View Full Version : A glitch?

Average Joe
15th Dec 2002, 03:48
I'm using Windows ME, and I've read the faqs and warning about how FF7 might not work right. So, yeah, I've tried the stuff that worked for the stuff the faqs mentioned.

Still, when I'm on the Shinra building's roof right before Cloud faces off with Rufus, a window comes up that gives me the option of either accessing the menu, removing the materia from my other party members, or just getting on with it by pressing [START]. The menu and materia switching works fine, but pressing [START] doesn't do anything at all. I can press it as much as I want, but it just doesn't work. The game itself doesn't crash, everything else is fine, I can still access the menu and quit the game without hassle. That one command just completely stops working.

Any ideas?

16th Dec 2002, 20:49
It's been a while, but I think just pressing the enter key on the keypad should work....

Are you using a gamepad or something?