View Full Version : A life of her own in TR3

The Pixie
16th Dec 2002, 13:05
I have recently started to play TR3 (on PC Win98), and I find that Lara will sometimes move all on her own, without me pressing a key. For example, I carefully walk her to an edge, then think about what to do next, my hands well away from the keyboard. Suddenly she jumps forward. Very annoying. Seems to happen at other times, including in the menu rings too. TR1 and TR2 were fine.


16th Dec 2002, 13:32
Do you have a gamepad or a joystick installed?

The Pixie
16th Dec 2002, 15:43

16th Dec 2002, 19:11
Yep I had the same thing with tr one playing on the playstation 1 and my hand was no where near the controls and Lara moved weird or what......:D

16th Dec 2002, 19:36
Oh, yes, I know, a friend of mine had that problem...
I think that you have been playing too much TR lately... and the keyboard keys such as ALT, forward, etc are 'being pressed' on their own (due to over-use). At least that's what we thought :D Weird, I must admit

16th Dec 2002, 23:08
Perhaps she is bored? :D

The Pixie
17th Dec 2002, 10:13
I did wonder if she was bored...

I tried reloading last night, and the up and down cursor keys stopped working (the ones on the number pad worked still). So I reinstalled again, and noticed there was a "read me" (who ever reads them?), which mentioned the original problem. I edited the confi.txt file as suggested, and now the cursor keys work again. But Lara is still moving on her own...