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18th Dec 2002, 19:46
Don't worry, be happy :)


:) :)

(i believe it requires Macromedia Flash player/thingy)

Sir Henry Morgan
18th Dec 2002, 22:46
It worked!
I'm happy! :) :) :)


19th Dec 2002, 01:31
Then I bring terrible news :(

Picard is finished :( Stewart is leaving startrek :(

Here's an email my dad sent me:

Patrick Stewart (http://us.imdb.com/Name?Stewart,+Patrick) said Tuesday that whether or not Paramount decides to produce another Star Trek movie, he will not return as Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Speaking to reporters at the London premiere of Star Trek: Nemesis (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0253754) Tuesday night, Stewart said, "You never want to outstay your welcome. Just like an athlete, it's horrible to go on when the best is over."

Although the Nemesis episode opened to mixed reviews, Stewart maintained that it was the best Star Trek movie he had ever done. "I could think of no better way to bow out," he said.

:( Data's gone, Worf, Riker, Troy, Wesley, Guinan... and now Picard...

Doesn't leave much room for another TNG movie now does it? :(

Sir Henry Morgan
19th Dec 2002, 04:05
That DIDN'T work
I'm still Happy! :) :) :) :) :)

19th Dec 2002, 05:01

Odd. It worked on me :(

I guess that settles the "is there gonna be another TNG movie" question :/

Ofcourse, Picard can happen to be on a archeological dig on Risa while Worf is vacationing on there, Riker and Troy happen to be in the sector and .. em.. Crusher is tutoring the new chief medical officer on Riker's ship and Geordi is.. em.. On Risa having real eyes surgically "installed" (like in the early TNG episodes, Crusher suggest this procedure and Geordi refuses).

Yah. That can work :)

(PS: This "picard leaving" isnt fiction, its.. apparently.. fact (or at the very least, highly possible rumor) ).

19th Dec 2002, 05:25
Hey, wow! It worked! I'm really happy now! I've added it to my list of fun links ;).
See? http://www.buzzlife.com/mssg_brd/images/smilies/baby.gif I'm happy enough to use my fave smiley. :D

19th Dec 2002, 05:29
Where've ya been? :)

And ... em.. what is it doing? sucking on a pacifier? :confused:

Either that or its blowing/breathing wierd fire. :D

19th Dec 2002, 05:38
Yeah, it's sucking on a pacifier :). Try going to a rave once and you'll see what I mean. ;)

Let's see.... where have I been???
I've been real busy, and I don't even have PE anymore. :( I had to give it back to my bro b/c it was his. I've also been sorta erm... fighting off a bi girl that appears to be obsessed w/ me online. :( So, it's been a fReAkY past couple of weeks. :eek:
Don't.....even....ask! http://www.buzzlife.com/mssg_brd/images/smilies/scared.gif

19th Dec 2002, 08:13
:D OK! I'm happy now! :D


***grabs tissues and Nyquil***

***checks out the HAPPY link again***

:D Still grinnin'! :D

19th Dec 2002, 20:27
Defender is amazed on how many people dont consider Patrick Stewart leaving startrek a bad thing :(

But the flash is neat :) 2 smilies partying down :D

Sir Henry Morgan
19th Dec 2002, 22:46
As long as they don't bring William Shattner back I'm happy.

Can you imagine him walking around in one of them tight outfits now? :eek: :eek: :eek:

19th Dec 2002, 23:28
Kirk is dead. He died in Generations. (twice too :) )

There was an explosion on the Enterprise-B (the 3rd Enterprise... err.. 4th (technically...) while trying to get the deflector to do something to get the ship out of the rift. The hull ruptured and there was a hole in the hull for about 10 seconds until the forcefield went up (so he got sucked into space.. presumably)

He then makes an appearence later in the movie by helping Picard stop a (whatever the race Guinan belongs to) doctor.

Kirk got to the remote control to decloak the platform then the catwalk fell.

(There was the TOS- Enterpise, the Enterprise-A (i believe its given in the 5th or 6th TOS movie...). Then we had the Enterprise-D (TNG) and Enterprise-E (FirstContact). So, presumably, there was an Enterpise B & C.

The Star Trek: Enterprise (the begining of our journey, which takes place before TOS). The ship (NX-01) is also named Enterprise.

So we got Enterprise (ENT), Enterprise (TOS), A, B, C, D & E.

20th Dec 2002, 07:49
The Patrick Stewart thing would probably bother me a bit more if I thought the chances were good that the rest of the NG cast was going to try to appear in another film. Then it would seem all too weird that the Captain wasn't there. But, considering that it doesn't sound much like there will be further films focusing on the NG cast, I didn't really think much about Patrick Stewart thing.

And I thought the way they killed off Kirk in Generations was incredible cheese! I mean, I figured it would happen sooner or later, but that seemed like such a hohum way to kill off the Captain of the original ST series. Then again, I didn't really care for Generations. A little too much jarring camera work and far too many explosions. :o

As it stands, First Contact is still my favorite ST film (Voyage Home coming in a very close second). People I know who vehemently hate everything about Star Trek liked First Contact. It was a darn good show. :D

Originally posted by Sir Henry Morgan:
As long as they don't bring William Shattner back I'm happy.

Can you imagine him walking around in one of them tight outfits now? :eek: :eek: :eek:


{{{nightmares for a month}}}

It's all your fault, Henry...

:p :D

20th Dec 2002, 20:00
I see you set ur phaser to kill :) (the melting smilie)

Did u get a chance to see Nemesis yet?

Its full of action. The argo rocks (yes, ill keep on saying it :p )

True about Picard leaving aint that much of a prob if theres not gonna be any more TNG movies. I think the only people left (on the Enterprise-E) that were/are in TNG is Beverly and Geordi.

Spoiler for the Nemesis movie and other stuff

Right? Tasha died a long time ago. (i think she died in the.. 2nd season? ) Data died in Nemesis. Riker and Troy (married) are on a new ship (Riker finally took a command of his own...) Wesley is... He has to be out of the academy by now... He got a field promotion (after "saving" Riker, Troy and Loxana from the Ferengi who is in love with Loxana and want to use her powers in negotiations). Guinan left the enterprise after Generations (but made it in Nemesis, for the wedding). Lore was dismantled.

I think that covers it? :confused:

Sir Henry Morgan
20th Dec 2002, 23:19
LOL yes it is a scary thought ! :eek:


21st Dec 2002, 05:10
Kirk isnt so bad.

he's....the one.....who.... invented......................paused.......acting.


21st Dec 2002, 07:43
Nope, I haven't seen Nemesis yet. I don't really have anyone to go to the movies with... ***HEAVY sigh***

There are so many movies out now that I'd like to see. I'd like to see the new Harry Potter, The Two Towers (LoTR, of course:D), and I wouldn't mind seeing Nemesis, too. As it stands, I'll probably be renting all of them on video... ***another HEAVY sigh*** :(

Originally posted by mrdefender:
Kirk isnt so bad.

he's....the one.....who....invented......................paused.......acting.

He's.......all right. But nobody......needs to see him..........in a tight........uniform.

***horrifying mental image creeps in again***


{{{nightmares for three months!}}}

;) :D

Sir Henry Morgan
21st Dec 2002, 22:45
Maybe the pauses were 'cause his pants were too tight? :eek: :eek:

21st Dec 2002, 23:53
Well, it couldnt be his shirt (thats too tight). It gets ripped in almost every TOS episode ;)

22nd Dec 2002, 09:36
Well, maybe it's more of a "You've........got to get..............this shirt............off of me! It's............too tight!" kind of thing. Then, of course, it ends up getting torn off of him. ;)

I mean, I know how much I hate wearing skin-tight stuff...:o ;)


22nd Dec 2002, 11:15
I do not see captain Picard leaving entirely, he will probably have a hand in the next one. However I do hope the next movie will include some of the cast from all the series; even Enterprise. Remember Spock Died in one movie and then reappeared in the next; so anything is possible.
The only title you may not see in the future is "Star Trek - Geriatrics"....... what am I saying... :eek:

22nd Dec 2002, 21:10
I doubt that there's gonna be actors from the Enterprise series if the do make a generational movies (i.e TNG, DS9, VOY).

Enterprise isnt even finished it's second season :)

But there are many "movies" for star trek, when u consider 2 episodes is movie long :)

If a movie is 2 hrs, then thats 2 episodes of Star Trek. Kinda makes ya wonder how they can make a movie.... :/ :D

24th Dec 2002, 08:08
I'm just wondering what the next (if any) Trek film would be about--especially if it combined the casts from multiple series...?

24th Dec 2002, 20:40

I'd imagine a new threat would come to the Alpha Quadrant.

It wouldnt (or dobutfully) be the Dominion, they signed a peace treaty with the Federation.

I wonder how they're gonna make a voyager movie (if any). Janeway's an Admiral now. (as seen in Nemesis).

But in the TNG episode of "All good things..." (series finale). Admiral Riker had his own ship (the 1701-D).

25th Dec 2002, 00:40
Originally posted by mrdefender

It wouldnt (or dobutfully) be the Dominion, they signed a peace treaty with the Federation.

But aren't treaties made to be broken? There's the next movie right there!! ;) :D

25th Dec 2002, 06:48
Well, no..

If Treaties where meant to be broken, we'd be at war with everyone right now :)

oh wait.. that would be a :(

I just hope its not gonna be a exploration movie (i.e no action..). I never saw an exploration movie...

I dont mind them as TV shows, but a movie.. I think people expect action in movies. (or comedy, or horror, or something..)

Exploration would be (imho) boring as a movie.

Doesnt leave much room for older bad guys returning.

Peace treaty signed with the Dominion, Janeway made peace with the Delta Quadrant bad guys (not to mention the fact that they're 70k+ light years away...).

I guess It will follow the other movies and introduce a new villan. There was Guinan's race (Generations), The borg (First Contact), Sona (Insurrection) and the Remans (Nemesis; Romulan Moon "Reman")

But I hope its a Voyager movie!! It would be a shame for them to have fought so hard only to do nothing when they finally get home. :(

I actually had tears at the series finale. I was so happy that they made it home. There was alot of rumours going around that they wouldnt have made it home.

25th Dec 2002, 09:38
Well history is rife with examples of treaties being broken. I'd say, if anyone was gonna do it in the Trek case, it would be the Dominion side that would break it. But making that scenario into an interesting movie would be quite a feat indeed. ;)

26th Dec 2002, 04:27

Yes, it would be hard to make the Dominion in a movie..

I'm hoping for a new villan. And something that doesnt pose a threat to the federation. (well, .. not only the federation).

Generations had the wierd doctor destroying federation planets to get back into the "rift"

First Contact had the borg going back in time to stop First Contact (which would stop the "federation" from taking place")

Insurrection had the Sona with subspace weapons. (but the threat was more to the planet.. )

Nemesis has the Remans going to radiate Earth..

I'm hoping for a "Omega"-scale plot.

26th Dec 2002, 08:41
Rife: In widespread existence, practice, or use; increasingly prevalent. Abundant or numerous. :)

It just seems like a lot of whatever could be done with the Star Trek franchise has already been done, and further films would just be covering old topics without putting an original twist on them. I'm sure someone could think of a radically original, fantastic story, and write a masterful script. But people with original ideas and masterful scripts aren't usually the ones who get the job. ;) :D

27th Dec 2002, 01:02
In other words, Nemesis :)

The Director of the Nemesis movie wasn't a fan of Star Trek nor did he participate with Star Trek in any way (i.e writer, actor, person who brings coffee to Rick Berman :) )

I'm guessing that could be done again.

The story was written by a fan :)

By a fan, for the fans :)

27th Dec 2002, 07:30

I'd just hate to see them continue making films if they're going to end up being copies of eachothers' scenarios--especially if they make a film that goes to the trouble of gathering cast members from all of the past Trek shows.

But that's just me... :)

27th Dec 2002, 17:18
True. At one point it would be boring. But think of it this way, It's another crew facing the problem, not Picard. So the movie would be very different (as in the other crew would react very differently from TNG).

Look at Janeway. She negotiated passage thru Borg space with the Borg.

Picard would never have done that. Especially after his Locutus thing

27th Dec 2002, 21:22
Well, I don't know how much the prospect of a Janeway-lead film would thrill me. It would have to be an exceptional storyline, coz Voyager was about my least favorite Trek Series... :o

27th Dec 2002, 23:11
Really? Wow. I found it amazing on how hard they fought to get back home. They were all alone. :(


27th Dec 2002, 23:48
Well, part of it might have to do with the fact that they took it off of regular television after the first couple of seasons, so I never really got to see the later seasons. But, based solely on what I saw in the first season or two, I like the other Treks better. Oh well... :)

28th Dec 2002, 02:52
Wow. I liked every part of the series.

Well.. I found some episodes to be too wierd.. some very confusing.. (Like the "Year Of Hell" 2part episode).

There was alot more time travel in Voyager, which is enough to give the guys at Nasa a headache :)

28th Dec 2002, 03:42
Maybe I'd just have to go back and watch the later seasons, since they do run them on late night tv now. I usually end up getting home from work too late to watch them, though. Or if I do catch one in time, it's almost always one from the two seasons I did see. Just my luck...:o :D

4th Jan 2003, 00:51
There's this new technology, very high tech. I'm not sure if you heard of it... It's called a VCR. :D :D :D

Heh. Very state of the art. Especially the counter that keeps flashing 12:00 ;)


I know how hard it is to use a VCR (well. not "hard" as in difficult, more like alot of work.. )

Especially if your computer doesnt have a reset button and you need to turn the power bar off (the switch thingy). All your data on your VCR disapears faster than Picard can say "Thats enough Data" :)

Ooh! Did you see the episode where Data is looking up something (early seasons of TNG). He's talking to himself and the computer goes "Please repeat command" (or to that effect...) and Data explains to the computer what he was doing :)

The computer said.. you guessed it.. "Thank you sir, I comprehend" :D

I laughed so hard I almost jumped into warp :)

I wonder how many retakes they had to do when/if Brent Spiner (data) sayed a contraction :/

5th Jan 2003, 04:25
I'm sensing some sarcasm here...:p

I'm just unmotivated when it comes to setting the VCR anymore. I even stopped taping Smallville. And, if you mean buying the Voyager episodes on tape, I have yet to see them anywhere...

That NG episode doesn't sound familiar. I really need to get back into my Next Gen Treks.:)

5th Jan 2003, 05:09
The series is out on DVD now. my cousin got 1-6 for xmas (7 came out at the end of last year.. Remember now.. we're in 2003 :D ) Looks huge.

The episode in question has to be in the first 2-3 seasons. It looks "old" (Riker had no beard yet, I believe..)

I'm not sure what else was in the episode.. :(

Anyways.. I'm always @ home so I don't bother with the VCR either :) (unless I'm gonna stay at the hospital for a while... )

5th Jan 2003, 07:55
Well, I finally started up a Next Generation video collection, but it's gonna take me more than a little while to acquire the whole series. And, of course, my dad has quite a few of the original Treks. :)

5th Jan 2003, 08:17

There are only 3 seasons of TOS.

The last TOS episode is called "Turnabout Intruder"

Its the one where a girl uses some alien thing to switch bodies with Kirk and she takes over the Enterprise.

Wasnt fond of the TOS much.. Prefered the newer ones (TNG+). Kirk was just odd with his "pause acting".

Not to mention how hard it was for him to keep his shirt on or in one piece... :eek:

6th Jan 2003, 02:34
All in all, I wasn't a big fan of the original Trek either. There are a few good episodes here and there, but I'm much more of a Next Gen kid. At least Picard could keep his shirt on. Good thing, too...:eek:


6th Jan 2003, 05:08
Picard was a good explorer. He liked archeology. (eugh. we need a spell check badly.. well.. I need a spell checker badly :D ).

It gave more a sense of exploration than the original star trek (weird how the star trek is about exploration and there are more fights than science in the TOS series :confused: :eek: ).

Q gave TNG what it needed to go from awesome to warptastic!

(em.. imho :D )

6th Jan 2003, 08:24
Q was cool, especially when he became human.:D

There did seem to be a bit more fight to the original series, but perhaps that was because they didn't have all the "science" they had invented by the time of the Next Generation. If the later shows excelled at anything, it was at coming up with impossibly complicated, and of course, very scientific-sounding, terminology for everything. And there was always an alternative means that absolutely no one in the history of space travel had ever thought of for getting out of every dangerous situation.

"I might be able to construct a [place big scientific-sounding term here] that can [even bigger scientific-sounding term here] the [smaller but no less scientific-sounding term] to create a [another big word], thus allowing time travel.":D

Borg assimilation smiley: http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Smileys/Assimilate.gif


Sir Henry Morgan
6th Jan 2003, 23:05
Isn't Q from James Bond?


7th Jan 2003, 04:08
Yes. But he's also a character in TNG, DS9 and VOY. (well.. there's a race called the q-continuem) Every q-continuem individual has the same name (Q). But the Q Rook and I are refering to is played by John De Lancie (http://us.imdb.com/Name?de%20Lancie,%20John).

TNG gave the impression that Q (John) would be a regular. He apeared in the pilot episode (Encounter At Farpoint (Parts 1 & 2) (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0094030)).

7th Jan 2003, 09:48
Whoa. I'd forgotten about the James Bond Q guy. Where have I been? :o

I liked Q's character (the Trek one) better in the later episodes, though the first episode will always be a big favorite (coz at the time it was, well, HUGE!:D).

I don't recall him appearing on DS9, though...? :o

Sir Henry Morgan
7th Jan 2003, 23:10
The original guy who played Q died not so long ago and now John Cleese is Q

I don't really watch Star Trek

7th Jan 2003, 23:38
Did you know the Q (the guy who died in car crash) was from the original Bond movies too :)

I have the GoldenEye and Tomorow Never Dies DVD and on the TND dvd, there's a bond feature about the "life of bond".

You saw early q getting older thruout the other movies.

The new Q isn't as 'cool' as the old one. The old Q was awesome and had as many puns as Bond :)

Q stands for QuarterMaster (if you wanted to know). Its the guy who handles weapons and equipment (in Bond, its mostly gadgets..)

Dunno what M stands for.. I was thinking Monney Penny but that's M's secretary. :)

Sir Henry Morgan
8th Jan 2003, 00:21
Yeah the old Q was funny.

I like John Cleese (the new Q) too though.
Have you ever seen him in Fawlty Towers?

8th Jan 2003, 01:56
Only other movie I saw him in was Rat Race. Farely recent movie. 2001 I think.

I liked the older Q but yes, the new Q is ok..

I liked the new bond car :) Laughed so hard when Q introduced the car to 007. :D

Sir Henry Morgan
8th Jan 2003, 04:49
John Cleese has done some very funny things. He was a member of Monty Python

Yes Bond's new car is very nice !:cool:

8th Jan 2003, 05:54
I think I liked the original Q better, too. John Cleese isn't bad, though. I do watch Fawlty Towers every so often, and I love Monty Python and the Holy Grail (I think I like Michael Palin the best, though). And then, of course, there's always Nearly Headless Nick (yeah, so I'm a Harry Potter fan). :D

8th Jan 2003, 21:09
John Cleese is more of a comedian. and not he's not playing a comedian (well. not @ 100% like other movies).

Its like Robin Williams in Insomnia or 1 hour photo (he works at walmart in the photo section). But look at all the comedy movies he did.

When I first saw Insomnia, I had a very hard time picturing Williams as being a bad guy... :/

Sir Henry Morgan
8th Jan 2003, 22:44
Robin Willians is one comedian I can't stand!

I hate all his stupid voices he does!
(well actually it's just one stupid voice that he does over and over and over)

9th Jan 2003, 01:25
Which one is that? He did lots of 'voices' in Mrs DoubtFire alone. (movie is Mrs Doubtfire.. so by 'alone' i mean only..).

That movie he gets divorced and plays a babysitter (old lady) to he can spend time with his kids. Its a good movie :)

I think Williams is a good actor, but some movies I didn't care much for them.

I liked Mrs Doubtfire and the one where he's like 'Dr. Funny' (a doctor who works more for cheering people up while providing health care. mostly to cancer/incurable-dieseased kids..).. ie.. People who really need to be cheered up.

He makes a good Genie too :) (Aladin 1&2)

9th Jan 2003, 05:43
Originally posted by Sir Henry Morgan:
Robin Willians is one comedian I can't stand!

I think I'll have to agree with you there. I don't like him either. I think just about the only film I like that he is in is Hook (and maybe Good Will Hunting). I don't care for his stand-up routine, and he's always "on," anyway. I mean the guy never sits down in an interview and just has a conversation. He's all over the place. They've committed people for lesser offences...;) :D

9th Jan 2003, 22:38
Ok. you guys have me so :confused: that :confused: was re-written in the dictionary for my situation. :)

Only movies I know of with robin williams are Hook, Mrs Doutfire, Aladin 1 & 2 (he plays the voice of the genie), The happy doctor guy. forgot what the movie is called.. he cheers ppl up.. There's also insomnia and 1 hour photo (which I didnt see..).

Never heard of Goodwill hunting. The movies above are the only ones I know of and saw (except for the 1 hour photo one..)

Sir Henry Morgan
10th Jan 2003, 00:39
LOL Rook

Mrdefender he was in a TV show called Mork and Mindy where he was an alien and did stupid voices all the time. He was in Good morning Vietnam where he did stupid voices all the time, he does interviews where he does stupid voices all the time. I mean how many times can the same stupid voice be funny? :rolleyes:

I know, I'm fussy:D

10th Jan 2003, 05:33
Whoa! I almost forgot, I did like The Dead Poets Society pretty well, too. I'll have to admit, he's a halfway decent actor if he's put in the proper role, usually a drama of some sort. He played a psychiatrist in Good Will Hunting, and did a fairly good job there, too. I just can't stand to watch him in comedy films, or stand-up routines, and, dear God, certainly not in interviews! He just makes my skin crawl... :o

He's done quite a few more films than I thought he had... CLICK THE LINK THINGY! (http://us.imdb.com/Name?Williams,+Robin)

That picture reminds me of one of the security guards at work. It's scarey... :eek:

10th Jan 2003, 05:39
and how old is this mink and monk? or whatever...

scrolls down to see what it's called

Mork and Mindy.. sorry.. :)

Please bare in mind that anything before 1999 is a complete blank to me.

Hell. I cant even remember what I had for lunch yesterday :( (or even if I had lunch, I'm sleeping in alot these last few days.. recovering from a nasty cold.)

10th Jan 2003, 06:56
Well, you did remember Mrs Doubtfire and Aladdin, so I'm reasonably impressed. ;) :D

10th Jan 2003, 20:49
woohoo! So im not completely insane!

does the macarena

No, honestly. i can barely remember stuff before 1999. Its like cancer squeezed out the old stuff out of my brain and left the newer memories.

I guess my brain got formated :)

(format is a term in computers that means wiping clean. if I were to format my hard drive, there would be nothing left on it.)

Sir Henry Morgan
10th Jan 2003, 23:14
Oh Mork and Mindy is reaaally reaaally old, and if your barain was forcing out useless information that would be one of the first things to go! :D

I think I agree with Rook, he is ok if he doesn't try to be funny

11th Jan 2003, 01:13
I'm guessing the proper spelling of brain is the 2nd thing to go ;)


Any idea what year it started in?

11th Jan 2003, 07:45
It was on from 1978-1982, so it's somewhat understandable if you don't remember it.;)

I never cared for the show, myself...

11th Jan 2003, 20:25
I was born in 83. :)

(thats about it for stuff I can remember before 99 :D )

Well.. I do remember the pain I was in when I was at school until the 10th grade (which I became popular for the wrong reasons.. cancer :/ But still it was good not to be picked on while I'm sick.. If someone would've picked on me at that time, they would've gotten an ear full... and that's a big understatement :) )

I remember my graduation :) I was called up to get my diploma and everyone cheered for me :(

Kodak moment :) (litterally, I was blind for the next minute or so ;))

Sir Henry Morgan
11th Jan 2003, 23:48
Wow you could make a movie out of that. Everyone would get a tear in their eye as you accept your diploma! :)

12th Jan 2003, 03:36
That aint hard to believe. :) I got a tear in my eye then :)

But seriously.. when was the last time you saw a movie where the star was 'acting' as a cancer patient?

The closest movie I saw was the other sister and I am sam who had mental patients. The other sister returned from a school (one of those 'special' schools. I forget the proper term..) goes to public school and falls in love with another mentally-chalenged person and want to get maried, but her mother doesn't approve.

I am sam I believe is a mental-troubled person who has a son and the courts try to take his son away (probably for an obviously rediculous of being a unfit parent...)

Like comeone. We got more less-fited parents who can keep their kids! Take a look at michael jackson. (was a recent-enough thing on tv about holding his new born over the balcony in 'excitement')

Sir Henry Morgan
12th Jan 2003, 22:29
Very true. I'm scared for Michael Jackson's children in case he might try to steal their nose! :eek: :eek: :eek:

13th Jan 2003, 01:51
:eek: never thought of that :(

Hmm.. i seem to have misspelled come on.. :/ (i spelled it comeone).

Anyways. Yes, I fear for micheal's kids :(

What kind of parent holds his kids on the other side of a balcony (the side where there's a ground... waaaaay down there..)???

13th Jan 2003, 06:51
I pity his kid. I can't imagine what it must be like to be sitting quietly in your crib when that face comes at you...


13th Jan 2003, 08:00
that would be my reaction :) (the :eek: :eek: ) might also start crying (being scared.. almost anything can make a baby cry..)

He has 3 kids? doesn't he? (well.. has.. had.. depending on what happens with the child support/whatever the organisation is that takes kids away from unfit parents..)

I think child support is what people pay when they're divorced and their ex has their kid..

ARGH! It's at the tip of my tongue!!!!

Hey rook, see if you can see it :p

Can you see it? :D

(no.. honestly.. i know it but I don't... it is 'on the tip of my tongue..')

13th Jan 2003, 08:10
I can see it just fine, and gawd is it scarey! http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Smileys/scareme.gif


Nah, I can't think of the right word, either. But I do know what you're talking about.:)

13th Jan 2003, 17:56
I'm getting a few ideas.. See if any of these rings a bell..

Social Services?
Child Wellfare?

14th Jan 2003, 08:59
I think Social Services is the one... I think...

And how the heck did the subject end up on Michael Jackson anyway? :eek:


14th Jan 2003, 22:15
Well. Let's see now :)

Alrighty. We were talking about this minky thing, You guys (Henry and yourself) said it was before the 80's (or very near my birth year).

Talked about how hard it is for me to remember anything before 1999, I talk about my graduation.. Henry said something about making it a movie. I then 'debated'/'argued' that I never heard of such a movie.. But heard of mentally illed patients. such as I am sam and The Other Sister.

I then went into details about the 'I am sam' movie. A mental patient who is considered an unfit parent and has a chance of loosing his son. I then argued that worse parents are allowed to keep their kids. Pointed out Michael Jackson and the balcony incident with his 3rd (?) child.

(I do/did not wish to insult anyone with the use of the 'mental' term.. i just didnt know how to explain it without the use of this term.. Its like trying to explain a movie about a blind man without using the word blind.. :/ )

15th Jan 2003, 08:02
Well, that was a nice, detailed synopsis. Just seems funny, sometimes, where the subjects of these threads end up. :D

15th Jan 2003, 18:16
as Capt. Janeway once said. 'Wierd is part of the job' :)

(the first seasons had an episode where there were 2 voyagers occupying the same place at the same time.. one got severly damaged, they lost kim and naiomi (being born at the time..) so the intact voyager janeway sends kim and baby naiomi to the damaged one and kim feels out of place.. or 'wierd')

ARGH! I just did another synopsis didn't I ? :( :D

19th Jan 2003, 06:07
Yep, but I don't mind.:D

I actually remember that episode, too... :eek:

19th Jan 2003, 06:47
as long as it doesnt get too wierd :)

19th Jan 2003, 07:01
It's already gotten too weird. The link on the first page of this thread now says "Private Homepage." :confused:

19th Jan 2003, 21:30
Hmm.. I guess the webmaster removed the flash file. :(

Oh well. 'Don't worry, be happy' :) :D

19th Jan 2003, 22:36
I'm really trying, but it's rather difficult without that link. ;)

19th Jan 2003, 23:31
Try this;

Close your eyes. Comeon, close em!! I SAID CLOSE THEM! (:D)

Ok. Now think about winning the lottery and what you would do with it. :)

I would definitley get a house somewhere in orleans (im in downtown now.. too noisy.., orleans is more quiet). I would also, for sure, go to Star Trek: The Experience (Las Vegas). I'd probobly stay there for a long time (no need to worry about clothes or food, I did win the lottery you know :rolleyes: I can buy clothes and food). I might even try the Gah-k .. If im feeling brave :)

I bet my dad would try the Rocktajeno. Bajoran Hasperat sound good (looks like spicy meat in a pita/flat bread).

Obviously, I'd go on every ride/attraction they have. (there's one where your in a shuttle craft on an exploration mission).

ARGH! I would just have too much to do!! Oh well, I guess I'll just have to stay longer. What a shame... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

20th Jan 2003, 00:47

Ooh, I'd probably buy myself an old abandoned Victorian house (I know just the one, too...:D), and fix it all up, and start a business (of course, I might just do that anyway), and take a trip to England, and, and, and.....

Oh, there's waaay to much to do when you've hit the Powerball Lottery!! :eek: http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/survali/icon10.gif

20th Jan 2003, 01:54
I'd probably get a mansion and have some of those hidden rooms behind the library thingys :)

Or a batcave-type hideout :)

I'd definitley get a new computer (even though this one is just 9 months old....). Would get alot (3-4) for the family (my dad, sis, her bf, the 3 cats, etc... ;) )

I'd have to get a credit card.. alot of stuff now can only be bought online.. (like a computer from Dell.com).

You can never have to many computers (well.. I guess it could happen if they're really out-dated and lying at the back of the basement...).

I'd get top of the line for today (god knows, tomorow it will be obsolete.... :mad: ).

Tecnology is taking a scary turn.. You see these techno movies... always has something going wrong.. Like the Matrix. We Invented AI and it took over the planet.. :/

We Invented a earthquake maker, it drained the earth's core..

Science just scares me some times.. We can actually clone people now... Isn't that considered playing god? :/ (Though, having a scientific mind, I can see the advantages..)

20th Jan 2003, 11:55
LOL I want my own personal Batcave! And a house with secret nooks and crannies and passages like the one on Clue would be cool.:D And the flashiest computer money can buy with aaaall the extras. I guess, if you win enough in a lottery, you can afford to replace your computer every time it becomes obsolete. That would mean a new computer every week, at least... :o :)

20th Jan 2003, 20:36
I know, its rediculous. Well I wouldnt really say a week. I only get info on a new type of hardware about twice a month..

It would be fun to have that type of house. Suffice it to say, You could have a party and there will be plenty of room for overnight guests :) (like people who drink too much..).

Hey. This reminds me.. You know the law that says you cant drink and drive.. Here, if the person attended a party, its the host thats responsible for keeping him/her from getting in his/her car.

Is it the same in the US? Or is only the driver who's responsible. (though the host would get a fine, the driver would also get a fine.. its not like they're gonna leave him off the hook for drinking and driving..)

Which batcave did you prefer? I found the 60's Batcave was awesome.. but wierd.. Very small for it to be located beneath a mansion (mansions are huge). The Pole access was neat.. :) I wish we could've seen where the elevator was.. (Alfred always took the elevator.. but we never saw where it was hidden...)

The Batman Returns batcave was nice. The way he entered his cave. Thru the cirgauphigus (?? The Mummy equavalent of a coffin..).

As for the cave itself, I'd have to say Batman Forever and Batman & Robin would be the best cave. The entrance was just not very 'super hero' like. There was a revolving wine case. That's it. Well, they locked the door of the room with the wine case.. But anyone can pick a lock, push all the wine cases... :/

21st Jan 2003, 07:56
Hey. This reminds me.. You know the law that says you cant drink and drive.. Here, if the person attended a party, its the host thats responsible for keeping him/her from getting in his/her car.

Is it the same in the US? Or is only the driver who's responsible.

I honestly have no idea... I think it's just the driver's responsibility. I could very well be wrong about that.

And I don't honestly remember any of the Batcaves other than the one from the first Batman film. I'd still like to have my very own Batcave, though. I'll design the whole thing from scratch.:D

21st Jan 2003, 08:20
Return of the Joker? Or the 60's Batman movie? (there was a black and white batman movie collection even before then. It had the guy in the green hornet.. kato?).

Return of the Joker is Michael Keaton's first Batman movie (featured Jack Nickleson.. (i know.. i got it wrong...) As the Joker.)

The 60's Batman movie actually featured every 'major' vilan (Riddler, Joker, Penguin and Catwoman.. the white one.. (there were 3 catwomans, two of the actors were black, the third was white.. I'm afraid I can't recall their names..). It was an ok movie. You got to see every vehicle (Bat- cycle, mobile, copter, boat).

I liked how they would get into the Bat-copter. They would use the BatCycle (motorcycle) and 'race' towards the copter, then batman would press a button, releasing Robin's 'cart' which headed to the passenger's door for the copter :)

That was soo cool!!!

Kinda reminds me of the Thunderbirds (now there's something I havent seen in ages!!). You know? International Resuce? :) All they had to do was get on their secret entrance and they would be carried to their seat. :eek: TOO COOL!!!

Though you could see the pupet's wires... (im afraid computers were bascily the size of a living room...). The concept is still cool.

I wonder how they could get a space station in orbit around the earth but no one knew about it?

You'd think if something were to be launched into space, someone would notice it...

I'd have to say Thunderbird 2 would be my favorite (the big green thing with all those compartments with different gadgets..) It's a shame we didnt see Thunderbird 4 more :( (the sub).

21st Jan 2003, 09:53
I meant the first Batman movie with Michael Keaton. I haven't really watched it in awhile, though. I can't remember what his particular cave was like--except that he did have bats in it! I have seen the old TV show, but it's been years, so I don't remember much of it, except...





21st Jan 2003, 20:18
Oh, I remember alot more that the sfx word things. (pif, bam, poof, zap, gasp..).

Not much is none about the michael batcave.. All I can see is that he has a wall (rock) covering the entrance for the batmobile.. Alot of natural bridges (narrow rock formations).. A few keyboards and alot of monitors.

Oh. And one of those submarine doors/safes that has his suit in it (the batman suit..). :/

Not very super hero... You'd think he could afford more ;)

Same goes for the Batman returns cave.. All you really saw was another desk with one of those newspaper computers (same as the one used in the first keaton movie, when the girl looks at what happend at the spot she saw bruce put roses.. (the place where his parents were murdered..)).

You saw alot more of the batcave in Forever, and Batman & Robin.

The suits and gadgets were in a roundish (i think its em.. ? octagone? same as a stop sign.. ) room. There was a huge computer (like in the animated series). with alfred's brain ingrams. (technically, alfred's brain was in there... but not the actual brain.. (that was in his head.. ;) ).

The only thing odd about the batman movies.. Batman changed 3 times (Keaton, Kilmer and Clooney..). But Robin (Odonell) stayed the same person for 2 of the movies..

Alfred stayed the same actor for all 4 movies... Now there's a dedicated butler :)

On another note, we're gonna have a law here where if ANYONE has ANY ammount of alchool in his/her body.. you get a fine!!!

Now, Im not one who drinks alchool (all I ever had was a drop of wine and I spit it out), but whatever happend to being a Designated Driver???

if your a/the Designated Driver, its easy to assume that someone in the car has some alchool... right??

And how can you be sure if you have any alchool left (well.. unless you didnt drink..) in your body?? The breathaliser thing must cost alot of money...

The commercial says it will be a bit more complicated but will be worth it.. I just hope they would allow the designated driver thing..

And what about people who are somewhat drunk and get a taxi?? or subway?? or one of those train on the street thing? (cable wire train?).. I'm sure there's gonna be alot of contreversy about this new law..

I CAN see the advantages (no chance of drinking and driving).. but come on.. Absolutley no alchool in your blood??? I think you can have an ammount of alchool if you just snif wine (by snif.. i mean smell, or take a 'wiff'.. and not 'snif' in the drug way...).

22nd Jan 2003, 10:00
Originally posted by mrdefender

Not very super hero... You'd think he could afford more ;)

He spent all his money on that big freakin' house. So, when it came to being a superhero, he just plain ran out of dough... :o ;) :D

He did have rather a humble Batcave. But, considering the personality he was given in the film, it fit him pretty well anyway.

And, as for the alcohol in your system thing, how much trouble will you be in if they use a breathalyzer on you when you accidentally swallow your mouthwash that day?

:rolleyes: :o :D

22nd Jan 2003, 22:56
Nah, Bruce Wayne's house belonged to his parents (or grandparents.. im not sure how far the wayne foundation goes..) and when his parents died, it was left to him and alfred. (im guessing it was left to alfred until bruce was old enough to actually own a house). :)

So far, any alchool amount will be, at the very least, 200$ and points removed. (on ur license).

If you're intoxicated (drunk), you get a larger fine, jail time (i guess a day or two) and some points removed (more than above).

Hmm.. I guess .. well.. If the machine costs 200$ ... then 1 alchool level (dunno how it works) would pay for it.. :)

But still.. There's a reason for a Designated Driver, Taxi, etc.. Those are the smart people..

23rd Jan 2003, 07:03
Nah, Bruce Wayne's house belonged to his parents (or grandparents.. im not sure how far the wayne foundation goes..) and when his parents died, it was left to him and alfred.

Oops! Your right. Can't believe I forgot that bit.

Still, he could have spent his whole inheritance on the house and then ended up without much money when he got around to the Batcave part.;)

23rd Jan 2003, 21:22
I think you forgot the Wayne Foundation this time :)

24th Jan 2003, 09:10
Oops, again! Just not up on my Batman trivia today...:o

24th Jan 2003, 21:43
Np. But there's all these alternate dimensions.. :)

(you know.. the theory that every action has all its reactions 'played' in all different 'planes' of existence).

So its not so far fetched to believe that you can be right :)

25th Jan 2003, 08:43
Makes me feel better knowing that. Thankys. :)

26th Jan 2003, 00:07
That's what happens when you watch shows like star trek.

You learn more than you would at school!!! (not that quiting school is ok.. you should still go to school for the non-startrek stuff).

I actually scared the doctors with big words for a 15 year old. (Submolecular.. pathagen.. other medical star trek terms)

26th Jan 2003, 08:07
Originally posted by mrdefender
(not that quiting school is ok.. you should still go to school for the non-startrek stuff).

Why? I haven't found a use for anything I learned in school yet.;) :D

27th Jan 2003, 05:56
1 + 1 = ??? :D

you learned how to type/write. you learned alot more than you think :)

you learned how boring homework is :D

27th Jan 2003, 06:50
Well, I definitely learned how boring homework was...and how boring school in general (apart from art class, that is) was...and exactly how humiliating gym class could be...

Reading and writing are in there somewhere, I think. I just tend to remember the bad stuff more easily than the benefits. ;)

27th Jan 2003, 20:43
thats normal, we tend to remember the bad than the good...

I can remember like 99.9% of the bad things that happend when I was sick...

All the good thing I can remember is that I survived :-/ Well. That and I got my own computer back in april 99 :)

28th Jan 2003, 07:54
See there! There's good stuff in there after all!:D

29th Jan 2003, 00:04
Sure. Do 0.1% on your test and see what the teacher says :)

29th Jan 2003, 02:17
I dunno. Maybe a little something like this...http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/andomi/yikes.gif

29th Jan 2003, 06:01
You probably get an F ++++++++++++++

or.. is it an F --------------- ?

Plus would be closer to the next grade right? and minus would be closer to the previous grade?


B+ is closer to A and B- is closer to a c.. right?


Well.. your teacher would probably give u F at its worst :)

29th Jan 2003, 08:41
Want a good laugh? I honestly got an F- in Interior Design class. http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/andomi/yikes.gif

I've never even heard of anything like that. I thought, once you got an F, that was pretty much as bad as it could get. The teacher was a loony, though. I got fantastic grades on just about everything in that class, and she failed me coz I didn't get the floor plan for my "dream house" done in time to grade. That was it!:rolleyes:

I had a friend in the very same class who didn't do any of the assignments, and only got an F. I still can't figure out how I ended up outdoing that!:o

I got more of a laugh out of it than anything though. It just looked weird on my grade card.:D

29th Jan 2003, 19:11
what did ur folks say ? :)

Wait a minute.. i thought interior desing was second nature to women? (based on my mom.. she would spend 3 weeks trying to figgure out the perfect spot for a tv guide... :D)

Im not to fancy on how it looks. I mostly place whatever whereever it fits.. But I do like to keep organized. I just cant work in a dirty/disorganized enviroment. It doesnt take long for my room to get disorganized but I live in the closet... (this room is so small.. my bed barely fits next to my computer desk).

I got this Star Trek 'ships of the fleet' calendar for 2003. the pics are nice.. but its an horizontal ( <---> and not | ) calendar.. and the actuall calendar (the dates) are so small.. I can barely make em out from here. But im not complaining. The images are cool :)

This month is "The arrival of the Enterprise NX-01 pod at the ancient Vulcan sanctuary of P'Jem" (ST:ENT)

Nice pic too :)

30th Jan 2003, 07:18
Originally posted by mrdefender
what did ur folks say ? :)

Actually, they laughed, too! :D

Like I said, I did pretty well in the class until it came time to do my floor plan for a house. I didn't turn it in, and she gave me an F- for the whole semester. She was a lunatic, though. You just had to be there..... :D

As for calendars, mines a Harry Potter one.:cool: :D

30th Jan 2003, 18:11
You've gone potter! :)

I only had 2 calendars (minus pc ones.. like MS Works Calendar. . the clock.. etc..). Both of em are/were startrek.

Last year it was a ST:TNG Themed Calendar (2002). It wasnt too bad. U could see the dates and the pics. it was people pics.. no ships. :( I like the ships. So I got a ship-only calendar this year :)

Cost me 20$ too! And what da ya know!! Its Horizontal (<=>) and the dates are small. You've gotta be very close to it.. But my desk (its an L where its fliped upwards wich would look like |- and im sitting at the -- part and the | part blocks me from getting closer..).

But the ship pics and scenary are very clear. Which makes it worth it.

I love the jan one (Shuttle Pod @ P'Jem). Its awesome!

I'd take a pic for ya but my mom has our digital camera :/

30th Jan 2003, 19:30
I need a Trek calendar! A cool one!

I've got Harry Potter, and Spider-Man, and I'm trying to track down a Lord of the Rings one somewhere around here. I haven't really seen any Trek ones, lately, though. I don't even know what I need that many calendars for. I'm not gonna write down important stuff on them. That would ruin 'em. I just get them for the pics!! :cool: :D

31st Jan 2003, 00:33
They're hard to find here too. only one. em. store. ? one of those waggon/ stores in the middle of the 'room'. They only got (I've only looked for 3 years) star trek calendars around november to january (for xmas)