View Full Version : Thief Gold Under windows XP problem, HELP!!!

18th Dec 2002, 06:53
Hi, I try to play thief gold under windows xp but doesn't works. I can install the game, view the intro video but when it's supossed to start to play the screen gets black and nothing happend.... I dont know how to do!!!!help

19th Dec 2002, 06:01
Did you install it using the -lgntforce option? If not, then you probably need to uninstall it and reinstall it using the line:

D:\setup -lgntforce

where D: is replaced by your CDROM drive letter and the first character in lgntforce is a lower case L.

If not that, then please tell us: do you see anything at all after the intro video (AVI) finishes playing? Do you hear any sounds, like the chug-chug of steam driven machinery? Please also describe your system components in detail including video card, audio card, their drivers, and version of direct X you are running. Maybe then someone can offer advice.

if it is a problem actually playing the intro video (AVI) then sometimes reinstalling the indeo codec will fix it.