View Full Version : Search should default to looking in currently selected forum

13th Dec 2002, 19:36
When I click on the Search button (upper right of page), the form that displays does NOT select the forum by default that I was just in. I would think when a user is in a forum that is much more likely that the user would want to perform a search in that same forum.

This might require the use of Referrer in the Search page to know what was the forum page whence the user came so there might be a problem in some firewalls that block Referrer (for browser privacy) but most firewalls also let the user designate to allow Referrer for specifically listed sites.

This is a nuisance issue of having to always scroll through the list of forums when searching when I was already in a forum and 99% of the time that is the forum in which I want to search. Please forward this request for enhancement to whomever is in charge of configuring or modifying the forum setup and/or its pages. Thanks.

As a secondary request, is it possible to enable or add an option in the user's preferences to always disable smilies?

14th Dec 2002, 06:01
At the bottom of each subforum there is a box that says Search this Forum:.

14th Dec 2002, 15:17
"Whap" (that's me slapping my forehead). Must be my tired eyeballs. I need more sleep. Never bothered much with looking at the bottom of the page. Figured it just had duplicate functions (so you didn't have to scroll all the way back to the top to get to them), like New Thread, Subscribe, and Mark Read.

Now where are my eyeglasses? Oh, here atop my head. Thanks for the help, Peter.