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13th Dec 2002, 09:35
What are the best online games (arcade, card, RPG, any kind of games!) and gaming sites you've seen??

I'm trying to hunt down more than the two sites I usually go to...:)

13th Dec 2002, 17:18
UT2003 > www.planetunreal.com
Tribes 1 & 2 > www.planettribes.com
RedAlert2 > www.planetcnc.com
Bridge Commander > www.i-have-no-idea-for-a-site.com

I dont play Tribes 2 online, but its a good multiplayer game (i played it once or twice online, not enough to consider myself a "online gamer" for that specific game).

When I bought Tribes 2, my system couldnt play it. The specs were all off. (for my vid card, it said 300mhz, but i had 500mhz and it was laggy as hell). When I got my new comp (2ghz) I was able to play it so I jumped online, only to find the gaming comunity for Tribes 2... dying.

I played Tribes 1 alot online (the only offline options were playing alone on your own "online hosted game" or training that brought shame to the word training. I was in a clan back then.

It was when I got sick, I was stuck @ home for 6months (I couldnt go almost anywhere cause my immune system was so low so i was very vulnerable to colds and infections and whatnot).

It was fun. But I had a 56K back then and when our Clan had matches, it was hell. The matches were held at night and it was a battle for who would use the internet.

Ofcourse, I couldnt use it to play cause im not the one paying for it. So my dad got me cable from a friend :D

14th Dec 2002, 08:11
Wow! Thanks for the links, Defender. I'll have to explore those a bit and get back to ya... :eek: :D :cool:

14th Dec 2002, 16:47
I think there's a type of Tribes 2 on PS2..

I think its called "Tribes: Areal Assault" (or Tribes 2: Ar....)

Arial? Areal? em. Flying thing. :)

I know there's UC (Championship) on XBOX but im not sure if its on any other console, thats basicly UT2003 for XBOX.

Bridge Commander is a PC only game and so is Command & Conquer RedAlert2.