View Full Version : a song (good one), but from where?

19th Dec 2002, 17:59
I was recently surfin' the web when I found a Commandos sound..
I downloaded it but now I can't find the page again..I just wanna know which game is it from?
and I also made the "almost" final version of my C2 Menu Theme with my synth, if you wanna listen to it.. (you may rate it here, max is 5)
the C2 theme is @: http://www.hot.ee/ziili/c2_ver6.mp3
now I am thinking that the music I found from the unknown site is even better than the C2 theme..

19th Dec 2002, 23:16
I have no idea where the first one came from but it doesn't sound like any commandos theme i've ever heard

You C2 attempt is pretty good I'd say 3.5 or so...

I kept waiting for the higher pitched elements to come in but they didn't...

I certainly couldn't do it myself so well done

20th Dec 2002, 00:17
I clearly remember the first tune. That is I remember hearing it in original Commandos games. :D Don't remember which one though.

20th Dec 2002, 00:27
I always expected my mind to fail but not so soon

I guess the original commandos theme isn't that memorable :(

20th Dec 2002, 11:40
the theme for BEL was that beginning with "aaaaaahhh..." etc. lol :D
but I really like the one I found:) this is supposed to be a mission briefing from BEL or BTCOD, and the file was included in a .zip where I found the old "sayings" of the 6 main characters [a.k.a. "wish I could do that, sir.."]
I am going to try it on my synth, too :)

any more comments on my C2 Theme? anything played wrong there? this is the 6th version :p

20th Dec 2002, 11:45
Originally posted by ragsy
I kept waiting for the higher pitched elements to come in but they didn't...

what do you mean by that?
I know that something might not be heard as loud as in the original version, but I guess I'll just have to raise the volume of the track then :)

21st Dec 2002, 15:19
I know exactly where that first song is from. The BCD Demo in the briefing.
I also used it in my commandos movie. it is the best tune I can think of in all the commandos games.

will download the c2 song u made later

26th Dec 2002, 07:02
yeah,right thats the one.i remember i had to extract one for dear Thorup

26th Dec 2002, 16:42
well thankya guys:)
I have my 7th version of the C2 theme also ready, but not yet recorded..
think this one has more bass and a louder track which could not be heard in the last version..:) :p

26th Dec 2002, 19:57
didn't download it, but I think I e-mailed it to you a while ago... :)

The tune and briefing in the demo for BCD was simply superb, heck, I'm ashamed to say the briefing was what sold me :)

A shame they changed the tune and simplified the language in the final version's briefing :(

27th Dec 2002, 08:44
just uploaded my latest (and final) C2 Version at http://www.zone.ee/ziili/c2_ver7.wav [its a wave cause I didn't want the ending of the file to get cut during the mp3 encoding, happened to me a lot of times]

and so, I will not bother you with my stupid creations anymore ;) :D [you may conatact me at ziili@hotmail.com if you want the Christmas Version lol]

3rd Jan 2003, 20:32
downloading the music.why the sppeed s so slow?

7th Jan 2003, 04:31
ohh,finally.took me 5 hours to d/l :mad: anyway the song is great.it is almost like the real one.good job officer.though you could a little add more bass :p

7th Jan 2003, 08:38
bass? I think I added bass to the mp3 version, but the end of it got cut during the compression..so I gotta add bass to the wave too..
you should try listening them together if you can :p

23rd Jan 2003, 02:07
hey,are you doing any other sounds?

24th Jan 2003, 20:40
hmm, I got some, but there aren't SO many new ones..
you got the commandoslike thingie, which I sent you on MSN
if you want, I can send you 2 more thingies, which aren't commandos though..:rolleyes:

25th Jan 2003, 04:23
those songs are great man!!!