View Full Version : Anime on TechTV

23rd Dec 2002, 17:28
I don't know how many know this, but on Dec 30th 12:00am Central (Why couldn't they have done it a little earlier? Like, 9:00pm?). TechTV is going to start showing Anime.


23rd Dec 2002, 19:36
Helluva lot better than most of the crap they have on there.

26th Dec 2002, 16:33
Where do you find Tech TV and why did they pick my birthday for their grand debut?

And did someone tell Sir Canealot? He is the epitome of Anime Boy for sure!

26th Dec 2002, 21:11
Dell, Dell. Theres probebly people on Eidos more of an anime addict than me.

What country is this in? I take it is America? Even if it does show mostly dubbed anime (ugh), I'd still be intrested if its avalible UK side.

26th Dec 2002, 22:12
It's some cable show, from San Francisco, CA. It's like a cable channel for geeks. Just about everything they show is based on computers and/or electronics.

It's channel 67 where I'm at, but that mean nothing to the rest of you.


Hopefully they will show more in the future, looks like it's just 30 minutes a day for, now.