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25th Dec 2002, 14:29
First of all I have to say that these 2 are probably my favourite custom levels - I am still only halfway through the Sanctuary of Fire, Ice and Water (just got into the Sanctuary of Water) but it is clearly a fantastic piece of work. But I do think that these two are kind of similar - after all the sanctuary of fire and Firewalk certainly have a lot in common, as do the water bits in The Snowy Mountain, and Emerald Lakes, and there's the whole central linking level idea...

So I was wondering which level people liked better and why. For me it is a toughie, but I have opted for Inchdix's Hidden Garden series (wasn't there supposed to be an ice level sometime... hint hint) although in some areas it was really close...
1. Puzzles - Piega is evil and his puzzles sometimes verge on the impossible (SOFIandW is not as bad as the last crusade, but still...). Jon's puzzles can be tough too but I was never quite as horribly stuck and worked 95% out by myself.

2. Textures - Piega wins by a head - "Obsidian Heights" was beautiful and spectacular but the see-through stained glass in SOFIandW is just amazing!

3. Secrets - Piega's secrets are really really hard... and so can Jon's be. I ahve just given up on some of Piega's though.

4. Exploding Monkeys - Jon is way ahead on this front.

What do you guys think?


25th Dec 2002, 14:58
I absolutely loved HG!!!
At the moment I'm playing SofIW&F but I haven't finished it yet...
When I do, I'll answer the poll ;)

25th Dec 2002, 19:12
I really can't choose between the two......

I really like the Garden series because of it's wonderful gameplay (the best I've experienced in a custom game), and the levels are well made.....
I think the Sanctuary is a masterpiece (as in art). It's so wonderfully made that it's scary...... It looks absolutely breath-taking! But the gameplay isn't really my style.....

What can we concluded? Let's just make it happen that Jon and René create a level together! Jon for the gameplay, and René for the architecture..... That, my friends would make the perfect level (IMHO)!

Well, there you have it...... My two cents......

26th Dec 2002, 14:09
I totally agree with you Collin, and now that I have finished the Sanctuary levels (only through help at the MPrager forum I have to confess) I am convinced that HG is the better one to play, but SOFI and W is without doubt the best looking custom level out there...

so with this in mind, what to expect from AOD? It is bound to be stunningly good to look at, but I hope the gameplay is also as good. It is also bound to be out here in Japan months later than elsewhere :( I'll have to play in Japanese too...

V_Croft - looking forward to hearing your comments too!

27th Dec 2002, 04:19
I would like to say that all the praise that "Garden" has received is justified ....... however, this is not the case, it is well known that there are serious flaws within some of the levels (that are available now).......
However dedicated I am in the levels I make, Rene is graphically more sophisticated than I and his knowledge regarding what can be done with the editor massively exceeds my own.

Gameplay?...... really depends on the player I think.

Collaboration? hmmm....... to agree or disagree, that is the question...........LOL
No one else I would rather collaborate with though..........


27th Dec 2002, 15:51
The compliments are very well recieved about my "eye candy" levels :D. I have not seen Inchdix adventures (well, I ly. I've seen a project once) but I am sure that they are great! Hi Inch :).

Everything I learned from the editor can be found in these sanctuaries and it's my last piece of work from my custom level hobby. Just waiting now for AOD :cool:

So sorry, no collaboration

27th Dec 2002, 16:08
Somewhat more than just "eye-candy" I would say, Rene.........

I have looked at a high percentage of your levels ... as well as the PRJ you once sent me and can say with a fair amount of confidence, that we build things in a similar way.......So, its a pity about no collaboration..... Maybe.....

I read that you were updating your levels..... which will no doubt keep you occupied and I also reasd that you dont play custom levels, but if you fancy a "time-out", you could allways take a look at what your levels arte being compared to......
I would be more than willing to supply you with ALL the .PRJ files if you cared to look at them.......

27th Dec 2002, 17:12
Thanks for the offer John ;) but it is not neccesary. Besides updating my older work my level editing days are over. Are you still into level making? Anyway, maybe, just maybe after AOD and the interest is still high I could open the editor. Thanks for your compliments ;).

About the poll, I think they forgot a letter. It's says Piega is god. Should that not be Piega is good? That will be just fine... :o

And for those who wants to have a walkthrough for the sanctuaries or visit the official page go to; http://home.hetnet.nl/~piega3/index.html

3rd Jan 2003, 02:13
Hey there Piega, nice to see I have got some interest from the two of you guys. And it's not a typo in the poll, I did indeed intend to type "Piega is god" not good. It does have a lower case "g" so I hope I haven't offended any religious types out there :D - oops! Just noticed that it doesn't actually have a small "g". Whatever!

I'm surprised to hear that you yourself don't play custom levels. As a tomb raider nut myself (sadly not enough time to master the level editor) I have found the custom levels a lifesaver whilst waiting forever to play AOD...