View Full Version : How will roxas come back?

19th Feb 2013, 14:03
How do you think Roxas will be "healed" or in other words come back as his own person? as well as Xion and Namine? Specially Namine she joined Kairi so she cant split off Sora

23rd Mar 2013, 19:04
I donĀ“t want Roxas comeback !

I want see Riku and the organization more,

not that filler moment or game.

23rd Mar 2013, 19:19
I like Roxas... heh but Riku is cool... FYI ROXAS WILL RETURN lol

24th Mar 2013, 08:10
Roxas isn't filler. I will smite you for saying that. ROXAS MUST RETURN. He's a goddamn main character!

24th Mar 2013, 08:12
See!!! Roxas wants Roxas to return....wait... huh?

24th Mar 2013, 19:34
Notice that Roxas has the same hair style of Ventus. Remember, Ventus' heart found its way to Sora for protection. Thus, in Kingdom Hearts III, once ventus returns, it may be like Roxas' return. Also, Xehonort is searching for the 13 darkenesses, and the 7 lights to reattempt the forging of the "X" Blade. (Ventus, Terra, Aqua, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Mickey, and Lea) The 7 lights are the 7 keyblade masters. note that Sora doesn't become a keyblade master. Thus, we have 7, not including a return of Roxas. (if Sora didn't pass the examination, then how could Roxas)

24th Mar 2013, 22:25
Ventus and Roxas can't possibly be the same person, S.E. obviously wanted to make it clear when they made Ven's unique style of wielding a keyblade. Roxas has never once tried to wield the keyblade reverse-style. In addition, at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3D when Riku is asked the three questions at Destiny Islands, Roxas and Ventus appear separately. Also, the opening to Kingdom Hearts 3D shows the two of them returning as separate people. Thusly, they will both return as their own people.

And also, it has never been stated that one needs to be a Master in order to be a Guardian of Light. And Lea isn't even close to being a Master anyways. And if you have played Birth by Sleep, you would know that Terra is in the 13 Darknesses, and MX insists that Sora also is, though it is debatable whether or not he actually is.

25th Mar 2013, 01:42
Well Master Xehanort said the union was not completed... but with Ven in with Sora and Vanitas showing up in 3D i think MX has his plans laid in Sora's hearts already...in 3d Riku did notice the diffrence between Roxas, and Ven which for this nerd was all i needed...**smiles**

25th Mar 2013, 03:28
I feel like the whole Light vs. Dark battle will be a whole lot more epic if everybody has a counterpart on the other side. In my opinion it could be:

Light vs. Dark

Roxas vs. Sora

Ventus vs. Vanitas

Riku vs. Repliku

Kairi vs. Xion

Lea vs. Isa

Aqua vs. Terra

And hey maybe there'll be a disney character on the dark side to fight mickey. (Maybe even Oswald the Lucky Rabbit from Epic Mickey?) Probably not though. None of those cloaked figures looked like a rabbit to me.

25th Mar 2013, 03:59
Heh I dunno i kinda wanna see Vanitas agianst Sora.....

5th Apr 2013, 17:27
Vanitas vs Sora would be epic! ^^

5th Apr 2013, 19:27
just one battle at least I wanna see them battle....not often you face your evil twin

5th Apr 2013, 22:35
So true! XD