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Lozza Mate
17th Dec 2002, 09:46
...so uh... is that thing ever gonna be finished?

for something that is just gonna be (I'm assuming) a bunch of shockwaved cut-outs moving around the screen with music, this thing is taking it's time.

17th Dec 2002, 19:34
Hey Lozza Mate,
I do not believe the BO2 screensaver will ever actually be made. Perhaps we could have a screensaver contest in the future. ;)
If anyone actually makes one on their own and would like it put up on the BO2 site, I'd be happy to try and get that done. But for now I do not think Crystal Dynamics will actually come up with one. Sorry.
Crystal Dynamics

Lozza Mate
18th Dec 2002, 03:58
Thanks for the update chris, much appreciated.