View Full Version : Yippee i purchased a property today

18th Dec 2002, 05:42
I don't wish to skyte.... Too late...
i bought my first ever house and i'm stoked, a historic cottage on 50 acres with 2 dams, a creek and some huge sheds as well...

although it needs a lot of work to get it back to being comfortable, so in a month or so I'll be busy with the plumbing the sanding and the painting and all the rest of it...

Its probably more work than i've ever been faced with but it worries me not

18th Dec 2002, 14:24

Now get back to work. :p

18th Dec 2002, 22:14
hahaha no way, i cant concentrate on work for at least a week now :D

19th Dec 2002, 08:27
what did it cost?
and where is it, in what country?

19th Dec 2002, 08:51
Congrats, ragsy..

Originally posted by ragsy
so I'll be busy with the plumbing

No plumbing, eh? :D LOL.

19th Dec 2002, 12:03
You a millionaire or something ? :)

19th Dec 2002, 13:31
Originally posted by Thorup
and where is it, in what country?

Probably on the north pole and nobody who told him that the north pole will be melted before the end of this century. :p

19th Dec 2002, 23:43
Thanks all for the congrats

No Rutam unfortunately i'm not a millionaire or even close

Xcom the place is described as restorable and we want to change the positions of bathroom / kitchen etc, so yep its pretty rough

Its is a rural property 20.19h or 50ac It has a 1930s rundown cottage and all sorts of sheds 3 dams and a creek.

all on undulating grazing country

Thorup this is Australia Mate


and they wanted $260,000 for it but they got desparate after another deal fell through so we snagged it for $210,000

210,000 Australian Dollars
= 844,703 Norwegian Kroner
= 118,730 US Dollar
= 115,687 Euro
= 74,187.6 British Pound

21st Dec 2002, 09:41
Originally posted by ragsy

Congrats! The house looks good.

21st Dec 2002, 11:55
I suggest you put a better fence. After all, you are living in the same country as Yakkalot. You never know. :D

21st Dec 2002, 12:21
Yeah you should see if they have the fences they used in Jurassic Park for sale. ;)

21st Dec 2002, 15:13
Nice place!
u got yourself a good deal there ragsy;)

22nd Dec 2002, 22:22
Thanks everyone :D I'm still buzzing from writing those really big Cheques (checks):eek:

Xcom part of the beauty of Australia is that it is so frickin' big that Yakka is over 3000km from me so I'm feeling quite safe (not exactly sure what I feel safe from :confused: )

23rd Dec 2002, 22:28
New owner of a fixer-upper, eh? Well, say goodbye to computer gaming! Been nice knowin' ya ragsy.

24th Dec 2002, 06:48
Well 300km isn't that far when you consider I've driven from here to alice springs and back, then here to Yulara the week after then here to nhulunbuy this week for work... at the moment, I'm considering setting fire to the car i'm so bloody sick of it :)

sounds nice, just be careful, when you have a property like that, them wimmen folks start eyeing you off, and before you know it you've shelled out three grand for a rockand some metal to go on her finger and your stuck for life...

consider yourself warned matey ;)

oh, and Xcom, don't worry, Australia has the worlds longest fence/wall aimed specifically at keeping varmints such as myself away from the eastern seaboard :D

24th Dec 2002, 14:20
Hey Yakkalot go see if the properties around his are still for sale. ;)

24th Dec 2002, 18:53
lol :)

One of the advantages of having such a big block is no neighbours for a looong way.

When I was a kid we lived on a 55ha block out at humpty doo (yes thats the real name of the place), you needed a good set of walking boots just to check the mail, you could play music as loud as you wanted and no neighbous to complain. Great fun for shootin' stuff and playing soldiers/cowboys and injins etc when you're a little tyke as well.

Though ragsy's joint seems to be a sheep paddock not bush...

26th Dec 2002, 06:34
wow man.thats sweet.congadulations.