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15th Dec 2002, 23:16
And for any and all of you who ever doubted the existence of our beloved Final Fantasy Red Mage- -and I never doubted it for a minute- - here you are... and please note the ancient university that more than rivals Hogwarts of Harry Potter fame:

Presenting our very own Alchemist!


15th Dec 2002, 23:48
Well that picture sure puts to rest any speculation as to what the Red Mage looks like, or Hogwarts for that matter:D

Nice picture.

17th Dec 2002, 00:45
I just have to say it looking at that statue in the center...

Quiditch anyone?

17th Dec 2002, 02:02
Congrats, John.

17th Dec 2002, 04:00
Red Mage is always around. If you would like, check out his Latest Column (http://www.nuklearpower.com/redmage13.php).

damn HTML being disabled on these boards!!

17th Dec 2002, 15:21
The cars kinda spoiled the effect of the picture though.

Can someone maybe 'photoshop' the cars away from the picture? :)

17th Dec 2002, 21:10
excellent idea...totally doable I think.

21st Dec 2002, 00:51
Sounds like a good idea. Hey, I know. Tightondude, you're a PC nerd. You do it.

22nd Dec 2002, 20:20
Say byebye to the cars.


23rd Dec 2002, 15:48
Good work SuzieCroft.

Now were did I leave my Golden Snitch


24th Dec 2002, 16:40
Heh, yeah, that looked much better now.


26th Dec 2002, 16:20
Hey, Susie Croft...don't know you but that is nice work.

Please note, however, that is a personal picture of a forum member here at FFVII and not a public domain kind of thing. As such, he retains all copyrights and rights inherent in private personal property creations, with all rights reserved.

Please note the address of the original site of the picture (mine).

He just allowed me to post the pic to show his friends he is now a Doctor of Pharmacuetical Chemistry...and gets to wear the traditional gown of the Monarch's Alchemists, a traditional thing dating back hundreds of years.

(Side note: When you read the chemistry details in our FFVII MAS 3 story, be sure they are scientifically accurate...extrapolated a bit of course)

And darned if he isn't our own Red Mage!

But that is a nice clean-up job. He would have done it but he is at home on a laptop that will not allow him to post here. Expect him after the holidays.