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20th Dec 2002, 06:21
I have no idea why this came to mind.

Are Jedis (StarWars) considered super-heros?

Think about it. (basing the force stuff on the Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast game (latest PC game in SW saga which uses the quake 3 engine)).

They can "push" and "pull" stuff away/towards them, Just like Superman can do using his Breath.

Wolverine has increased healing rate (that can be considered as "force heal")

Lightning is no brain teaser, Storm from Xmen :)

Spider-man can jump high.

Wonderwoman can make ppl tell the truth (with her wip/laso..).. mind trick?

Super man can run really fast.. (force speed).

Jean Greg (???) can use psychic powers and (assumably) she could "grip" someone like vader does :)

I'm not sure wich super hero is dandy with a sword (saber). But I've seen Batman (the originals, with Adam West.. The guy who has everything in his utility belt) use sword on a few occasions.

And the fact that its in "a Galaxy far far away"

Is it just me or is this more than a coincidence??

PS: Its a shame the SW trilogy ends in 2005 :( (episode 3 is supposed to come out sometime early in 2005).

20th Dec 2002, 07:26
I'd say they qualify as superheros of a sort. Then I'd get pelted with rotten fruit from either side by comic character loyalists and Star Wars purists. ;) :D

20th Dec 2002, 20:01
Makes you wonder doesnt it :)

Sir Henry Morgan
20th Dec 2002, 23:10
No I don't think they are superheroes
but then what makes a superhero? :confused:

I want to know the difference between models and supermodels!
do the supermodels have special powers or something?
can they get photographed more than a normal model?
maybe they can change clothes between shoots faster than a normal model?
how do you know when a model becomes a supermodel?
do they one day get a certificate saying congratulations you are now a supermodel?
when they get older do they get a letter saying sorry you are no longer a supermodel?


21st Dec 2002, 05:13
I'm not sure, but I think super models are either popular ones or are/were models for a long time.

Dunno about super powers.

The ability to wear underwear and not be imbarrased?

I wished I had a non-imbarrased super powers :) I could've used em thru my years in elementary school (1rst to 6th grade).

21st Dec 2002, 06:51
Models showcase clothing in department store advertizements. Supermodels showcase clothing in Victoria's Secret catalogs and big-name fashion magazines.

At least, that's how I've separated the two "classes". ;)


Sir Henry Morgan
21st Dec 2002, 22:48
LOL yes mrdefender that power would come in handy.

I don't know if we ave Victoria's Secret in this country so there must be another way to tell them apart :D

I wonder if supermodels look down on the plain ordinary models?

21st Dec 2002, 23:48
As far as i can understand it, any models look down on the other models. (super or otherwise).

I think its part of the job or something.

Though I never saw a model. The only models I saw was in the tv show "Just shoot me". But I rarely watch that show.

I saw a "model" on Fraiser the other day.

But I mostly watch Star Trek. And there's not many models on their. Its more like good looking actresses. (people who act)

heh. It looks like stress :) acTresses (Stresses)

22nd Dec 2002, 04:26
Originally posted by Sir Henry Morgan

I don't know if we ave Victoria's Secret in this country so there must be another way to tell them apart :D

Ok, ordinary models are a shapely kind of thin. Supermodels are a sickly kind of thin.


22nd Dec 2002, 05:37
Thus the birth of the "Skinny as a bone" saying. (Or Skinny as a toothpick)


22nd Dec 2002, 09:25

It is a little too much, though--being that thin, I mean. Some of them look like aliens.:eek: :o


22nd Dec 2002, 21:14
I have no idea why women (in general) worry so much about there apearance.

Like why try to weigh less than an average 8 year old??? :/

Sir Henry Morgan
22nd Dec 2002, 23:21
maybe they save money buying kid's clothes? :D

22nd Dec 2002, 23:29
Now thats unexpected.

Try telling this to a friend;

My mom passed me down her clothes :)

Or... even worse...

I passed my clothes down to my mom :D


24th Dec 2002, 08:04
Originally posted by mrdefender
I have no idea why women (in general) worry so much about there apearance.

Like why try to weigh less than an average 8 year old??? :/

Especially when it makes them look horrible.:eek:

There's thin, and there's too thin! Unfortunately, most women are fixated on the idea that looking like a famine victim is a good thing. Unfortunately, some guys seem to think so, too.

Icky! :o

24th Dec 2002, 20:44
I have no idea why they think like that. I guess its instinct or a subconsious thing.

25th Dec 2002, 00:57
Pop culture. It's the "in" thing to look malnourished nowadays.

25th Dec 2002, 06:35
I guess I'm out then :)

I'm actually glad im not popular in that catagory :)

25th Dec 2002, 09:04
Bleh. I'm out, too--if only coz I just don't want to look that creepy. :o :D

26th Dec 2002, 04:31
Well. We have an excuse now :) It's christmas!! :)

(here its Christmas for another 45 minutes ;) )

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! :)

26th Dec 2002, 08:47
As good an excuse as any. I've been munching on holiday goodies for two days, and New Year's looks to end up the same way.:o :D

27th Dec 2002, 00:58
Ive eaten so much during the last few days I got sick. :/

Why does bad food have to taste sooo goood?????

(example; Chocolate Cake is "bad" for you but it tastes so good!)

27th Dec 2002, 07:13
Probably for the same reason that "good" food has no taste at all. It's just there to torture you. Works, doesn't it?;) :D

27th Dec 2002, 17:36
Most good (healthy..) foods I dont mind eating it.

Salads :) (not lettuce, but the "mix"), Soup. Sandwhiches (typo).

I used to go often to Tim Hortons. They have very healthy food over there. A sandwhich (typo again. stupid kb... ;)) on a bagguette with a donut (I swiped the donut and took the soup).

27th Dec 2002, 21:26
Well, whenever I have a salad, I end up putting so much extra stuff on it that it defeats the whole (supposedly) healthy aspect. I mean, at the very least, I absolutely can't stand a salad without some kind of dressing.

I've never been to Tim Horton's, though. They have them around here, they're just few and far between, I guess. :)

27th Dec 2002, 23:09
Really? Here there's one within 2 km of each other.

I think 1.3 Miles is a KM. So u can figgure out :)

I rarely go to one of those salad bars. They used to have it @ Wendys but now with their "Garden Sensation" salads, they removed them (the salad bars) and the one salad I always took when I went there..

I usually put some tomatoes, bacon bits and dressing.

I'm not fond of croutons.

28th Dec 2002, 00:09
Just something about a "salad bar" that gives me the creeps. You never know what somebody else might've done to the stuff before you got there--especially a kid who isn't being watched... Icky... :o

I like my salads with the works. Like so much extra stuff on it, you can't even tell it's a salad anymore.:D And I love croutons--just not the over-seasoned ones.

Ok, as it stands, we need a thread in this forum solely to talk about food, and another one just for sci-fi chat.:D

28th Dec 2002, 02:41
I know what you mean. I dont use salad bars either. But Wendys removed it for the same reason they removed my fav salad :(


Go there to sign my petition to bring back the Grilled Chicken Salad.

Note To Self: That link is a major fake but it looks good :) ... Just like the salad :D

28th Dec 2002, 03:19
Yes the link looks very "official." Now cut that out before I end up clicking on another decoy link. :mad: :o ;) :D

I could just do with a grilled chicken salad right about now....:)

3rd Jan 2003, 23:01
it was sooooo goood. Healthy too. Well.. Healthy before you put the dressing on it :)

5th Jan 2003, 04:31
Everything's healthy before you add flavor to it. :rolleyes: ;) :D

5th Jan 2003, 04:59
Hehe. Remember the simspon episode where Homer is on a diet and marge gives him some of those rice cakes?

"You can put a little toping on em if you want".

You turn around and he has a sandwich the size of the eifel tower :)

Mmmm, only 2 grams of fat... :D

(maybe he said calories.. not sure..)

5th Jan 2003, 07:37
LOL Now I think I did catch that episode.:D

Ahh, rice cakes. Another one of those lovely styrofoam foods. It's true though, they're only filling once you've stacked enough stuff on them to defeat the whole purpose of eating them in the first place. :o ;) :D

5th Jan 2003, 08:27
another one of life's little ironies.

(remarkably, I cant think of another life ironies at the moment... :eek: )

I tried those once, it does take like nothing. all you "feel" is the crunchy-ness..

I dont mind bagles. bagles are good. I usually take them with cream cheese.. (though I haven't had a cream cheese bagle in like 8 years :) )

6th Jan 2003, 02:37
True. And rice cakes aren't filling either. I do like bagels, though.:D

6th Jan 2003, 05:05
I think the healthy think I like most would have to be salads. I can never get enough of em. :(

Lemme put it this way, I like salads so much it went from healthy to unhealthy :)