View Full Version : Where can we download the demo?

3rd Jan 2003, 01:20
Anyone know a url of where to get the demo?

3rd Jan 2003, 09:38
There is currently no place where you can download it since the official demo isn't released yet. The 'demo' that was released was an early beta version and was taking offline by the websites hosting on Eidos/Pyros request.

3rd Jan 2003, 18:30
Alright I guess I'll have to wait a bit for the demo. :(

Grossmutter good guess...no I don't live in france...take a look at my location ;)

7th Jan 2003, 17:31
I hope we don't have to wait too long for an official demo...been looking forward to having a crack since the game was 1st mentioned!


10th Jan 2003, 18:57
u can get the demo from there : http://www.gamershell.com/news/BPraetoriansBDemo2.shtml

26th May 2011, 09:39
MyImmortal, if you want to update the FAQs again the list of confirmed weapons would be:

-Steiner Bisley Zenith (Pistol)
-Mustang Ad-Tech .357 Magnum DiamondBack (Revolver)
-Stasiuk Arms XBOW XH2 (Crossbow)
-Connaught P.E.P.S. (Pulsed Energy Projection System)
-Steiner Bisley FR-27 SFR (Flechette Rifle)
-Steiner Bisley Longsword 202 ‘ERaSeR’ (Sniper Rifle)
-Military Arms of Ostrava Widowmaker TX (Shotgun)
-Stasiuk Arms Hurricane TMP-18 9mm (Submachine Gun)
-Kaiga .56 MM M404 (Minigun)
-Steiner Bisley 329-Series MPRS (Rocket Launcher)
-Steiner Bisley SER.GLSN514 MTL (Grenade Launcher)
-Stun Gun (name unknown)
-Tranquilizer Rifle (name unknown)
-Laser Rifle (capable of firing through cover)

Grenades (can be modded so as to act as mines):
Riot CS Flashbang Frag-A M1 M20 Smog EMP

DLC Weapons:
-Huntsman Silverback (Double-Barrel Shotgun)
-Steiner Bisley Longsword Whisperhead Suppressed Extreme Range (Sniper Rifle)
-Steiner Bisley Linebacker G-87 MSGL (Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher)
-Steiner Bisley M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (Remote Explosives)