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alvaro camilla
13th Dec 2002, 17:05
can someone please tell me, in the 1st mission (night of the skies), who is the assistant to whom you have to give the sleeping pills and how will natasha phone the general?


13th Dec 2002, 22:19
You have to have the sleeping pills in order to make the assistant fal asleep. To pinpoint his location just click on the objective from your objective list.
when you have found the place, just drag the sleeping pills over to the box where the wine is while watching your inventrory

second to make the phone call walk into the barracks near the dogs, it is also in your objective list if you click on it. you must do that after making the assistant fall asleep.


13th Dec 2002, 23:30
It's the winecrate in the box in the cantina, not the bottles in the cabinets, many people can't find it.

14th Dec 2002, 10:53
yeah it is very difficult to figure out the thing with the sleeping pills. I just used Lupin and knocked out every one of the men inside first time I played the mission.

14th Dec 2002, 20:29
Hehe newbie! :P I did it right the first try.

17th Dec 2002, 08:03
yeah right
I believe you:rolleyes:

18th Dec 2002, 14:21
You better do, the box was the first thing i looked at when i entered the cantina.