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15th Dec 2002, 02:16
:mad: ok im on the giant of ha.... something mission, the one where you must raid the aircraft carrier, and i cant find all the pieces to the album. from the looks of it im missing around 2 pieces of the puzzle. ive killed everyone on the board including the tank and went back through and still cant find them. since eidos' hintline doesnt give the locations of the pieces and i cant find a stategy guide anywhere in my area, i want to see if anyone here can maybe give me an idea to where the pieces on this mission are, and oh yeah im playing the PS2 version. any help will be greatly appreciated.

Red Mage
15th Dec 2002, 02:20
1 book in the small house close to the Green Berets starting position (left one, entrance to the street).
2 books in the first big house from his starting point.
2 books in the shop (where you meet your conctact-person).
1 book in the house left of the shop (the one with the yard, DIFFICLUT room!).
1 book in the house in the leftern corner of the map (where the sniper stands on the balcony).
1 book in the house where you can find Natasha (ground floor).
2 books in the warehouse where you can find you two missing team members.
1 book in the room at the top of the gate the remaining 3 books are all in the buildings right next to the white house where you can find Natasha.
3 books located within a complex of 4 buildings (I will call them A, B, C and D). C = Green roof building and D = White builing that Natasha is in. 1 book is in building A and the other 2 books are in building B.

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15th Dec 2002, 02:23
thanks for replying so fast guys ill let you know when im done