES color scheme and scale. Frankly it always looked best.

Frankly I care little of CGI, I am there to play not watch. I systems where extras can be downloaded

or extended addition should contain this.

The earth fiend looked wierd in PSP FF4, and the scale of characters off, no change to backgrounds too.

Oh anyone else find Kain's tomb on the moon really boring? Frankly FF2 explained may be nice.

Orbs not crystals in FF1. Or both versions.

I could have sworn the Wind fiend in FF4 was originally Vivalis. All this remastering, pffffff.....maybe try 3D for the 3Ds although

I have it off usually. 7+ aren't really a classics collection. CGI More a modernist collection. I don't want that 3 remix for the DS type, I rather

play the one translated for the emulators. AKA NES, well Famicom, version.

Actually all versions and remixes as choices may be cool.

Course now we are screwed, all are unsolicited ideas, course nothing stops them from going to people they know about and like the idea from
and solicit them from someone.

31st Aug 2012, 03:29
We have specifics on the Final Fantasy compilation set that Square Enix announced during today's Final Fantasy Gallery opening ceremony event.

A slide shown at the event revealed that the compilation will include thirteen games:

Final Fantasy (PS1, 1 disc)
Final Fantasy II (PS1, 1 disc)
Final Fantasy III (PSP, 1 disc)
Final Fantasy IV (PS1, 1 disc)
Final Fantasy V (PS1, 1 disc)
Final Fantasy VI (PS1, 1 disc)
Final Fantasy VII International (PS1, 4 discs)
Final Fantasy VIII (PS1, 4 discs)
Final Fantasy IX (PS1, 4 discs)
Final Fantasy X (PS2, 1 disc)
Final Fantasy XI Vana Del Collection 2 (PS2, 1 disc)
Final Fantasy XII (PS2, 1 disc)
Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, 1 disc)

The compilation also includes some limited bonus items:

Special anniversary video disc
Crystal ArtWorks -- an anniversary visual art collection
A two disc anniversary music selection CD
Final Fantasy XIV Mogu Mogu Earring item code
Mini replica of Amano FF 25th Anniversary visual and stand

All this for ¥35,000 (~$450). Look for the Ultimate Box on December 18, exclusively through the Square Enix e-Shop.

Source - andriasang.com/con2j5/ff_ultimate_box_ga... (http://andriasang.com/con2j5/ff_ultimate_box_game_list/)


I am tempted to buy this. Still have my PS1 and PS2 in good condition. Even though I have most of these game on PSN, there are some that I have not played. FF1-5 and 11.

31st Aug 2012, 03:49
Final Fantasy Memorial Ultimania Books Announced

Square Enix will be celebrating Final Fantasy's twentieth anniversary with a series of "Final Fantasy Memorial Ultimania" book releases. Three books weighing in at 320 pages each will be released on December 18. Each ¥3,255 book includes artwork, some never-before seen.

Volume 1 covers FFI through VI. Volume 2 covers FFVII through IX. Volume 3 covers FFX through FFXIV.

Like the Ultimate Box compilation package we detailed earlier, the Final Fantasy Memorial Ultimania will be sold exclusively through the Square Enix e-Shop. Buy all three volumes together, and you'll receive a bonus which has yet to be announced.

andriasang.com/con2j7/ff_memorial_books/ (http://andriasang.com/con2j7/ff_memorial_books/)

31st Aug 2012, 08:42
Is this going to be available in NA?

31st Aug 2012, 09:12
Is this going to be available in NA?

No chance :(

31st Aug 2012, 09:15
... I'd buy it.

31st Aug 2012, 13:20
Don't forget the pictures:

www.siliconera.com/2012/08/31/final-fant... (http://www.siliconera.com/2012/08/31/final-fantasy-25th-anniversary-ultimate-box-comes-with-13-games-music-and-more/)

Speaking of pictures...

andriasang.com/con2j1/ff_gallery_pics/ (http://andriasang.com/con2j1/ff_gallery_pics/)

marshallalloc.blog90.fc2.com/blog-entry-... (http://marshallalloc.blog90.fc2.com/blog-entry-885.html)

31st Aug 2012, 16:31
Ben Bateman (SEM EU): "I'm trying to find out if Europe is getting the Ultimate Box. When I find out I'll post it here."

eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/storm-gathers (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/storm-gathers)

31st Aug 2012, 19:45
I can live without that $450 dollar box set as nice as it would be to admire it though. I think it is a shame that none of the ultimania books ever been released in North America. Maybe SE will let a company do a release like nintendo did with the zelda art book.

31st Aug 2012, 20:23
You can always import them. That's what I do.

31st Aug 2012, 21:44
You can always import them. That's what I do.

I want to read them without the need of the internet. :(

1st Sep 2012, 00:05
Yeaaaaaap, so I will be buying this if we don't get something comparable (we won't) in the US.

1st Sep 2012, 00:33
I'd buy it in a heart beat if the price wasn't so steep. It's nice to have but I still have all my original FF game discs in really good condition so it's not like I'll be missing out on playing the games.

The only thing that I'd be interested in is the limited bonus items that come with the game discs *U*;;

1st Sep 2012, 09:57
Wow. It looks so beautiful but the price is out of reach to me.

1st Sep 2012, 09:57
Wow. It looks so beautiful but the price is out of reach to me.

1st Sep 2012, 16:34
Wow. SE fans are loyal, arguably to a fault. I have to tell you, I was mildly dissapointed that SE decided to re-release FFVII (for some quick cash, IMO) instead of focusing on a re-make (another contentious issue). $10 was reasonable enough for me to purchase it and I'm of course enjoying the nostalgia. That said, I still feel like SE is taking advantage of its die-hard fan base (myself included).

$450???? For a set of MULTI-PLATFORM re-releases??? SERIOUSLY??? You couldn't have put these all on Blu-Ray for the PS3 for HALF THE PRICE??? To me, this is a blatant case of exploitation. I'm really starting to harbor some dislike for this company, considering a) that nothing they've produced since FFXII has even come close to touching the classics in quality, and b) the comments made by SE CEO Yoichi Wada regarding an FFVII re-make.

2nd Sep 2012, 23:38
That awkward moment when you realize you already own those versions of the games listed...

(Well, most of them; aside from the 4-Disc FFVII game, FFIII for the PSP, and the FFXI game and expansions, I have the rest)

It's really the artbook (and general art stuff; zomg, that visual with stand *_*) and soundtrack that I want...I'm already saving up for that mega Amano FF art pack coming out in 2013, so that's something to look forward to if NA will be unable to release a similar anniversary package.

3rd Sep 2012, 04:27
Oddly coincidental, after this thread question is proposed, a JP "Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Collection" is announced! I just pray that SE does something if not compairable, then complete the titles for release on the PSN so those outside Japan could have a "Complete Collection" on Playstation. Keeping in mind, the FFX & XII would need to be ported/converted. Posibly even injuncunction with the release of FFX for PS3. They would just need to port FFXII to be played on the PS3 for those with newer models)!

5th Sep 2012, 11:49
It would be awesome if such a collection is released.

15th Sep 2012, 23:02
I would most certainly buy it if it was available here.

17th Sep 2012, 00:26
I think the price is pretty fair, but I'll have to pass on it.

17th Sep 2012, 00:33
I don't understand why it's such a difficult decision to sell merch in the EU over the US, or strictly Japan for that matter. I guess my lack of business 101 classes has left me in the dark. There's a vast eager fanbase here in the US and in EU, and I'll never understand why Square is so choosy with who gets what.

21st Sep 2012, 01:20
"Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box Promo Shows What&rsquo;s Inside The Box"

www.siliconera.com/2012/09/20/final-fant... (http://www.siliconera.com/2012/09/20/final-fantasy-25th-anniversary-ultimate-box-promo-shows-whats-inside-the-box/)

21st Sep 2012, 11:46
That's a really nice video. Looks like Uematsu and Roth rearranged the original battle theme for orchestra; I can't read Japanese, but I'm guessing the first disc of the music collection will be a studio version best-of while the second disc will be new rearranged recordings. A man can dream, anyways. I'm going to be rational about this and wait out until early December before I potentially order this; as cool as this is, if we get some NA/EU alternative, it will be a lot cheaper than not only having to import, but buying through a store that will have to buy from Square e-store and THEN ship it to you (driving costs up even further).

I can also seeing this being a really good way of SE NA getting out a UMD of FFIII overseas without having to make a stationary release. I generally don't like the "exclusive version in a $500 collection!" stunt, but it'd save them an extra physical release and they could put it up otherwise on PSN for people who like digital.

22nd Sep 2012, 07:36
Just as the title says, do you guys think that the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Box will come to America? I really want it localized, but I don't want to have to pay an extra 100 dollars in shipping just to get the Japanese version.

22nd Sep 2012, 09:37
i'll be extremely happy if they come to america. i am dying to play 7 again, 8, 9 and 10

22nd Sep 2012, 10:50
I live in Japan and am really looking forward to the release but I am also looking forward to see if they will release a US version because i would rather the content be in english >.<;;

23rd Sep 2012, 10:44
If it ever does come to the U.S. we would probably have to wait another year or so. :c

23rd Sep 2012, 11:46
No, it won't. But, is a shame, I would buy it :(

23rd Sep 2012, 12:05
Hmm.. anniversary box?

28th Sep 2012, 13:59
I have ordered mine already :)
Also the Ultimania Set.

I just wish it would include smething new.
I have all of those games multiple times already, there are so many versions for various consoles and handhelds, not to mention all the golden hits, megahits, platinum and favorites re-releases.

25th Dec 2012, 12:55
wooohoooo finally got mine!

Final Fantasy 25th anniversary ultimate box

The box is beautifully made! Unpacking was a lot of fun!
I love the artbook and the subtle design of this set

I made a un-boxing video:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMjLpUuFaFI (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMjLpUuFaFI)
And you can see more photos of this box and content in my other thread:

na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139235... (http://na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139235/29476053/Rare_FINAL_FANTASY_Items_you_have_never_seen_before?pg=1&sdb=1&num=23%20)

25th Dec 2012, 13:38
If probably get it if it was available in English.

25th Dec 2012, 23:54
That's real nice, Randis. Thanks for sharing.

And yeah, I'd get it if it were in English too. =/

26th Dec 2012, 01:17
I just wish that the box contained the titles on their original medium and that ALL ff titles were included.
Old titles on famicom and super famicom cartridges! That would have been so super awesome
and all the games like Dissidia, FF tactics, FF CC and so on...

23rd Feb 2013, 01:31
Final Fantasy Digital Collection Bundles Nine FF Games, Limited To 2000 Units
www.siliconera.com/2013/02/22/final-fant... (http://www.siliconera.com/2013/02/22/final-fantasy-digital-collection-bundles-nine-ff-games-limited-to-2000-units/)

"Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong announced a Final Fantasy anthology for Asia. Final Fantasy Digital Collection includes digital copies of Final Fantasy 1 all the way up to Final Fantasy IX so you can play the entire series on PSP or Vita. PsOne Classics like Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII are also compatible with PS3.

The code for the nine games included on a card with an illustration from Yo****aka Amano. Final Fantasy Digital Collection also includes a special manual and "Masterpieces" music collection with songs from Final Fantasy I-IX. "Terra&rsquo;s Theme" from Final Fantasy VI and "The Red Wings" from Final Fantasy IV are confirmed to be in the collection.

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong will release this bundle on February 26 for HK$1,188 ($153). The Final Fantasy Digital Collection package will be a limited edition item with only 2,000 units available for purchase."

23rd Feb 2013, 07:16
Why Japan!?.

That is http://na.square-enix.com/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-surprised.gif unfair.

24th Feb 2013, 02:56
How is there a limit to a digital download? Are they only printing 2000 physical vouchers to sell or what?

I'm seriously confused :/