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16th Dec 2002, 21:24
Right i havent got a clue what i am doing so dont you all start flaming me okay.

I really need to know this because i have got the impression you all dont like me.

Whatever you say will not affest your statutory rights


Meddling Grey
17th Dec 2002, 08:59
I really can't say whether I like you or not at this point. I mean, you've only been around for a while, so I'd need more time to decide on that sort of thing. But if what you're looking for is more like "Do we approve of your behaviour or not?", then I'd say yes, I do. We have had some awful newbies over the years, and I'm happy to say that you certainly don't fit into their category.

So stick around and enjoy yourself. That's the point of the forums, really. Like or dislike, we're all a family, which means that occasionally I shout "Yay!" and pull the table cloth off the table along with all the plates and the salt shakers and the sugar and everything. That's what a family is, after all. :D

17th Dec 2002, 18:19
"Do you like me?
I prefer the amazing brutality of Ghyron! "

I don't think thats a very hard question to answer.

Although I don't understand how prefering the amazing brutality of Ghyron is contrary to Yes. You havn't done anything bad, or even much at all, so there isn't much basis for a decision. Caring what people think about you in an internet forum is rather silly anyway.

17th Dec 2002, 19:05
In meddling Grey's post he says that i meant to say "Do you approve of my behaviour or not?"
And i did, but like i said it was my first time doing a poll and it is just a reaction to put yes, no or not really i prefer the amazing brutality of Ghyron was just a reaction.
I got the impression you all didnt like me because in the RPG i tried to be the banned Senor's brother (what has happened to his status on his previous posts?)and make a go of his character. But then a few people start shouting "Go Learn how to play the RPG's" or "I will not recognise your posts on this thread"
All i did was post something to make it more lively.
I did read the RPG beforehand i just wanted to change Senor's storyline.

And whoever posts no please post your name because i would like to know. I wont send you a virus or shout at you i just need to know

18th Dec 2002, 17:03
Look at those results! AlphaOmega must be realy bored to edit every poll we've ever had.

18th Dec 2002, 18:35
I get the feeling there isn't much to poll about.

19th Dec 2002, 07:50
Originally posted by kool_kats_rule
I get the feeling there isn't much to poll about. Hence the editing... *rolleyes*

I mean... What editing?

19th Dec 2002, 12:36
You've just got to read and understand thr RPG rules, its really quite simple. We normally don't like other people controlling our characters unless its not possible not to. We've got into worse argurements before that have lead to the collapse of some of our RPG's.

<Really Needs to Write more rules>

7th Jan 2003, 01:56
I wanna play RPGs. How can I help?

7th Jan 2003, 21:09
Go read the rules somewhere around the bottom of the forum, then participate in the one going on right now.