View Full Version : Which World in Tomb Raider 2 is your favorite?

The Crimson One
19th Dec 2002, 17:32
Which World in Tomb Raider 2 is your favorite, and which level?

Lady in Black
20th Dec 2002, 02:47
Really hard to say, but my favorite would be China.
Also my favorites levels are:
Barkhang Monastray
Temple of Xian
Floating Islands
Dragon's Lair

20th Dec 2002, 08:22
I'd say Tibet because of Barkhang Monastery (my favourite level) , the snowmobile + the atmosphere and all that... But, of course, I hated the Ye-yet-YETIS!!! :eek:

L Croft
20th Dec 2002, 08:50
I liked China best too. I think my favorite level was Floating Islands. I also quite liked Tibet and Barkang Monastry was good because you did not have to kill very many people.
I really disliked the water levels because there were too many and so many enemies kept appearing.

THE True Lara
20th Dec 2002, 09:09
Weird, I found the floating islands really depressing?! :(
I liked the beginning of the China level when you were having to constantly keep on the move to avoid being skewered, burnt, flatened and what not. much more tomb-y :)

The Crimson One
20th Dec 2002, 19:30
I loved the very beginning with the Great Wall the best, followed by the opera house, followed by the under water levels.

23rd Dec 2002, 23:10
I loved all of Venice, I had so much fun with the boat! But my favourite level in TR 2 was Barkhang Monastery!

I have a mixed feeling of love/hate towards Floating Islands, really scary, but I managed better than I usually do in a new level... Don't know why!

23rd Dec 2002, 23:44
I loved all of them, but venice wasn't as fun as the rest.

26th Dec 2002, 03:55
China. I mainly like to game for fantasy environment and ambience - and I had never seen anything like the Temple of Xian, let alone the Floating Islands. Tripped me out.
I didn't think much of the Dragon's Lair, and the "climactic" battle with Bartoli. He succumbs to a cheap trick, and is the easiest "climactic boss" in the TR series,IMHO. Besides, the games not really over at that point, there is the episode in the house to play through yet - I guess they realized that the fight with Bartoli was not an adequate ending. But even with the letdown of the Lair, China wa sthe coolest thing I'd seen in a game up to then.

4th Jan 2003, 20:06
Underwater rules!!!!! Its my favorite, for ever!

9th Jan 2003, 11:07
Venice was scenic and Facinating

22nd Jan 2003, 00:54
Venice.....venice violins...the boatride....the city!

22nd Jan 2003, 18:47
i don't like venice, dunno why, but the floating islands were the best! i really enjoyed playing those.

29th Jan 2003, 16:25
not the floating islands! Those flying bad guys were lame! but Venice, ah, the violins...

Obviously Barkhang Monastery is the best level in the game, especially when you DON'T kill the monks. Now if only I had realised that at first.

If you like floating islands though, then play "0bsidian Heights" (part of the excellent HIDDEN GARDEN series) - IMHO it is much better than the TR2 level - but similar. Very purple.