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14th Dec 2002, 16:13
Do anyone know or have any hint or tips on how to make det people have sex on the beach? I'm on a mission were I am supposed to keep over 100 people on the Island and attract more women and let 50 couple have sex on the beach. I cant get them to do that.. what do I have to do? I tried stronger beer but they only started fights.. so if anyone knows.. please let me know

Coconut Kid
15th Dec 2002, 19:36
The various beers decide the people's mood. There are five kinds:

Grimleys - makes them sad
Cape Horn - makes them want sex
Smileys - makes them happy
Thumpers - makes them get into fights
Smashers - makes them vandalize things

So to get your "mission" on sex accomplished sell them Cape Horn beer as cheap and as strong as you can.

You will come to other missions which require you to test your Security Staff. Then you will need to sell Thumpers and/or Smashers.

The Cocktail Bar has a parallel offering of hard drinks.

Good luck! :cool: