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3rd Jan 2003, 05:29
Prelude: You said we were going to have a huge lunch! Well, where is it?!

Lara: There is none, Prelude! Cant you go 3 minutes without eating?!


Lara: *sigh*

_____________(1): So why did you call us here, Lara?

Lara: Its D. Hes been locked up in the basement for 3 weeks and i cant get him to get out.

_____________(2): Whats he doing in your basement?

Lara: Hes working on one of his scientific research projects again and he said its too big to be worked on in his own house.

_____________(3) Whats that have to do with us?

Lara: He says its a suprise and well like it, but i cant imagine what it is.

Me: *bursting through the basement door and almost running over Prelude* HAHAHAHAHA! IM A GENIUS!!!! HAHAHA!!!!

I collapse out of exhaustion.

*2 hours later*

__________________(2): Are you alright? Wake up!

Me: ugh, uh, o yea. Hey guys.

Lara: Now whats this "Spectacular Suprise" you want to show us?

Me: o yea, uh, follow me.

I lead my companions into the basement and half of it is sealed off by a giant gray wall with a door.

Lara: *raising eyebrow* Whats this?

Me: You guys watch Star Trek dont you?

All: Yea, so?

Me:I have literally created, well.....

All: What?

Me: ...........well, uh................. A limited.............holodeck.

All: *Jaws Drop*

____________________(1): Surely you can have any programs yet.

Me: On the contrary, I have created a very special program, and I would like to share it with all of you.

____________(5): Whats it about?

Me: Youll find out. I have randomized the choices for role you get, so dont get mad at me that i appointted you a character.

Me: Computer, begin program Dgx1.

Computer: Program complete, you may enter.

All: *look at each other*

We step inton the holodeck.

We are in a forest, a few buildings are around us, looking like an HQ.

Prelude: Why arent those buildings made of concrete and steel?
They are made of tree branches and logs! AND WHY AM I FAT!?

Me: Relax, its part of the program!

_______(4): Where are we?

Me: You should know, this is england about , o, the 12th century.

_________(3): Wheres Lara?!

Me: Her character begins in another part of the program.

__________(5): Sherwood Forest! Were in Sherwood Forest!

Me: Yes, ________________(5)!

Me: This is the tale of Robin Hood. Your Red clothing, (5), classifies you as Will Scarlet. You, (4), or should I say, Little John.
(3), your fiddle means you are the character, Alan Adale. And your tool set, (2), means you are Stuteley. While you, (1), are Ranulph.

Prelude:Who am i D!?

Me: You bear a striking resemblence, to Friar Tuck.


_______(1)Well, if all of us are Merry Men, you must be......

Me: I know, Robin Hood.

In Nottingham Castle...............

Servant:M' lady!

Lara:I told you to stop calling me that, the name is Lara!

Servant: My lady, you poor dear, can i get you something to ease your suffering?

Lara: I could use a drink.

Servant: I didnt mean anything alcoholic m'lady, but i have some nice, fresh leeches!


Servant: Here, lady Marian!

Lara: Out! Get out!

The servant leaves, much to the delight of Lara.

Lara: geez... uh? MARIAN? The Tale of Robin Hood! D sure has some imagination!



Yes, Meanwhile AGAIN................

Me: You all know the tale of Robin Hood and what we have to do right?

Computer: Unknown Problem detected in the program! Shutdown Prochedures offline! Unable to correct malfunction!

Me: Damn! I knew it! Crap!

Prelude: What?!

Me: I have bad news, bad news, and more bad news!

Me: The bad news is that safety Protocloes are offline!

Prelude: You mean we could die in here?

Me: Yes! The bad news is that Lara didnt hear it! The comm range is limited!

All: AHHHHH!!!



Prelude: What do we have to do to complete the program?

Me: Rescue Maid Marian, get the ransom for King Richard, get him back, and take back the throne from Prince John and the Shreiff of Nottingham.

_____________(3): Lara is Maid Marian!

Me: dUh!

Prelude: So, what do we do?


Besides for 1-5 and Prelude, anyone else can join as a minor character, such as the Shireff, Prince John, Guy of Gisborne,a Merry Man, etc.

THE True Lara
3rd Jan 2003, 10:21
I'm (5)!!!

I'm (5)!!!!

I wanna be Will Scarlet, ....but I'm a girl geddit! :D

dgx, you know this all reminds me suspiciously of a TNG episode.... ;)

3rd Jan 2003, 12:50
You guys pick a role for me and let me know what it is...

3rd Jan 2003, 18:12
TTL: I just want to know one thing, D, will you finish what you started?

*we all look at TTL*

TTL: What? What did I say?

PL: D, I can’t believe what you have turned me into, look at me! (all turn to look at PL) Don’t look at me! I’m fat…I mean Friar Tuck, why couldn't I have been a fighter and have a bow and stuff.. (PR picks up stick and starts waving it about)

VC: Prelude dear if you had a bow, you’d be dangerous, remember the safety protowhatsits are off line, that means people could die! (snatches stick from PL)

PL: Wait a minute I’m Friar Tuck…

All: Yes

TTL: So anyway what’s the plan D

DXG: Well….

PL: (interrupting) Let me get this straight

All: :rolleyes:

PL: I get to drink copious amounts of alcohol, eat enormous amounts of food, belch, sleep a lot and sing loud boisterous songs….?

All: (suddenly worried) Yeeees

PL: (pause) Ha ha then god be with ye all, bless the Robin (slapping D so hard on the back he nearly falls over) it be a merry day in Sherwood Forest, for later we will drink and feast merrily and celebrate on the fruits of our Lord, in the mean time, I’ll be over ere

*PL lumbers over to a tree and slumps at the base of it and falls asleep...Snoring loudly*

VC: Well Prelude had no problem getting into character :rolleyes:

D: So a plan then..

*the group form a circle and try to format a plan*


3rd Jan 2003, 20:05
Dgx: We have to rescue Maiden Marian!

VC aka Little John ( :p ): Does this involve saving the King's throne from his mean brother as well?

TTL: Sort of

VC: I must say I'm not that acquainted with the details of the tale...

PL waking up: You mean you don't know the story?!?

VC: No - I do know it... from the Walt Disney cartoon and the comedy with te men in tights :rolleyes:


TTL: Well, that will do I guess :)

Dgx: Now let's get to the plan shall we?

*d is interrupted by a loud snort*

PL: Chrrrrrrrrrsssss ZzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzz *hic* ZzzzzzzzzZ :p

VC: Ehm ,ahem, I think we'll need some money

Dgx: Listen, this is what we'll do...


3rd Jan 2003, 20:26
*DK comes in*

DK:WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm Back and ready for the donuuuuuuts and doooooooonuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuts!

(Someone say something, won't you?)

THE True Lara
4th Jan 2003, 00:41
Dgx: "Shhhhhhsssssssssshhh! Doughnuts haven't been invented yet! :rolleyes: , now as I was saying... this is what we do."

Prelude: "Hic!"

Dgx: "Not quite, actually I was thinking we could put one of the old-style Robin Hood plans into action"

V_Croft: "You mean pinch stuff..."

Dgx: "erm, yeah, that's about the size of it...."

TTL: "I don't do stealing ....unless it's an ancient articfact."

Dgx: "well chronologically speaking we are in the 12th Century, so stealing 12th century items would constitute as stealing ancient aticfacts.... :D"

TTL: "Oh.... :confused: ...but I..!"

Dgx: "And it's all holographic anyway...."

Prelude: "Hic!"

V_Croft: "Preludes right, we can start with the rich and dunken, they'll have cash to spare!"

Dgx: "I was about to suggest that.."

TTL: "Do we actually know how stealing cash will help? I mean shouldn't we be rescuing maid marion or something?"

DKSM: "..and doughnuts???? *sniff* :("

V_Croft: "Yeah, shouldn't we barge into Nottingham castle, thrown a wild boar down on the table and challenge the Sherrif to a duel or something... :D"

TTL: "...and play dominos with the guards... :D

*V_Croft & TTL s*******

Dgx: "I was getting to that bit! ...then after we've got the money to.... wait, just who is the sherriff of Nottingham here?"


-----Cue dramatic revalation!------

10th Jan 2003, 01:41
TTL: Your asking us, D you created this program…

*Just then three beams of light and a strange sound is heard just beyond the trees, three figures mysteriously appear*

Kerk: We’ve…travelled back in time, to an….unknown ….planet in search of new life…

*Bones discovers Prelude sleeping under the tree*

Bones: Captain

Kerk: What is it bones?

Bones: It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before

Spock: It's life Jim but not as we know it, however it looks like a form of human species Captain

Kerk: Really Spock, why, why, why!!! Why does it make that terrible sound…like…..some painful cry

Bones: It’s worse then that, it’s dead Jim

Spock: That is illogical, the subject is breathing

Bones: For god sake Jim I’m a doctor, if I say it’s dead, it’s dead!

*Prelude wakes up*

Prelude: What the…!

Kerk: We come in peace, shoot to kill!

Prelude: God be praise us. (Whistles loudly to the others) Hey merry men, look what I’ve found

Kerk: Spock, you’ve…gotta…get…us…outa here

Spock: That is illogical Captain, as I am unsure where here is, or if indeed when here is

Kerk: Scotty beam us up

Scotty: I just canny do it Captain I’ve only got 70% power, I’ll try to reroute the power to the main reactor, hold on, it could be a rough ride…

*Just then three beams of light appear and a strange sound is heard again, the figures disappear just as mysteriously as they appeared*

*The others arrive*

D: What is it, what did you find?

Lude: erm,

VC: What is Prelude?

Lude: They were here

DKSM: Donuts, donuts, weeeeeeeeeeeee

Lude: No, Captain Kerk, and Spock, and Bones. .they were right…what, why are you all looking at me like that?

TTL: I see, Lude how much exactly have you had to drink?

Lude: No I swear it, they were….oh never mind


Meanwhile back at the castle

Lara: D!!!! Get me out of here

The door opens and in marches 3 men, 2 remain at the door

1st Man: Good morning Maid Marian, you are looking more lovely everyday

*The man takes Lara’s hand and kisses it*

Lara: And who might you be?

1st Man: (laughing) nice to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour

Lara: No really, who are you?

*One of the guards at the door s******s*

1st Man: (suddenly not amused) Silence!!! Maid Marian I am the Sheriff of Nottingham, do you not remember me?

Lara: (now laughing) YOU! You’re the Sheriff of Nottingham

S.O.N: I’m glad I amuse you Lady Marian, you’ll be pleased to know that the preparations for our wedding are in place

Lara: Wedding! Our Wedding!

S.O.N: That’s right, the day after tomorrow, we will be married

Lara: (laughing again) Well, I hope you have arranged karaoke for the reception, otherwise none of my friends will come

S.O.N: Karaoke, what is Karaoke? Never mind, you can rest assured that none of your friends will be coming my dear, especially Robin of the hood..

*Leaves the room with an evil laugh*

Lara: Oh boy I have to get out of here

*Lara begins to look for an escape*




11th Jan 2003, 10:27
dgx: All right, now that Prelude's awake maybe she could help us form a plan? :rolleyes:

PL: We have to learn what Mr Bones and... *cough cough ahem* I mean, nevermind, we must put the Robin into action :D

Dgx: Huh? You mean I...

PL: Yes I mean you must start...

VC and TTL simultaenously: ...stealing money and donating them to the poor :D

VC: Or just stick to the first part

PL: Quite interesting I must say

TTL starts jumping up and down. The shape of a bright yellow lamp is forming upon her head: Idea!

VC: Hey, how did you do that? :eek: The lamp I mean

Dgx: Oh, yes... Forgot to tell you... In this hollogram some strong emotions come become visual

A huge barel with beer is forming upon Prelude's head

TTL: As I was about to say, we'll find a nearby road and wait for carriages with the rich n' drunken and then... wo Party! :D

Dgx: All right, let's form the group.
Robin Hood?

Dgx answers to him self: Ready!

Dgx: Will Scarlet?

A large red arrow appears on top of TTL's head

Dgx: Little John?


PL stars tapping VC on the shoulder

VC: Oh, yeah... Standing by sir :)

Dgx: and... Prelude?


Dgx: Ok, let's go!

VC: Ehmm... ahem... you know how to use bow+arrow?

Dgx: Ehm... I'll practise during the way :D


1st Feb 2003, 08:08
Anybody willing to post? Save this quest! :D :D :D

Prelude where are you??? I got food for you... :p

THE True Lara
1st Feb 2003, 12:13
I'm too busy saving other things right now.... :( :rolleyes:

1st Feb 2003, 15:22
Sometime later Robin and his merry raiders are crouched in the bushes

PL:……and then he says ‘yeah but camels are stupid!’

*Lude laughs, but no one else does*

PL: God I’m bored! What day is it today?

*she says tapping her watch which doesn’t work*

VC: Erm Sunday I think?

Dgx: :rolleyes: It’s Thursday

PL: Owww I’m gonna miss Buffy :(

TTL: Shuuuuuush! Something’s coming

VC: You said that an hour ago :rolleyes:

TTL: Well something did come

VC: Yeah a squirrel !

TTL: Yes I hate them…with their fluffy tails and their stupid twitchy noises!!

*TTL stands up and pulls back her bow, only to be pulled back down by dgx*

Dgx: :rolleyes: Do we have to do this again

PL: I don’t think we’ve picked a very busy road here, :rolleyes: it’ s hardly the M1 is it

VC: I don’t think they had motorways then

PL: Yeah or rush hour!!

*VC & PL s*******

TTL: Wait there really is something coming, I hear horses

Dgx: She is right, ok everyone you know the plan

VC & PL: Erm yeah the plan… *they look at each other and shrug*

The carriage draws near

Dgx: NOW!

With that Dgx hit’s DKSM who is sleeping. DKSM wakes and jumps up running into the path of the carriage and shouting…


The horses are spooked and the two carriage men bring them to a stop

TTL: *jumping out* Stand and Deliver!!!!!!! *smiling* I’ve always wanted to say that!

*The two horsemen look at each other puzzled*

Dgx: *rolleyes and appears from the bushes* Good day gentlemen, what is your carriage?

DKSM: *jumping up and down* Donuts! Donuts! Donuts!

TTL: Don’t mind him, we had to tell him you had donuts so he would stop you

Horseman 1: Erm nothing, we have nothing....

Dgx: Really? *he says eying up the carriage* you have a carriage but nothing in it, what is your destination??

*horseman 2 slaps horseman 1 and leans in and in the loudest whisper ever says*

HM2: Whatever you do, don’t tell him we were carrying the Sheriff of Nottingham’s wedding presents to the castle *he gestures an obvious wink* *HM1 nods and winks back*

HM1: Erm we are going….erm…..

There is a long silence as HM1 is thinking, he scratches his head and looks at HM2 who shrugs


HM1: We are taking the Sheriff of Nottingham’s wedding presents to the castle Sir!

*he looks at HM2 pleased with himself, HM2 slaps him*

HM2: You idiot you weren’t supposed to say that!

HM1: *realising his mistake* Oh no now I’m in trouble, the Sheriff will make me listen to his singing for this… you should do the talking, you know I’m no good at this, it’s always my fault, why don’t ….

*HM1 & 2 begin squabbling amongst themselves*

Dgx: *loudly* ah erm!

*they stop and turn to Dgx*

Just then VC & PL spring from the bushes, VC holding a long branch as a weapon, PL has twigs in her hair for camouflage and is holding a large watermelon

TTL: *pointing to watermelon* Where the hell did you get that!

PL: I found it, thought I could throw at someone and knock them out *obtains throwing posture*

TTL: You found it?? Where?

PL: *shrugs* dunno

Dgx: :rolleyes: Well, it seems we have hit the jackpot my friends *slapping thigh and moving towards the carriage*

MH1: You can’t have it, *shaking head but making no effort to stop him* it belongs to the Sheriff

Dgx: I think not actually, this road belongs to me as does this land, therefore everything on it and in it also belong to me *smug look*

HM2: Wait a minute this land belongs to the Sheriff

Dgx: Not anymore!

HM1: Hang on, I know who you are….

*Dgx blows on his fist and rubs it against his chest looking proud*

HM2: Yeah I thought I recognised you..

HM1: You’re that guy who owns the cabbage stall in the village, my misses was well pleased with the one I took home last week, she….

Dgx: *cutting him off sharply* ‘I’ am Robin Hood!!!!

HM2: Really! naaaa get away

Dgx: I am, *looking hurt* and these are my merry men… *hand gestures to the raiders*

TTL: *waving* Hello

PL: *with a mouthful of watermelon* Alright *burp*

VC: What’s up, nice horses btw

DKSM: Weeeeeee donuts donuts!!!

Dgx: :rolleyes: Well sort of, anyway

HM1: Hang on a minute how can you be Robin Hood?

HM2: Yeah Robin Hood is dead!

Dgx: What!!

*The raiders look at each other*

TTL: Stepping forward, what do you mean Robin is dead?

HM1: Everybody knows that :rolleyes:

HM2: Apparently one of his arrows back fired and killed him, last week I think it was

HM1: Yeah the Sheriff thru a big party

TTL: *looking at Dgx* D? Whats going on?

Dgx: *shrugs* I don’t know it wasn’t in the programme???

HM2: *to HM1* oh yeah, that’s right, you were getting friendly with my misses!!

HM1: I told you that was just a misunderstanding

HM2: Misunderstanding!!! You were….

*HM1 & HM2 begin squabbling again*


*He jumps up and bangs their heads together knocking them both out*

TTL: Thank you, they were annoying me

VC: So what now D?

Dgx: Well let’s take the carriage and the loot back to the camp, and then I need to figure out what’s going on here?????



2nd Feb 2003, 13:38
VC pointing at the unconscious men: And what do we do with them???

TTL: BURN them, TORTURE them...

*All look stunned :eek: *

TTL: Ahem-- kidding :D

VC: Hold on, if these are presents for the Sheriff's wedding, well, that means he's getting married, and... who is he getting married to? :confused:

DKSM: Donuts?

Dgx: Marian obviously...

TTL: Which as well happens to be ... *turns to Dgx*: D, who is Maid Marian in the programme?

PL: WOAAAAA!!!Now THAT's good!

*All notice PL almost burried into the present piles*

TTL: She's opening the presents!!!

PL: Yammy, that is absolutely PERFECT! Come here n' see! :D

*Robin n' the merry raiders cluster arount PL to check out PL's findings...*

--- C o n t i n u e ---

I dn't have much time right now... Next time I'll post something longer

L Croft
2nd Feb 2003, 18:29
how many of the 5 is that if its only 4 can i be the fifth please

2nd Feb 2003, 18:46
well it's dgx's thread but I don't think he will mind, so shoot, my dear

L Croft
2nd Feb 2003, 18:52
ok i can't think of anything to say at the moment but i was just checking :D

THE True Lara
3rd Feb 2003, 11:25
Originally posted by Prelude
TTL: Yes I hate them…with their fluffy tails and their stupid twitchy noises!!

*TTL stands up and pulls back her bow, only to be pulled back down by dgx*

...........TTL: *jumping out* Stand and Deliver!!!!!!! *smiling* I’ve always wanted to say that!
LMAO! -dear, I'm touched you remembered! ;) :D

BTW: Go for it L_Croft!

30th Jul 2003, 06:27
This isn't finished either guys. *Points to thread.*

*Crickets Chirping.*

THE True Lara
30th Jul 2003, 11:17
I noticed that too *looks at strangling ends of thread*

yep, needs finishing, but how? :confused: