View Full Version : GAME: What forum member am i talking about?

23rd Dec 2002, 12:42
I think we should have a game to spruce this forum up! One like the what forum member am i talking about, on the Eidos community chat board? Whoever guesses right does another clue about a different member.

I'll start us off.

CLUE 1: This person is used to the early mornings.

23rd Dec 2002, 13:48
Thats a bit vague isn't it?

Though I'll take a guess at Sunrise?

23rd Dec 2002, 19:07
I'm quessing... ME!

anyway i do get up early usaully about 5.00am.

24th Dec 2002, 16:30
Arctic is right!
you have to make a clue

25th Dec 2002, 22:44
Yay I win! Here's my clue;

This person is both the beggining and the end.

26th Dec 2002, 05:50

26th Dec 2002, 23:01
Hurrah for Ghyron because he was correct.

5th Jan 2003, 02:04
This forum member has been here longest...

5th Jan 2003, 15:11
Rule Reminder!

Ghyron has to make a clue about someone else next, not you AlphaOmega.

6th Jan 2003, 00:23
This forum member has a propensity for getting in trouble. Or at least he claims he does.

8th Jan 2003, 20:30
What does propensity mean?

9th Jan 2003, 04:23
pro·pen·si·ty ( P ) Pronunciation Key (pr-pns-t)
n. pl. pro·pen·si·ties
An innate inclination; a tendency.

11th Jan 2003, 12:14
Dear god a walking dictionary. Or a typing dictionary at least...

5th Feb 2003, 21:29
It would be more appropriate to assume he looked it up, either in a conventional dictionary, or on the 'net. I doubt he got that himself...what's the clue?

7th Feb 2003, 18:15
um... meddling grey...

8th Feb 2003, 13:13
me say this dead...me think that sad...:(

8th Feb 2003, 14:33
I think you should shutup

8th Feb 2003, 16:14
And why is that, Sunrise? Did something I said upset you? Or are you just a sad person who gets picked on by all the other three-year-olds, looked at my post and thought you had found the perfect victim for you to vent all that frustration of being the fattest kid at kindergarten?

Now that the insults have been dealt with, I might suggest for you to try and find some other way of dealing with yourself. After all, all I did was comment that I thought this thread was dead, and that I thought that that was sad, and you tell me to 'shutup'. Perhaps you should consider hiring a shrink. That, or check in at a lunatic asylum.

8th Feb 2003, 20:09
so now your the official annoucer of dead threads are you and no I'm not in kinderkarten (whatever the hell that is) although i may be younger than most of the people here i am noit 3 years old. Actually i thought you were saying i was sad. Which would explain the "shutup" posting. But calm down a little bit and stop thinking that the whole station is against you:rolleyes: I do not tke my aggression out on random people either. <hits the person standing next to him in the face>

11th Feb 2003, 22:20

Senor v2
13th Mar 2003, 19:22
Where in Chandrich Wudjohnkablingy's name is Guererro

13th Mar 2003, 20:20
we have gotten a bit off topic, no one is guessing anymore. it's all yelling at each other and defining words and such. maybe we should try a new clue or something. well? maybe? anyone? an agreement?

14th Mar 2003, 01:17
Originally posted by Sephiroth110
we have gotten a bit off topic, no one is guessing anymore. it's all yelling at each other and defining words and such. maybe we should try a new clue or something. well? maybe? anyone? an agreement?

Dear god man! Where are your capital letters?

Edit: I forgot my sig.

Senor v2
14th Mar 2003, 19:24
Clue: He has gone, he also fraternises with flame spewers

Its very easy i know but at least i tried

14th Mar 2003, 20:42

Oh by the way, Dracoraptor is back.

Senor v2
15th Mar 2003, 17:24
I know he is back because he is called Exitium

Memo to Arctic Wolf: Chelsea are poo

You do a clue now then Arctic Wolf