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18th Dec 2002, 06:12
Greetings Everyone, I'm a newcomer to this forum and I would like to extend my ambivalence to everyone out there. :)

Good time are ahead.

Two questions though.

One are there any (or plan to be) Startopia addons? Like new buildings and aliens?

Second, I was quite taken with the RPGs in the rpg section and had a RPG idea of my own that I would like to try out. Could I start one now or do I have to ask permission of someone and/or wait/do something else?

Thanks for listening, anyone interested in my RPG please say so

18th Dec 2002, 18:14
Maybe new robots-there are quite a few empty spaces next to the scuzzers

19th Dec 2002, 02:07
StarTopia uses hardcoded ID numbers for all structures and peeps. You'd need vast programming skill to search out the code that states what numbers are used and even more skill to make any useful additions. You can modify what already exists, but additions are near impossible.

Alas, StarTopia is now only in the community arena. We can only work with what we have been given.

19th Dec 2002, 15:18
BTW metioning add-ons, startopia2 etc. usauly gets you nothing but a punch in the face (antena, tusks etc.).

<A bullet hole appears in the floor next to OceanLords foot. Sunrise looks up and see a sniper hanging off the ceiling in these suction boot things>

19th Dec 2002, 22:27
StarTopia 2, been discussed over and over. Though we don't shoot newcomers when they ask about it(some newcomers trying to be cool might though) because at the end of the credits it says to "Look out for StarTopia 2".

RPGs? I advise you wait until the current one is over so you get some experience before hand. We don't want you turning into a Greyzy or Medical Grey now do we?

So have fun in Sector Zeta Plural and don't be affraid to ask for help.

6th Jan 2003, 15:13
yes, listen to arctic, he is truly one of the wise men of startopia, alpha omega and creamy used to be, but being a mod seems to get you sucked into a black hole, and you only seem to come out once a year. so they might have lost their status. go to the post (a nice link on the MF website) and you can download a bunch of user made missions. the only addon's i have are missions and all the startrek skins.

edit: by mod i mean moderator on the boards, not mod like when you mod the game

25th Jan 2003, 21:14
Lol, the scary black hole of real life. I may not post as much as the old days (not that theres as much to post too), but I'm still here, watching you from the shadows.

Actually in all honesty, I haven't been here in the last two weeks due to unpredictable social and work circumstances. However, things have straightened back out, and theres even going to be a new post tonight at StarTopia post, with actual content! :)

Which brings me to my next point... If you want any mods, skins, or extra missions, the place to look is StarTopia Post.


26th Jan 2003, 02:06

When you disappear you make up for it by making 147 posts in 2 minutes? ;)

Glad to see you're still around thou! :D