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26th Dec 2002, 19:14
Awnser this question with a yes or no to reveal if you're considered crazy by the American Sanity Testing Agency (ASTA)

Will you be returning to the mall in the next 3 days?

If you replied no, congratualtions! You have passed the sanity test and are considered sane.

If you replied yes, please fill out this form and be sure to include your address and zip/postal code and we will send a van with a straight jacket within the next few minutes.

This poll is just a joke... So you're not allowed to be offended!!! :D

You do know that the malls will be packed at 300% of their maximum volume right?

27th Dec 2002, 07:21
Well, I didn't go to the mall before Christmas, and I don't care much for the thought of getting trampled by the stampede after the fact. I hate shopping anyway, so saving a few bucks (or supposedly saving a few bucks, as I'm sure they have all sorts of crafty ways to cheat you out of that money, too) isn't really much of an incentive. If anything, I'd probably end up spending whatever extra money I had on more aspirins to deal with the pain of a large crowd (and screaming kids!:eek: ), so I really wouldn't come out on top in the end...;)

I'd rather just stay home and snooze... http://www.click-smilie.de/sammlung/schlafen/schlafen015.gif


27th Dec 2002, 17:32

I only went back to the mall once. It was last xmas. (or second last if you're really buggy).

I had 2 nintendo 64's and I went out and got myself 007: TWINE and a GameShark.

3 weeks later, the 2 64's go boom and my gameshark got fried. We had a power overload (the wireing was terrible in that house).

But ofcourse, The Game Cube was already out, meaning services for the N64 were no longer available...

PS: If you have 2 consoles, dont turn em on at the same time (like dont have one on in one room and a 2nd one in another room, both turned on)

27th Dec 2002, 21:29
I'll keep that in mind, thanks. :eek:

It's rather unlikely that I'll end up with another console anytime soon, anyway. Otherwise I'd have me a GC by now.:D

27th Dec 2002, 23:05

28th Dec 2002, 00:11
Then again, I could always fix my Atari. I miss the classics--even though you can play them online just about anywhere.:)

28th Dec 2002, 02:38
There's something to be said about the Classics :)

(Dunno what, but it's a saying.. :/ There's something to be said about <enter object here>)

28th Dec 2002, 03:39
Something to be said for the classics would probably be "cheesy"--at least by today's standards. But I still love them. I grew up on them. They're like antiques, coz people collect them now. That makes me feel old... :eek: :o :D

4th Jan 2003, 00:25
Games are mostly about looks than content. If the game looks good, for most people, thats enough to buy it.

If u do/find a poll asking what determines your decision on buying a game, you'd most likely see visual effects on top.

I'm guessing story would be second (or multiplayer playability)

5th Jan 2003, 04:30
Well, so few games have an interesting story to tell that you have to choose them according to other things, like graphics, first. I think the Legacy of Kain series is the first group of games I've played where the story hooked me before anything else--and I didn't even play them in order...

5th Jan 2003, 05:02
play them in order?

all rpg games I played gave you characters and gave you stories/missions to fit the character (diablo 2.. thats about it for RPG games... well.. I played NOX at one time..).

So. LOK is what? Play a character, finish him/her to unlock another one?

5th Jan 2003, 07:33
Well, as far as the LoK games go, there's

Blood Omen
Soul Reaver
Soul Reaver 2
Blood Omen 2

That's the order they were release in, anyway. I played Soul Reaver 1 and 2 first, not knowing at the time that there was another part to the series. Then I got Blood Omen, then Blood Omen 2. I wasn't quite as big a fan of BO2, though (and it took me a long time to realize that). It got a little too sci-fi-ish when the rest of the series has been in a predominantly medieval-style setting. Still, the idea that BO2 is set in an altered timeline, thanks to a bit of back-and-forth time travel and the mind-blowing events at the end of SR2, is kind of intriguing, to say the least...:)

I do wish I had been able to play the games in order to begin with, though. :o :)

5th Jan 2003, 08:35

So is it like..

LOK: Blood Omen
LOK: Soul Reaver 2
LOK: ....


Are they considered expansions or 'seperate' games (seperate being a game that doesnt require the original.. Expansions require you to have the original in the series.. )

I dont think I saw those games @ EB the last time I checked (havent been at EB for over a month! I'm getting withdrawl symptoms here ppl!! )

6th Jan 2003, 02:12
They're all separate games. It's possible to play the Soul Reaver games alone and understand the storyline well enough (and I admittedly prefer the SR series), but it really does help to play at least the first Blood Omen, because they did create a very original scenario and a whole elaborate mythology for the games, and it really starts there. The first BO came out in '96, so it is kind of an "old school" looking game with a simplistic battle system. But the storyline is fantastic, and there is a lot to do in the game. Apart from playing through the events of the game, there are 100 "secrets" to look for (ranging from spells and power-ups you must find, to hidden rooms and extra items that are optional but fun), and I never have found all of them. I refuse to use a walkthrough, coz that would ruin the fun. Oh, and the entire series has about the best voice acting of any game or games I have ever heard.

I'm currently looking for a copy of the PC version of the first BO, so I can pilfer some nifty screenshots. :D

6th Jan 2003, 05:15
Wow. sounds interesting. might have to get a copy of it some time. :)

True about walkthroughs.. I only use them if I've been walking around in circles for the last week..

At one point, it goes from 'spoiler' to 'end my sufering now! PLEASE!!!' :D

Well. I only used walkthroughs once when i didnt need it. It was in 007 night fire. At the end of the level it shows a 'statistics' and gives u points (that are worthless.. they dont do anything). There was something called 'Bond Move' <done>/<can be done>.

So I checked the game guide to see what a 'bond move' was. Its a move that bond would do in the situation.. (turn off a generator, use grapple instead of stairs, use a wire to get across, shoot an electrical panel to cause a black out.. etc..)

8th Jan 2003, 06:15
The first BO has a lot to do, and lots of little nooks and crannies to go looking for things in. But it's only that big because it's graphically very simplistic (by today's standards, anyway), so it could afford to stretch the world out a bit. The later games, which are much more elaborate 3D games, are also much shorter (as expected), but they're worth playing--almost more for the continuing storyline than for the "gameplay" experience itself. It's almost like watching a really good movie.

If I should happen to locate an extra PC copy of the first Blood Omen, maybe I can send it to ya. :)

I have yet to play any of the Bond games, though...:o

8th Jan 2003, 21:17
Nightfire is worth it :)

the Console Version (GC, PS2, XBOX) has vehicles that can be driven (i think all you have is cars.. maybe a snowmobile).

The PC version has no cars :(

Also, the missions are different. but I think the 'end game' is the same on all platforms.

9th Jan 2003, 05:53
Well it's high time I got a new game anyway, so maybe. It's either that or the Two Towers game. They both look pretty snazzy. :cool:

9th Jan 2003, 22:30
I just saw a trailer for the new Unreal 2 : The Awakening (PC, Single Player only..) which comes out on feb 6 (or sometime else in feburary.. you know how games are terrible on predicting release dates :) )

The trailer was awesome.

http://www.unreal2.com/ (obviously...)

10th Jan 2003, 07:10
ooOOOooohh, that one looks nifty, too.... :eek:

Decisions, decisions.... :o


10th Jan 2003, 20:37
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

It was suppose to come out in a week but now its feb 6th :(

I pre-ordered it and paid for it in full (incase you didn't know, you need a minimum of 10 dollars to 'pre-order' a game, but u can put more than 10 dollars on it.. they also have a 'what the price is now' so u can pay for it completley and all you would need to do is pick it up when its released)

I also pre-ordered C&C Generals (http://generals.ea.com/) and paid for it in full also.

I'm going to pre-order Deus Ex 2 (its logged on www.ebgames.com as DX2 or DX 2) and Star Trek : Elite Force 2.

Duke Nukem Forever also looks like an interesting game. The last Duke Nukem was "Manhatan Project" which was terrible (imo). It was a 3rd person game, looked more like arcade than action. Took it back to the original Dukes.

11th Jan 2003, 09:06
That sucks. :( Aww, well maybe it'll be out in the next few days.... http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Smileys/crossfingers2smaller.gif

I had thought about trying out the Deus Ex series, myself. Just not sure if they're my kind of games. :o

11th Jan 2003, 20:18
Hmm... Tried to do a search for Deus Ex on EBGAMES.com (the game info also lists a 'if you like this game, you should try these' (games in the same genre)

It didnt reveal anything but for the ps2 :/ But I know its out there (pc). I have it, and I got it at Electronic Boutique... I'm guessing its an old game (its 3 years old.. In computer time, it has alsymers :D )

Lets see.. It's built on the Unreal Tournament engine (and DX2 will be built on the UT2003 engine..)

Its a FPS but you can choose your own paths, conversations and augmentations. In some conversations, you'll have the choice of selecting what to say (which would change the game 'slightly'..)

Example; Directly threathning the nsf leader on the first mission will make him a bad guy (enemy, red...) so you'll have no choice but to kill him or put him on consious (both fails the mission, so u dont get paid for that).

Depending on what you say, you can get info from civilians

The story is that you work for a police org. called UNATCO. your an augmated (nanotechnology) agent and so is your brother (you both work together for the same organisation).

Its a fun game. Long but fun :)

It even takes you to the infamous area 51.. but the game says its owned by rich people and doesnt have aliens :/