View Full Version : midas palace, tr1

15th Dec 2002, 03:58
hi there, i'll reward the one who will tel me how to get through this level; so, i have got in the level in possesion of that scion, killed all the monkeys and lions, pulled all switches, entered that garden and nothing to do in place where the feet of Midas and his oppened hand are. can't believe that! have i missed anything?
and also, pulling all those 5 switches, nothing happens. what to do? S.O.S.!!!!

15th Dec 2002, 04:28
have u gotten these bars you've collected? if so you stand by midas's hand and u hti action and lara will turn those bars into gold. those 5 switches open door. i forget the combos for all the doors but just fool around with them adn see if they open doors around that room. its a challenging level good luck! :)

15th Dec 2002, 04:33
good walkthrough here if you get real stuck. :D


15th Dec 2002, 12:18
To open those doors, look directly above them and see the clue..... ;)
Five switches, five signs above the doors.... You do the math! ;)
And when your at the hand of Midas, make Lara jump on it (save first though!) for a cool effect! :D

16th Dec 2002, 22:58
The hand is the key! But first you have to collect all the bars! Good luck!