View Full Version : Come on Eidos, You know this would make you TR AOD sales go of the charts!!!

18th Dec 2002, 03:07
I'm serious here, If Eidos/Core was to make a commercial on Tomb Raider The Angel Of Darkness, their sales would go off the charts. Wouldn't you guys agree, when Splinter Cell was released , it became the best selling game in 2002 for XBOX!!!
Imagine how many people would by the game, people who hated the previous Tomb Raider's or people who haven't even heard of Tomb Raider would look at it and think that the game looks very cool. I know this could be very expensive to create a commercial or actually broadcast it to different countries, but if you listen to me and make a commercial, Adrian Smith, you would be the happiest man on the Earth!!!!!!!! Wouldn't you Tomb Raider Fans Agree?

18th Dec 2002, 03:42
That would definately work, as long as the commercials are cool, serious, dark, and reflect the game, not the market.

Anybody remember the Playstation christmas commercial a long time ago when all the characters (*LARA!*) were singing Christmas Carols?


18th Dec 2002, 09:01
Whos to say they aren't going to?
We're still two months away from ETA.

18th Dec 2002, 09:59
I have to agree. I'll buy TRAOD no matter what. But a lot of people have never played it and don't care about the game at all, I guess there might be even those who never heard of it... Well conceived publicity could boost the game to the top of the charts.

18th Dec 2002, 21:44
like it won't be up there anyway... :rolleyes:

19th Dec 2002, 00:31
If ya look at previous Tr sales (mainly TR4 and TRC) it wont be up there unless they get some advertising going...:(

19th Dec 2002, 02:23
Originally posted by Nerevar
Why spend money ad infinitum on TV-adverts when your product already is well-established and well-known?

Actually a lot people I know have never even heard the name "Tomb Raider," (I know I was like :eek:!!!!)
Plus, it's a shame to say that the rest of Eidos/Core's games became a failure, I heard that Hitman 2 wasn't a hit and Eidos lost a lot of money, Eidos released other games (can't remember them) and they also were a failure. This is Eidos/Core's last chance in making a cool game, called Tomb Raider The Angel Of Darkness, I suggest that they bring it out to the world and show it off!!!!!

19th Dec 2002, 02:27
i've always seen commercials for Tomb Raider games. What makes you think they won't have any for AOD.

19th Dec 2002, 06:31
Hitman2, Timesplitters2, and the Recent are sucesses! Who ever is telling you that is a idiot you doe'snt want you to get an "Eidos" game!

19th Dec 2002, 17:20
Umm helloOO!? Come on here people, they have already made one! I saw on TV (Well du, silly me :p ) Anyway I'll go see if I can get it on the net ;)

Alias 56

20th Dec 2002, 00:51
"Alias" and "FoxyKat": Yeah you probably saw a commercial but I meant for people in other countries, all the way in Canada here people!!!! People who live in England an stuff probably have always seen Tomb Raider commercials.

Unkwon: Actually yeah you right I just re-searched it again and it turns out that those were hits............ but... but..... but still they should still make a commercial!!!!

20th Dec 2002, 08:38
Originally posted by AODfreak_967
People who live in England an stuff probably have always seen Tomb Raider commercials.

Ummmm...other than the Lucozade ones, no.....not a one.

20th Dec 2002, 15:32
i saw one adverstising TRC once and then of course the lucozade ones

L Croft
21st Dec 2002, 08:38
I have also only seen the lucozade ones

21st Dec 2002, 16:23
I agree with DaveJ, JohnnyZ and L Croft, the only commercials I have seen with Lara in here in England are the Lucozade ones.

22nd Dec 2002, 00:56
Originally posted by ÐåVë
I agree with DaveJ, JohnnyZ and L Croft, the only commercials I have seen with Lara in here in England are the Lucozade ones.

Yeah that's why I'm saying that there should be an AoD commercial:cool:.

23rd Dec 2002, 16:12
Yes, the only ones I have seen are the Lucozade ones a few years ago now. SEAT car adverts were released in France and a German commercial was hown only in Germany, where Lara was looking at wedding dresses (or something like that). It would be great if Core/Eidos made a good one for AOD. On the www.tombraider.com there are two AOD previews that are like commercials, one with about 2-mins of ingame footage and another with a model Lara in a coat covering her face running about the back streets of Paris, with Werner Von Croy chatting in the background. These look cool, and should be released in the UK, USA and all over the world! Visit my site;


:) ;) :D