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13th Dec 2002, 00:53
Im going to see the movie tomorow @ 12:50pm EST. I'll post my "ratings" and "critique" about it when I get back...

I just saw the Behind the Scenes our local station did.



Janeway is in the movie, she's an admiral (she did survive 16 years in the delta quadrant.. what did u think wouldve happend? get demoted??). She talks to picard about borg and romulan (thats all she said during the 5 second scene they showed).

There's another Data in the movie... and it's not Lore! He's called B-4.

The movie is directed by a new guy (never had anything to do with ST and wasnt a "fan" like normal ST fans). The writer of the script is a ST fan. Its kinda a ST movie, by a fan, for the fans :)

And it isnt the "official" last movie. Its like other star-trek TOS movies. The 2nd TOS movie was supposed to be the last, then another one came and another one then 2 more... then TNG and stuff..

But rick berman (got interviewed) isnt saying its the last movie. (its kinda like not definite).

Where's a druel smile when u need one!

13th Dec 2002, 08:17
Well that's good news. I had hoped the NG cast would be in more films. Now maybe they will be. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I also hope the Nemesis film is pretty good. Awaiting the review....:)

Where's a druel smile when u need one!

Sorry, I don't seem to have one at the moment. How about just panting? http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Smileys/pant.gif

Or there's always http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Smileys/yikes.gif

13th Dec 2002, 17:32
those will work ;)

I woke up, got dressed and ready to go for the movies (which starts in 40 minutes) only to check my icq that my dad says (in icq) that we'll go at 4 cause he has stuff to do before then.

I shouldve bought tickets yesterday :)

(I told my dad not to get tickets cause something might happen.. with our luck, something will happen, and look! Something did happen :) )

PS: I mean that my dad (who drives) and me (who tags along) not to go and get the tickets (which I pay for cause its a bday gift).

So its not much of a b-day present if he pays for it right? :)

His bday is on sunday but the weekend theathers are packed tight and u know theres gonna be idiots watching the movie and keep talking during the dialogs and makes u miss an important part of the movie.

14th Dec 2002, 00:20
To sum this movie up in one word, WOW!

The movie rocks! I wont go into details not featured on tv previews and behind the scenes.

Riker and Troy get married (this is a no brainer)
Janeway is in the movie (as we suspected).
There is another "Data" (called B-4)

Almost from the very begining of the movie, theres non-stop action. (well.. it does stops but it doesnt feel like it stopped).

The bad guy is a clone of picard (as we suspected) but we dont learn where he got the dna, only who took the dna.

The movie has new toys :) And u actually see people using the consoles (buttons on the bridge and stuff) and there's a new tricorder :)

Very good movie, a must for star trek fans. But as many of the community feels, the movie gives a definate "last" movie from TNG (except for the fact that its not official).

If you've even heard of Star Trek, you have to go see it!!!

The ending was sad :( I dont want to spoil the movie so if u really really really want to know, pm me.

14th Dec 2002, 07:50
So it was good, ay?:D

Well, I might just have to make an effort to go see it soon.:)

14th Dec 2002, 16:55
The Ending will shock the socks right out of ur feet.

It's one of those :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: endings...
Well.. Not really "ending" cause there's like 2 more mins after it..

But you'll know what I mean when u see it.

I still cant believe what happend :(

Makes ya wonder whats gonna happen with other TNG (if any) movies.

14th Dec 2002, 20:53
Awright, who dies? :o :rolleyes:

Kidding. I'm not sure I want to know just yet--in case I actually do get to see the film...

But I figure anything that's accompanied by a :( means that somebody isn't showing up in future films...if there are any, that is...

15th Dec 2002, 06:58
Here's what I'll do. instead of getting a;

Oh, sure. tell me... oh wait.. no.. i wanna be suprised (back and forth)

I'll post it in spoiler mode. But if u read it! Its ur fault!!

Data dies. :(

Picard transports himself to the enemy ship in an attemt to stop em, transporters go poof and data goes over there to get the captain out. He does, data stops the enemy and kaboom!

Practicly at the begining of the movie, The enterprise finds posotronic (data-like) signals from a planet on the neutral zone border (UFP side) and investigate, its another data, made before data and is called B-4 (im guessing B-4 data, before...)

Data does a memory download into B-4 (cause B4 is like a kid, alot of "why" . So data isnt really dead (b4 has his memories).


If i had the monney, id go and see it again. Its defintley on my dvd list. (right after the movie i was thinking dvd. I went to see it the first showing in the area.)

You'll gasp at it.


Riker is captain now and has his own command (at the end of movie, he "requests permission to disembarque").

Wesley makes it in the movie, but u only see him for like less than a minute at the begining of the movie, Guinan also makes an apearance (same part in movie)

How old is guinan anyways? She was on the Enterprise-B (as seen in TNG Generations movie)

EDIT: Just noticed the smilies (images)) dont get "spoiled"

15th Dec 2002, 07:15
Originally posted by mrdefender
Riker and Troy get married (this is a no brainer)
Janeway is in the movie (as we suspected).
There is another "Data" (called B-4)

The bad guy is a clone of picard (as we suspected) but we dont learn where he got the dna, only who took the dna.

The ending was sad :(


You just ruined the movie for me!

I didn’t know...
Troy and Riker get married...
Janeway got back from Voyager...
Bad guy is a clone of Picard...
and the other Data isn't Lore...
And the ending is sad!!!

You told to much. Now I feel cheated....

Running away screaming… AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGG...

Mods ban this guy for to much information... :p

15th Dec 2002, 07:28
Now you say Guinan and Wesley are in the movie...

Screaming LALALALALA with my fingers in my ears...

15th Dec 2002, 07:35
Big spoiler: My dogs name is Sammy :D

15th Dec 2002, 16:29
Archer's dog is Porthos :p
Data's cat is Spot
Janeway's dog is Molly.

Thats about it for animals in Star Trek. :)

15th Dec 2002, 21:10
Hmm..... another Data you say............

15th Dec 2002, 21:52
you're supposed to be dead... ;)

16th Dec 2002, 06:25
Ooh, sounds cool. And yes, I read all the spoilers.:o I have no patience for waiting for a film to come to video, and I doubt I'll be able to see it in theaters, so I had to. :D

16th Dec 2002, 17:46
Like I said, the ending is amazing.

It's well.. Human :)

Thats what touched me the most :(

Like the episode where Data makes an offspring (Lol') He has trouble being a parent and asks Dr. Crusher for advice. She suggest giving Lol support, love and attention.

Ofcourse, Data keeps "But Dr, im incapable of giving love" he exits and Crusher says "Now why do I find that so hard to believe"

But you'd think he could do contractions (I've instead of I have, or I can't instead of I can not).

Lore was made before Data and he can do contractions (well.. could do... he got disasembled in TNG tv) so why cant data?

16th Dec 2002, 19:05
Contracting into an abridged version of any word would make me sound more human, however, I have found that the human of the species, does appear to have an inherent need to pass from the proverbial 'A' through 'B' taking the quickest possible route, and this you will notice, is how I make my point....... in a nutshell, if you will..............

"Data will never die, he will always find an open port"........ ;)

16th Dec 2002, 21:32
If they do decide to make another TNG movie (interestingly enough, alot of commericals say "prepare for the final journey")

I wonder how they're gonna work around the "holes"

Soiler! Spoiler! Spoiler! Spoiler!
(the spoiler thing gets annoying sometimes). Read beyond this point at ur own risk...

Riker leaves the enterprise with Troy at the end of the movie, Data is dead and Worf is the ambasador to the klingons (he's gets "crowned" ambasador at the series finale of DS9. im guessing the star fleet ambasador to the klingon homeworld).

Granted that worf somehow found himself in the neighbourhood of the enterprise in FC and Insurrection...

16th Dec 2002, 21:35
I am so sad! that was the best film ever and hopefully not the last.


17th Dec 2002, 01:02
I know :(

Eugh.. Spoiler spoiler spoiler... read this will make ur head fall off, blah blah.. ;)

How did u like the argo? I thought it was awesome. I thought it would've been in escaping from the Remans or something.

It was still a good scene though. I liked how they were able to get off the planet :)

Oooh! Or Picard's Best Man speech at Riker's wedding.

It was also nice to see Wesley, Guinan and Janeway!!!!

I adore Janeway. She's the best captain. As she says in the movie, Picard gets all the easy missions :D (u shouldve seen what janeway got herself into in STVOY)

The General
3rd Jan 2003, 14:40
Personly Nemesis had too many holes to be the best movie, close to best TNG but theres no way it can beat any kirk movie.

Aside from non star trek elements theres basic faults all over such as them saying Romulan Ale (even through the stuff they were drinking was not blue) was illegal even though the ban was lifted in DS9: Inter Arma Emin Silent Legus int he 7th season.

And Janeway is NOT a good captain, shes the worst even Archer is better and all he does is smerk all the time.

4th Jan 2003, 00:39
Nah. she cant be a good captain. She just commanded her ship 70K light years from earth and made it back in once piece with only a 5th of her crew missing. Surving Species 8472, borg, kazon, vadeens, hirogen, think tank, etc... no good captain can do that. :rolleyes:

What does Picard have? A state of the art ship, ability to resuply his ship at will and can have reinforcements at the right place in less than 48 hours...

Not to mention homesickness doesnt really affect Picard. (considering he's closer to earth than janeway..)

Can't forget all the time taboos Janeway went thru. :/

But I did like the TOS movies. It was more of a 'to be continued' series of movies than giving a completley new feeling to the TNG movies. ST 2,3,4,5,6 all "followed" each other.

Personally, I didn't really like the first ST TOS movie. It looked more like a "look at our special effects" movie. But the story was still good, it still felt like star trek.

Nemesis was good. I really liked the villans. They looked "evil" (demon-like). Plus Picard's clone was a good match for him (Clone good match for Picard...)

PS: no offense to anyone who might consider this offensive.. though I don't see how... but still. No offense to anyone! :/

Not to forget the fact that its a very old argument. Dating back to who is better captain; Kirk or Picard :)

We don't need to get twirled up in this. I'm just glad theres star trek fans here :)

All series are awesome, and all the movies are too (except for the first TOS movie.. which I didn't like very much..).

Archer is a good captain. I liked the episode where we worked with Dean Stockwell (I think that's his name).

The guy who played Al in Quantum Leap. It was nice to see them together again :) Amazing how actors never seem to age :/ :)

5th Jan 2003, 04:37
Originally posted by mrdefender

Where's a druel smile when u need one!

Took me a bit to find one, but here ya go... http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Smileys/1drool.gif


5th Jan 2003, 04:57
Em.. some times you creep me out with all those wierd smiles.. :D

especially the one that's puking :eek:

yucky stuff dude :cool: :) :D

5th Jan 2003, 07:46
Oh, it gets even better.....

5th Jan 2003, 08:24
hmm. all i see is a blue ball with hands and legs and a red dude with a crown on a thrown.

the blue guys dont have any eyes :/

I guess they can be looking the other way.. (away from the middle)... :confused:

The General
5th Jan 2003, 19:26
hummm, I wonder, how many people in this forum like Star Trek (generaly, not any particular series), I haven't seen a non star trek froum with more than one other person liking star trek.

5th Jan 2003, 21:59
Well. All I know is You, Rook and myself. (on forums..)

I know people in real life who like startrek. My dad, my cousin, his dad, my sister's boyfriend. some people I knew at the hospital.

Did you know (I can't remember where I saw this), Star Trek is in the guiness book of records for the TV show having the most spin-offs? :eek:

I wonder what will happen for Star Wars after 2005 (episode 3)? I'm guessing the trilogy will be redone (brought up to the new technology) and released on dvd..

Episode 6 really looked like it was the end of Star Wars (If we were to see it from 1 to 6 and not 4 to 6.. which leaved an obvious 1-3 in the future...). :(

They're bringing back the old vader to do the voice in episode 3. (Anakin in episode 2 will still play Anakin in episode 3, but the old vader will be doing the vader voice).

I'm so glad Anakin is a canadian :) (from Toronto).
Kirk is from Canada too :) (toronto again...)

5th Jan 2003, 22:21
Originally posted by mrdefender:
Kirk is from Canada too :)

So are Scotty and Ezri Dax. :D

Sir Henry Morgan
5th Jan 2003, 22:48
So is Bryan Adams

and that little Japanese environmental guy....Suzuki?
You know he always says stuff we should do to save the planet, like stop breathing to save oxygen :rolleyes:

6th Jan 2003, 00:41
We still talking about star trek here? (the Japenese guy).

Hey... wait a minute... Isn't Suzuki a car model/dealer? (like Ford, Saturn...)

Or are you talking about Sulu? The 1701,1701-a helmsmen?

Its a shame that you cant do cross references on the IMDB site.


I would crossreference Star Trek and Canada :)

6th Jan 2003, 01:45
Well I searched IMDB just to find those two. I went through the whole cast list of all five shows. Yeah, ok, so I've got too much time on my hands right now... :rolleyes: :D

Originally posted by Sir Henry Morgan
So is Bryan Adams

and that little Japanese environmental guy....Suzuki?
You know he always says stuff we should do to save the planet, like stop breathing to save oxygen :rolleyes:

Oh, how I love overactive environmentalists. They're fun to laugh at. So are radical feminists. :D

6th Jan 2003, 05:17
so who is this suzuki? (all i know is that he's an enviro guy)

Sir Henry Morgan
6th Jan 2003, 05:45
Thats all he is as far as I know? :confused:
He reminds me of that old guy in the karate kid movies :D

6th Jan 2003, 06:32
The grampa that teached the 3 kids karate?

Oh wait.. I think thats 3 ninjas? :confused: :confused:

I'm so confused :( :confused:

Sir Henry Morgan
6th Jan 2003, 23:03
Well he is an old grandpa yes.

Mister Myagi or something I think.

He looks like the Suzuki guy :D

7th Jan 2003, 04:10
ARGH!!!!!! WHO IS SUZUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

goes nuts trying to understand this!!!

runs around the room


[i]lies unconcious on the floor, twitching[i]

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

(replace the ?'s by birdies :) )

7th Jan 2003, 09:34
Originally posted by mrdefender
(replace the ?'s by birdies :) )

Oh, how I wish I had an appropriate smiley for that. I need one with little birdies circling it for my collection. ;)

How about just http://www.clicksmilie.de/sammlung/sauer/sauer010.gif for now?

;) :D

Sir Henry Morgan
7th Jan 2003, 23:13
Suzuki is the environmentalist guy who comes from Canada and looks like mister Myagi from karate kid

7th Jan 2003, 23:35

Enviromentalist is a weather guy right?

Either that or a Shrink for Enviro dudes :) (Enviro-mentalist... :D)

Sir Henry Morgan
8th Jan 2003, 00:24
No an environmentalist is someone who is on about saving the environment. Greenies they call them.

Suzuki says we shouldn't use cars and stuff like that but I bet you don't see him walking across the country :D

8th Jan 2003, 01:53

Odd that there's a car thing with the same name as him :) (I really think Suzuki is also a car dealership/model/company/car-related buisness... carus-delarshicious).

Just cause he's a 'greenie' doesnt meen he walks. he could use a bike (bicycle, not motorcycle..)

Sir Henry Morgan
8th Jan 2003, 04:56
Yeah Suzuki is a Japanese make of cars and motorbikes

8th Jan 2003, 06:01
As with anything, environmentalists range from reasonable to crazy. Asking people to recycle paper and plastic is reasonable. Asking them not to drive cars is crazy. :D

Sir Henry Morgan
8th Jan 2003, 07:21
Maybe we should recycle Suzuki...

turn him into a car...

a Suzuki :rolleyes:

8th Jan 2003, 07:55

Or there's always Soylent Green. It's the ultimate people recycling program...

:eek: :D

8th Jan 2003, 21:12
Would kinda make the origin of the Suzuki manufacturer clear now wouldnt it :) :D

Sir Henry Morgan
8th Jan 2003, 22:41
Soylent Green :eek:

I wonder if that Sukuki would give off exhaust fumes, being an ex environmentalist and all :rolleyes:

9th Jan 2003, 01:27
I guess if he farts he would :D:D:D

9th Jan 2003, 05:50
OK, this thread is officially starting to give me the creepy shivers... http://www.clicksmilie.de/sammlung/sprachlos/sprachlos013.gif


9th Jan 2003, 22:31
And how many posts did u make that catched the eye of Outter Limits producers? :):D

10th Jan 2003, 05:15

Couldn't have been more than 306. :D

10th Jan 2003, 05:30
Really? I counted 312. Lemme re-check my findings..

Hmm.. 2--3 -- 6-- that one makes 10... hmm.. I seem to have some doubles.. I re-counted 306. Sorry. It does get confusing after 250 :)


10th Jan 2003, 07:07
Better make that 308... :D

10th Jan 2003, 20:46

Suzuki is a car model/company. i checked. :)

As long as these posts dont catch the eyes of the people at the twilight zone, we should be ok :)

11th Jan 2003, 08:11
Just find a crafty way to turn the subject back to Star Trek, then we should be OK... http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Smileys/crossfingers2smaller.gif

11th Jan 2003, 20:19
Where's the challenge in that?

Remember the episode where Picard goes into the holodeck with the Dixon hill program and sees a car? :)

Piece of cake :)

11th Jan 2003, 21:06
OK, so here's the hard part: What kind of car was it? I mean I want details. Make, model, year it was produced, exact name of the paint color on it, and bonus points if you can tell what material the seats were upholstered with. :p

Sir Henry Morgan
11th Jan 2003, 23:45
Why it was a Suzuki of course! :D

12th Jan 2003, 03:44
You'll have to talk to yourself for the make. It is one of those cars that people use in the Dixon Hill series. This is set before I was born, and I'm not THAT old.

It was black (it was also night, but it could've been dark blue..) The interior was also black. (as it turns the corner, light shines in the car).

It was night, imposible to see the type of car. (ie. saturn, ford,...)

As for the year it was produced. Take a look at the era of Dixon Hill. :)

What? Did you really think I'd give you all the awnsers? :p

12th Jan 2003, 11:35
I think I'm just gonna say it was a Suzuki, too, and leave the rest of those goofy questions alone. Well, except for the upholstry. I think they had those leopard print seat covers. ;)

Originally posted by mrdefender
lies unconcious on the floor, twitching

:confused: :confused: :confused:

(replace the ?'s by birdies :) )
OK, I didn't find one with birdies, but how about this? http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/Smileys/stars.gif


12th Jan 2003, 21:19

Oh! I can give you a better idea of the car. Do you remember the movie they made on the 'Phantom' (the purple guy with a ring)?

He had a car and that car was the same (as in looks, I doubt it was the same used in TNG) as the one shown on TNG.

I also think the car model in question apeared in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' :/

But those are old movies, I doubt we'll be seeing those any time soon. (Roger Rabbit is an even older movie... They actually used cartoons and inserted it in the movie... that hasn't been done.. well.. for a very long time :) everything not human is CGI)

Sir Henry Morgan
12th Jan 2003, 22:25
hmmm . . . doesn't sound much like a suzuki but maybe it was a one-of-a-kind made out of the recycled Dr Suzuki :D

(Complete with leopard skin seat covers ;) )

13th Jan 2003, 01:58
Does it come in black? :)

Sir Henry Morgan
13th Jan 2003, 02:16
It must! Maybe Dr Suzuki was wearing a black suit when they recycled him? :rolleyes:


13th Jan 2003, 03:15
Yay! I'll take 3 :)

13th Jan 2003, 06:59
Originally posted by mrdefender
Oh! I can give you a better idea of the car. Do you remember the movie they made on the 'Phantom' (the purple guy with a ring)?

You mean the guy on the horse in the grape bodysuit? ***cold shiver***

That was a weird movie. And I can't even remember the car... :o

I'm sticking with Suzuki and leopard print interior--pink leopard print interior. :eek:


13th Jan 2003, 07:56
is there such a thing as a pink leopard?

Yah. The movie was wierd. I couldn't figgure out the big building that no one can see... :(

13th Jan 2003, 08:15
Nah. But the seat covers wouldn't be made out of actual leopard skin anyway (especially not on Trek, where they are oh so environmentally conscious), so they can just imprint leopard spots on pink fabric for the seat covers. That would look pretty nasty... :o

13th Jan 2003, 17:52
... I think conscious would suggest judgement ... or the need to actually think about it...

I got the impression on ST that its just second nature to keep the polution down (to nothingness).

Not to mention the fact that they could just replicate the material... But they do have transporters, shuttles and star ships..

Well.. Then again.. there's always the Argo :) (ground vehicle shown in Nemesis). But the Argo is just too cool to leave out :)

14th Jan 2003, 09:05
Which makes you wonder what using a transporter to "beam" anywhere would feel like. Kind of a goofy thing to wonder about, I suppose, since the whole concept is pretty much impossible in reality...

No automobile/aircraft/spacecraft pollution that way, though. :D

14th Jan 2003, 22:22
Well. The closest we came so far wasn't really 'teleport' but it was supposed to be in that field (our local station explained it that way). They 'beamed' from one place to the other but it wasnt the same object, it was a clone. (I think they used an atom or another molecule.. ).

Well.. clone might be too strong a word.. Its more like a copy.. Like copying a file, the copy isnt the same but it is...

Clone is more on a genetic scale....

I guess this would result in replicating? But then.. if its just a copy.. then you had what you wanted to start with (i.e you copied a coffee.. but you already had coffee.. so you don't need the copy now do u? )

I can't wait to feel what it is like to be beamed. Or to see the day we're able to warp.

I almost wish I could win the lottery 3 times so I can afford to be frozen and awaken when we are in the 'TNG' universe :)

But that would be wasting monney.. There's alot you can do with .. what? 50 million dollars? 1 lottery is like 15-20 million.. so 3 would be 45-60 million dollars right?

I can think of better things to do with 45-60 million dollars than being frozen for 400 years :)

15th Jan 2003, 07:58
I think I'd probably do something else with that much money, if I won the lottery. I'm not terribly anxious to see the future. I prefer to watch the "fantasy" version of it. :D

Oh, and check this out... http://forums.sciflicks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=7355


15th Jan 2003, 18:18
Is this official or just rumors?

16th Jan 2003, 05:40
Probably just rumors, but I like the sound of it. :D

16th Jan 2003, 08:54
Same with me :)

Well.. about the Picard retireing.. not fond of that idea.. But Stewart left Star Trek.. So they had to figgure out a way for Picard to leave (and not removing him without a 'reason'.. like picard not being in next movie and no one knew why..)

Picard was a good captain. Way better than Kirk :) Picard kept his shirt on and talked in normal sentences :)

Unlike Kirk who... always... talked... like every ... word...... was ........ a .... sentence...

I have no problems with the movie kirk.. (he didnt pause as much as on the tv show.. and he kept his shirt on).

What really freaks me out is that he still looks like he was back in the 80s... THAT WAS 23 YEARS AGO! and he doesnt look like he aged more than a year...

Same with Scott Bakula.. (ST:Enterprise Captain). He still looks like he did back in Quantum Leap (without the 'confused' look). That was a good tv show. I miss it (no one here plays it anymore :( )

I never understood the concept of it though.. He says he can travel thru time within his own life time... but how is his life time decided? How do you know when your gonna die (of natural causes.. its easy to know your gonna die very soon if you have a gun pointed at your head...). And why didn't he go into the future? It is within whatever his lifetime was/could be... right?

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Eugh. Temporal Paradoxes... Great Headache givers... ;)

16th Jan 2003, 11:46
Well, William Shatner does look like he's aged a bit since the 80s. But, he does, at least, look like he aged fairly well. I thought Patrick Stewart aged pretty well since 1987. Then again, that might be coz he was bald back then (which made him look older than he was), and he still is, which allowed his age catch up to his looks. :D

I'd say a perfect example of someone who aged reeeally badly was Mark Hamill. Between the first Star Wars and the third one, the guy looked like he had aged about 30 years! :eek:

I miss Quantum Leap, too... :(

16th Jan 2003, 20:16
Mark Hamill? I'm sorry :( The only cast I know of their names would have to be Star Trek.. and even there I don't know all of em.

I know that Harrison Ford Plays Han Solo :)

Em.. Sorry.. Played Han Solo :)

I know that cause he's dating Ally McBeal. (and the news headline was something like Han Solo and Ally McBeal or to that effect...)

Oh! He is Luke! (just searched on the IMDB).

:eek: :eek: HE PLAYS THE VOICE OF JOKER IN THE ANIMATED SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek:


What else did he do?? (scrunges thru file cabinet, aka IMDB)

Ooh! Played in The Scorpion King. (Apep.. whoever that is..)
He Plays Joker on the Batman Animated Series and 'Batman Beyond' and in Batman Vengeance (animated series game)

??? He played the HobGoblin in animated Spider-Man TV show?...

Played in many Wing Commander games...

Lol. He played in the Little Mermaid (says here as 'additional voices')

DEAR GOD! He's older than my dad! (by 4 years... but still...)

Ok. before I post the hole page, take a look at the link :)


19th Jan 2003, 06:13
Yeah, he's done quite a few different things. He just got progressively scarier looking after the first Star Wars film. I don't know why.

And, as an actor, it would be kind of a drag trying to keep your career going in projects that are totally unrelated to Star Wars, and still be known everywhere as Luke Skywalker. Then again, he did get to be in the biggest film trilogy in history, so there is something of a good side to it.


19th Jan 2003, 06:46
Also, After StarWars,... what was left? The movies were finished (well.. you know.. took like 19 years for another one..). He kicked ass in the last 3 (as in, episode 4-5-6) Star Wars Movies..

So.. Where do you go from being in the most popular movies? It's not like he'll be able to get that big of a gig again. So he's 'stuck' doing the little things.

At one point, you just can't top it. (thats why stewart left Star Trek. He felt he couldnt top Nemesis. Well... he said he couldnt see himself making a bigger bang than he did in nemesis.. same thing..)

19th Jan 2003, 07:05
Yeah, Patrick Stewart is another of those who will forever be most noteable for Star Trek. But Mark Hamill got the worst of it. Even when he makes appearances on television, it's usually to do parodies of Star Wars, or talk about Star Wars, or whatever else he can do that is somehow Star Wars related. Kinda feel sorry for him being stuck in that groove... :o

19th Jan 2003, 21:27
Yah, stewart will always be known as 'jean-luc picard'. I can think of other roles he did.

He played in the movie 'Dune'. He played in the move 'Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius' (he was the king yolk.. watch the movie and you'll see what I mean)

19th Jan 2003, 22:39
I think he was in Excalibur, and I remember him being in a film about computer hackers or something.

I think this calls for another one of those IMDB links. Gotta organize my facts. ;)

19th Jan 2003, 23:23
IMDB is a very very helpful site. Everything you need to know about a movie, game, tv show can be found here.

Its a great site.

20th Jan 2003, 00:53
Yup, it's truly the best. I end up there all the time trying to find the names of obscure actors from even more obscure movies. And it's good for finding links to fansites and things like that.

20th Jan 2003, 01:42
I do the same to, but instead of 'obscene' I get freaked out when I find people I know (i.e actors I know) and see what they did/do/will do (as in movies not yet released, but started filming).

Like the Mark Hamill. I never knew he played the voice of Joker in the Animated BatMan series and Birds Of Prey.

20th Jan 2003, 02:08
Whoa! Wait a minute! I said obscure (as in, not popular or not well known), not obscene (as in perverted). I like to look on IMDB to find movies that aren't well known and are hard to find elsewhere. I don't look up obscene stuff.

Wow. Now I'm blushing... :o

;) :D

20th Jan 2003, 03:50
really?? I thought they meant the same thing (but on different levels..)

I guess its like Sever and severe.. Sever is more like breaking your hand and it falls off... Which is quite severe when you think about it..

(see what one 'e' can do! ?? :D)

My fault. sorry :(

I really thought it meant the same thing. :eek:

20th Jan 2003, 11:46
No big deal. I just don't want anyone getting the wrong idea about me. I'm not that kind of girl. ;) :D

20th Jan 2003, 20:32
Ya right... ;)

20th Jan 2003, 20:48
I wasnt a popular kid either.. well.. before I got sick.. Though I wouldnt enjoy getting sick again, just for popularity ;)

21st Jan 2003, 09:59
I was never popular. Then again, I really didn't care. I hated school. I've developed a personality (and a crazy one at that) now that I'm not stuck there anymore. :D

Originally posted by Runtime
Ya right... ;)
:p :D :p

21st Jan 2003, 20:08
I wasnt anxious to become popular either. All I ever saw about 'popular' kids was that they picked on other kids....

That's not my style. (em? I guess style can be used here..)

What's the saying? Do uppon others which you want done uppon yourself? (do to people what you want people to do to you..).

Though.. It's kindof a taboo isnt it?

Person A Picks on Person B.. Person B wants to pick on Person A (cause of above, do onto ... ).. But then.. Woudlnt that show what Person B wants people to do to Person A?

I pick on you, (using the do onto others), means that you 'want' me to pick on you... But I dont want to be picked on (again, do onto others..)so I dont pick on you (i dont give you what you 'want' cause I dont 'want' it in return..).

Endless cycle of headaches, I believe. :)

22nd Jan 2003, 10:14
I had one very good friend there, and that was all I really needed. But, yeah, the popular kids did always make a point of picking on the unpopular ones. Of course, I can look back on it, having escaped that whole mess in January of '96, and just laugh at how ridiculous the whole "class system" of the school-age mind works. :D

I'm sure I would have acquired all sorts of interesting nicknames from the "popular" crowd if I had let it be known that I watched Star Trek... :o :D

22nd Jan 2003, 22:53
I can think of a few too.. Especially considering most of my teachers watched it aswell :)

23rd Jan 2003, 06:57
Whoa! I didn't have any teachers I liked well enough to ask them if they watched it.:o

And, now that I think of it, if the whole rumor about another Trek film is true, it would be nice to see what direction they take the "new" Data in. :)

23rd Jan 2003, 21:25
B-4? .. He'd need some time to catchup.. In Nemesis.. he.. well.. a few positrons short of a net :) (positronic net... .... .... nm....)

Did u finally get to see the movie?

24th Jan 2003, 09:05
Nope, still haven't seen it yet. I don't really have anyone to go to the movies with, that's why. I'll probably just end up renting it when it comes to video... :o

Like I said, it would be cool to see the development of the "new Data" in the next film. Other than that, I can't imagine what yet another Trek film would be about. I'm guessing it would have something to do with aliens and outer space... :rolleyes:


24th Jan 2003, 21:45
It would most likely be from another series.

25th Jan 2003, 08:47
Unless they really do intend to do that combined cast from the various shows thing. Of course, if they're going to get that many "veteran" Trek actors together in one movie, one would hope they would have an exceptional story to tell. :)

The General
25th Jan 2003, 23:10
my bet is it will be an Enterprise based movie using the temporal cold war as an exuse to bring in cast members from other series.

25th Jan 2003, 23:49
Doubtfull, they wont make a movie until the series is finished. And if it aint gonna be TNG, its gonna be DS9 or Voyager.. (I really doubt they'll bring back TOS.. Bone's is dead Jim! He's Dead Jim!!).

Now there was a old guy. Did you see him on the pilot episode of TNG?

I loved bones. He was awesome. All His " I'm a doctor, not an ____________" or his 'He's Dead, Jim!

PS: He's Dead, Jim!!

Damnit Jim! I'm a poster, not a comedian!! ;) :D :D

(in no way am I trying to make fun of Deforest Kelly. On the contrary, I admired him so much! He's the best doc on Star Trek! (well, I like em all, but he's #2 on my list. :) (#1 EMH, #3 Flox ST:ENT))

26th Jan 2003, 02:54
Technically, at least moviewise, Kirk is dead, too. Unless they bring him back for a cameo as a hologram...:rolleyes: ;)

The bad thing is, Hollywood likes to do things too big, sometimes--Ok, a lot of times. I'm almost afraid, if they did try to do a combined cast thing, that they would try to make the plot seem huge, too. "The fate of the entire universe hangs in the balance," or something like that. A lot of familiar actors and flashy effects, and no decent plot. It sounds awful, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were something along those line... :o

26th Jan 2003, 03:56
In other words, It wouldnt supprise you to see a reprise of Star Trek: The Motion Picture? :rolleyes:

I think we found your proof right there ;)

(Is it just me or is that movie more about special effects than anything... ??)

26th Jan 2003, 08:14
Perfect example! I didn't care much for that movie at all. I can only imagine a future film with a combined cast trying to do a lot of visual effects stuff, and ultimately sacrificing any thought of having a decent plot behind it. :o

Then again, I could be wrong..... :D

27th Jan 2003, 05:50
I wouldnt mind seeing the new series doing a special effects movie. It would be better than the old TOS movie..

I never quite catched on to the plot of the movie.. We loose a satelite, it gets entangled with lots of stuff from alien races.. we find it in 300 years...


27th Jan 2003, 07:13
Well, until you mentioned it, I didn't even remember the first film actually having a plot. I just remember a lot of FX stuff, and original series actors. That's about it. :o :D

27th Jan 2003, 20:19
I just looked at this thread, it appears to be the thread that says on the main topic for the longest time. :)

Anyways, what kind of ST movie would you like to see as the next movie?

Something with 8472 would be nice. (8472 is the only species that offered 'true' resistence to the Borg. According to 7 of 9 (as borg..).

But, alas... Janeway made peace with them in Voyager... :/ Made peace with the Vedians too.. Hirogen aswell.. The wierd people on the planet where 'Friendship 1' was..

:/ The Dominion are at peace too...

28th Jan 2003, 07:42
All's well in the Trek universe, since everybody seems to have made peace with everybody else.:D

What more is there to work with, really? They could try to come up with something monumentally huge that has never been addressed in a Trek TV show before. But that would be a bit awkward, I think. As usual, I really don't even have a guess as to where they would go with another Trek movie... :o

29th Jan 2003, 00:35
Something with the USS Prometheus (http://www.startrek.com/library/voy_episodes/episodes_voy_detail_71743.asp) would be nice.

I loved the 'multi-vector assault mode'. it rocked.

To sum it up, the ship would seperate in three sections and they all have phasers and torpedoes (quantum and photon).

It kinda splits up like = to ...


Anyway look at the startrek site in the ships library.

The episode (voyager) was when the doc was sent to the ship to make contact with starfleet.. Romulans stole the ship to give to the Tal-shi-ar (romulan intel). The doc teams up with the EMH-2 and retake the ship..

Good episode. :)

Wouldnt mind something with the borg. or a new threat. (TNG movies have had a new threat.. except for first contact (which was borg.. not really a 'new' threat..))

29th Jan 2003, 02:14
Prometheus was a cool ship. I wouldn't mind seeing it in a future Trek. I did think the EMH on that one was a little quirky, though. Was kinda funny watching the two Docs work together.


29th Jan 2003, 06:08
the mark 2 (EMH-2) EMH was a prototype. Just like the prometheus. They both passed the field test, imho :)

Hey. Do u remember Odo and Quark (DS9) ?

Remember how Quark (he's the bartender..) kept checking the drinks if it was odo (a shapeshifter)..

What would happen if you actually drank Odo? :/

According to his rock explanation. When he's a rock, sensors will read a rock.. So.. if he's a drink.. he would be a drink (smell, taste..)..

I'd hate to see odo after this... encounter... :)

29th Jan 2003, 09:33
I'm afraid to ask what brought that to mind...:o ;)

That is kind of an icky thought, though. :eek:


29th Jan 2003, 18:49
Simple, really.

Yesterday's DS9 episode was where Quark sells weapons on DS9 (with his cousin, I think..)

He checked the drinks to see if it was odo.

It happend to be that Odo was the glass.. (im guessing he was the drink too.. unless Rom poured drink in/on/whatever odo.. (in the glass.. but the glass is actually odo.. so is that in or on odo?

30th Jan 2003, 07:22
I hesitate to answer that question...:o

Actually, I have no idea. I don't remember that episode very well either. I'm really out of the loop with my Trek-watching. I need to buy more of the videos. :D

30th Jan 2003, 18:05
TNG is out (on full.. i.e all seasons) on DVD. its expensive ($$$$) but I hear they have great bonus features and outtakes (the outtakes might just be enough to win me over :) )

30th Jan 2003, 19:33
Yep, I'd buy the DVD's just for the outtakes. I'd watch the rest of the programs, of course, but outtakes from TNG would be pretty cool. That is, unless they're like the outtakes on most other DVDs, where there's only about 30 seconds of them... :(


31st Jan 2003, 00:26
there was a tv special where u could go on the official site and vote of your favorite episode of each series (enterprise wasnt out yet.). It featured Jason Alexander as 'captain kirk' with Spock and McCoy (other actors.. not the originals). They had the bridge of Voyager also.

Anyways, they showed bloopers. funny :) Q (John DeLancie (?)) trying to say omnipitent. Riker (Tom, not Will...) tripping on the Defiant and when exiting Sisko's office (on DS9). Em. .. Oh. Tuvok over reacting when being shot by a phaser. (grand scene of dying) from the Voyager Episode 'Inssurection Alpha'

What else... The first epsiode of Q on DS9. Had a blooper of that one..

Cant remember anything else..

Was funny :)

31st Jan 2003, 11:46
I think I missed out on that, too. The only thing I ever saw where you could vote on favorite episodes was about 15 years ago, and it was only for the original Trek series. I'll never figure out what everyone's fascination is with the "Trouble With Tribbles" episode. It was voted #1. :eek:

It truly boggles the mind..... :o ;) :D

31st Jan 2003, 19:15
DS9's #1 was the remake of that TOS episode. (they were taken back in time by the 'orb of time' or something...).

You remember the klingon who looked like a human? How the tribbles never liked him (and how they found out he was a klingon).

The same guy brought the defiant back to the TOS era and tried to kill kirk. Why? Basicly a temporal paradox.. Kill kirk, you never get found out, you dont get exhiled, you become a hero...

They actually used most of the TOS episode and 'cut' in the DS9 version. It was really well made.

They actually had Sisko talking with Kirk! (young kirk.. not today kirk..).

They are fuzzy creatures. Bones states (or Uhura) that everyone loves fuzzy creatures. :)

The vote just proves that.

Besides, its probably the closest episode that looks like comedy than any other episode... :) (well, episodes.. theres a TOS and DS9 version).

My favorite DS9 episode was 'Badda-Bing Badda-Bang (http://www.startrek.com/library/ds9_episodes/episodes_ds9_detail_104845.asp)'.

The DS9 senior officers (with nog and Yates (Sisko's Girlfriend) help Vic Fontaine (a hologram.. who knows hes' a hologram.. giving him an 'edge' in the 24th century)..

I like the part where they walk down the promenade in their 20th century clothes all ready to plan the biggest 'caper' in history :)

They look so awesome. And it gives quark a run for his latinum :)

The General
1st Feb 2003, 09:30
Trials and Tribbilations was the best DS9 but Badda-Bing Badda-Bang was ok. Anyway TOS rules I supose thats why I like Trials and Tribbs most of DS9. DS9 just isnt Star Trek alot of the time its just war war war, ever seen a TOS ep with a war going on for more than one ep, they should keep to the feel of Star Trek more. It seams that the longest running threads in this forum arn't about PE.

1st Feb 2003, 10:52
I thought "Trials and Tribblations" was good, too. I don't know that it's necessarily my favorite DS9 episode, though. I really can't think of the names of most of the episodes (of any of the Trek shows) that I liked. I did like the DS9 episode where Sisko is recording a confession about how he got the Romulans involved in the war with the Dominion, then he erases his confession at the end. And I liked that weird DS9 episode when Sisko's son is shown in the future explaining to a woman how his father got caught in some kind of temporal loop or something (Ok, so I only saw it once:rolleyes: ) from which he would appear briefly every few years, and how Jake planned to get him out of the loop for good. I always liked those weirdy Trek shows.

And I love the Next Generation episode when Q becomes human.:D

Oh, and my favorite TOS episode would have to be "Errand of Mercy." There's just something I really like about that one.

Originally posted by The General
It seams that the longest running threads in this forum arn't about PE.

Odd, isn't it? :D

1st Feb 2003, 19:49
Originally posted by The General
It seams that the longest running threads in this forum arn't about PE.

Well.. the community chat description says we can talk about anything. Even (shrug) teddy bears...

I just liked 'trials and tribblations' for the way on how they amazingly performed this remake. It was really well done.

My favorite TOS episode; The Trouble with tribbles. (http://www.startrek.com/library/tos_episodes/episodes_tos_detail_68744.asp)
My favorite TNG episode; Cause And Effect (http://www.startrek.com/library/tng_episodes/episodes_tng_detail_68542.asp)
My Favorite VOY episode; too many to choose from :) but i really liked Message in a bottle (http://www.startrek.com/library/voy_episodes/episodes_voy_detail_71743.asp) and Season 7 Episodes (http://www.startrek.com/library/episodes_voy.asp).
My Favorite ENT episode; Any one with Captain Archer (http://www.startrek.com/library/episodes_ent.asp) :rolleyes: :D
My favorite DS9 episode; Our Man Bashir (http://www.startrek.com/library/ds9_episodes/episodes_ds9_detail_68246.asp), One Little Ship (http://www.startrek.com/library/ds9_episodes/episodes_ds9_detail_72052.asp) (and any episode with those.. genetically enhanched people. the ones who have to remain at the institute..

1st Feb 2003, 22:23
"Cause and Effect" was a good Next Gen episode. Probably one of my favorites, too--even if I couldn't think of the exact name of it up until now. I also liked "I, Borg" and the one with the probe that makes Picard live a whole lifetime as a member of the deceased race that built and launched it--can't think of the exact name of that one either. :o

Like I said, I like those weirdy episodes.:D

And how about those teddy bears...:p

2nd Feb 2003, 03:04
those were good episodes. :)

Be quiet about the bears!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!

runs out of the room

... bump boom ...

damn it. I tripped on one... :D

2nd Feb 2003, 06:51

http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/magneticstorms/teddyblue.gif http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/magneticstorms/teddypink.gif http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/magneticstorms/bluealoer.gif http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/magneticstorms/teddypink.gif http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/magneticstorms/teddyblue.gif

You ought to see the teddybears in Elzevir's house on Blood Omen. Psycho little things! The music in that area is creepy, too.:D

I have far too many spare gifs in my collection.....

Ooohh, and I also liked whichever DS9 episode it was where the Wormhole Aliens destroyed an invading fleet of Dominion ships. Rather cool!

3rd Feb 2003, 03:00
Ah yes. The cause of Du'Kat's psycho episode... :)

The prophets always gave out a :confused: vibe towards me..

Its confusing the first few times since they appear as people you know... :/

3rd Feb 2003, 04:18
I think I liked Dukat better before they made him an all-out bad guy. And I reeeally wish they hadn't killed off Damar. I liked him..... :(

3rd Feb 2003, 04:53
He died in the series finale.. so there's not really any point of being either dead or alive.. :/

But Damar was a good character, and yes.. Cardasians dont look much like villans. Neither do the Romulans (they look like vulcans that have a bad day..).

The nemesis Remans look like something that crawled out of a nightmare... :eek: :eek: :eek:

3rd Feb 2003, 05:36
Damar was cool. They really gave the impression that he was going to go on to bigger and better things, right before they killed him off. That was irritating.:(

I saw the guy that played him on another show a few weeks ago. I wouldn't have recognized him if it wasn't for the voice. It's just weird to see guys like that without the extra 20 pounds of makeup.:D

3rd Feb 2003, 06:12
Going on to better things? He was the leader of cardasia... cant get any better than that...

Well.. Granted... Dukat got to be the emssary to the paraithes (evil prophets..)

3rd Feb 2003, 06:57
As far as I remembered (and, of course I only saw that episode once) he was going to be a more "unifying force" as a leader. He always appeared to be under someone else's command, from what I recall...

I need to get all those episodes on tape! :o :D

3rd Feb 2003, 18:59
So true.. you do need to get the episodes on tape :) :D

Yah. Damar was Dukat's 2nd.... then he became the leader of Cardasia (under the Female Changeling's control...). He then decided to fight back and was the leader of the resistance movement. But with the help of the federation and "colonel" nerys

u know how cardasians and bajorans are... so they made a starfleet uniform for kira so she'd look like a star fleet officer and not a bajoran (or at the very least.. a bajoran with the voice of the federation..).

Damar was ok. He just got drunk on power and screwed everything up; killed Zial.. Dukat's half-bajoran daughter.., He let the founders take over cardasia (occupation of cardasia.. what a poetic justice that is.. they occupied bajor for 50 years and not they're the occupied :) (em? occupierd?). :/ :)

5th Feb 2003, 09:36
AAGH! Far too confusing for my simple mind! I just haven't watched the show in so long, I only remember bits and pieces of episodes I only got to see once. That kinda sucks...:(

5th Feb 2003, 22:41
it was a good episode :) all of em are good episodes..

7th Feb 2003, 08:19
I know. I just need to get them all on tape so I can sound like I know what I'm talking about once in awhile... :o ;) :D

7th Feb 2003, 19:55
you're doing a good job :) (of looking like you know what your talking about) :)

8th Feb 2003, 11:09
Aww, thankys. http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/survali/bubble2.gif

I still want the tapes, though.:D

8th Feb 2003, 19:13
On another topic. You tought 3d chess was hard? Take a look at this one....

<click here to view image> (http://www.siterush.com/~defender/graphs/u2chess3d.JPG)

This is a screen shot from unreal 2. Got it on Wensday (finished it thursday :/). My first officer is a strategic expert. Mastered this 3d chess at the age of 10... :eek:

http://www.unreal2.com/ <-- for info on Unreal 2 (duh..)

9th Feb 2003, 01:06
I'm not even good at regular chess. That looks just about impossible there! :eek: :o

9th Feb 2003, 07:56
I wouldnt mind taking a crack at 3d (startrek) checkers or 3d (unreal 2) checkers.

I also got no clue on how to play chess. I tried it a few times (computer versions) and I just couldnt get the graps of it..

Stuff like only this piece can move in this way and only at this time, unless this other piece did this and took out this guy...

gave me alot of :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: ..

Checkers is alot simpler. :) (thank god!)

10th Feb 2003, 01:21
I know the rules of regular chess and all of that, but I tried to play it once and basically got my butt kicked. That was a humbling experience. I've pretty much accepted that the game looks cool, but wrapping my head around that whole strategy thing is a pain. :o :rolleyes: :D

10th Feb 2003, 02:56
Yah. Forgot about all that strategic thing.

I wonder what was the shortest game. In a TNG episode, Barkley did a checkmate in 12 moves. I wonder what it is in real life. (cause thats startrek, so its 12 moves on a 3d board...)

10th Feb 2003, 04:06
I don't have a clue, really. I only know that, the last time I tried to play, I only made about 5 moves before I got nailed.

Thus ended my chess-playing days....:o :D

10th Feb 2003, 05:26
well. thats not hard to believe.. its easy to loose in a short ammount of time. (as in you make mistakes 'veteran' chess players see and exploit it).

It took me 15 seconds to loose :) (im so proud of it too :D :rolleyes: )

10th Feb 2003, 06:11
LOL I wonder who would win if you and I played chess. :D

10th Feb 2003, 21:18
Would probably last longer than ppl who know what they're doing. :)

Think about it, none of us know what we're really doing... So then it would take longer for one of us to get all the pieces.

Like when someone gets lost trying to get somewhere with a 'shortcut' (one of those shortcuts into the middle of nowhere..). He didnt know what he was doing so it took him longer to get where he needed to go...


We'd really make chess masters think about this one. :)

11th Feb 2003, 08:27
LOL Good thinking! Now I really want to try it! http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/vestieri/jok.gif

11th Feb 2003, 18:06
ok, ok. meet me at the eiffel tower tomorow at 9am. :) :rolleyes:

We'll dazzle the chess players and have a baguette with wine for lunch :D

12th Feb 2003, 10:23
Sounds good to me!:cool:

But I thought you didn't like wine... :o ;) :D

12th Feb 2003, 18:58
I dont, but if we dont drink some, we're gonna look wierd...

Here we have free food as 'welcome to our restaurant' (like nachos and salsa, fries, bread, etc..) and over in france, its wine.. Or is it in italy? :confused:

13th Feb 2003, 08:38
Probably just generally Europe.;) Think I'll just have the nachos and salsa, myself.http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/andomi/pant.gif

Let the games begin! LOL:D

13th Feb 2003, 15:38
Queen to pawn's level 3 :)

....... :(

Thats All I know as far as chess terms go...

it was on a TOS episode, where spock and kirk beam down to deliver a supply of some medicine for criminally insane, a former captain can morph into anyone... so there's this secret code they got, the enterprise would 'ask'/say what move they made, and kirk/spock would 'countermove' it.

Fortunatley, the evil captain (guy who can morph) has/had no clue of chess either :)

14th Feb 2003, 06:40
AAGH! I don't even know what move to make. I haven't tried to play chess for about 3 years.

I think you've won already... :o ;) :D

15th Feb 2003, 06:05
oh really ... hmm..

king to rooks level 2
pawn to bishop level 1
queen to king level 3

checkmate. :D :rolleyes:

looks at his chess board...

heh. It spells out SOS :)

15th Feb 2003, 08:13
Aaaggghhh!!! I told you I didn't know what move to make. I told you you had already won. Why did ya have to go and embarrass me with a checkmate anyway? :o

:p :p :pYes, I'm just kidding! :p :p :p

15th Feb 2003, 08:30

Wanted to see how many more piece names I could get. :)

King, Queen, Rook, Bishop and Pawn. Thats all I got.

Oh! Knight. Right? Knight is the horse thing. Bishop is the castle? Pawns are those little things infront of your big pieces... King is the one you need to guard? Queen is the one you need to check with? (i mean, you need to get your queen to his king to do checkmate.. or is it king to queen?)..

:confused: :confused: .... :D

15th Feb 2003, 09:31
What, your headache is gone already?;)

The only one I'm really sure of is that the Rook is the castle, and that's only coz I was looking up pictures to put in my signature, and I tried coming up with something that went with my username. That's not even why I picked my username. It's refers to something else entirely.

Which makes me wonder, why'd you pick mrdefender as a username? What's the story behind that? :)

15th Feb 2003, 22:48
I was 'originally' just Defender... The name tells the story... I just like to defend when im playing computer games. (well, I like action too.. whats the point of making defenses if they're never attacked...).

I just start off with defense and if ppl need me to go offense, I go offense.. but Id rather stay defense. Its more fun :) (imho).

I added Mister (MR) when I was 16. I was midway in my chemo therapy and felt more mature and I wanted my nick to reflect that. (something about comming close to death makes life look different..).

Yours? :) (other than the chess thing ;) )

16th Feb 2003, 01:14
Mine is the name of a character from a story I wrote, as well as a different character from another story that I am kind of half-working-on now. Then again, all the names I use on various message boards come from characters I've thought up. I use Rook most often, but on forums like ascifi.com (which is a rather nifty place if you happen to take a look;)) I'm Quill. Most of my "Location" names are places from stories I've written, too. I'm honestly not overly enthused about the things that I write. I'm actually just more attached to the names (and drawing the various characters and places) than the stories themselves.:o :D

And we still need to come up with a picture of Defender, the Canadian superhero! :cool: :D

18th Feb 2003, 06:05
GASP! I haven't been on here for 2days!!! I've just been so caught up on C&C Generals (http://generals.ea.com/), its awesome...

Hmm.. Games and Defender... :-/ Well.. In Generals, there's an infantry unit called 'Missile Defender'.. I think there's a game with that name too... ......

You know... this nick is so popular, you'd think I would know more sources.... ... ;)

18th Feb 2003, 07:06
I think I might have an Atari game with that in the title. Probably something like "Galactic Defender." If I hadn't buried all my old games in a box when I got the PS2, I'd be able to go check right now...:o

I know I've got a game called "Missile Command." Rather cool, for an oldie.:D

18th Feb 2003, 18:00
Yah. Only old games have my nick in em.. until now...

I did a search for 'defender' on electronics boutique's website (ebgames.com) and it came out with 3 same games, on different consoles. One for XBOX, PS2, Game Cube and Game Boy Advanced. Dunno what it is cause its console only.. I follow pc games (or pc games that go to console at the last minute... like buffy the vampire slayer, which was released on the xbox 1 month before release)

18th Feb 2003, 22:15
i'm sorry that this seems like me dredging up something from way before, but i guess i am :) voyager wasn't 16 years in the delta quadrant. at the beginning of the last episode of voyager, there was a news broadcast celebration of voyager flying over the golden gate bridge as she returned... so cool.. and that was after however-long (was THAT the 16 years?) and that was an anniversary of their return. but old admiral janeway who had developed a lot of anti-borg technology on their trip back, and was now teaching about the borg at the academy (they were still at war with the borg in the future) decided to change time.

old-janeway went back to voyager in the delta quadrant and helped them (including young-janeway) get home and close off the borg transwarp conduits, thereby changing time, but keeping voyager in the current continuity... & then they promoted her, hehehe. i wonder if she'll get like kirk did and want her command back.. or if she's just happy to have it all behind her.

here's the question: that borg transwarp conduit opened close to earth. why had they never attacked before? why did they need to go through starfleet & ufp defenses from as far away as wolf 359 (almost 8 light years away in the constellation leo) instead of just popping up? and why did they decide to go back only to a few days before warp drive on earth instead of say 50 or 60 yrs prior and just obliterate us instead? or subsume the planet in the early to mid 1900's? sometimes it seems the writers just can't be bothered to actually think...

18th Feb 2003, 22:51
The time frame of when voyager was in the delta quadrant was meer speculation. I made assumptions on several factors.

First, the aniversary of voyager's return. The announcer mentions this was footage of the return of voyager, 10 years ago. After their 23 years in the delta quadrant. So its 33 years when we first see Old Janeway (in the 5 minutes before the main title theme).

On voyager, when Admiral and Captain Janeway talk, Admiral Janeway says its gonna take them another 13 years to get home.. So, with all the other episode stuff. We can assume they spent 13-16 years in the alpha quadrant (some episodes makes it confusing with all the time travel stuff...

As for the transwarp coridor I take it its artifically created by the Borg (the transwarp hub we see in the last episode of Voyager). They probably didnt have resources or something else that explains why they didnt use that corridor (near earth). They needed Picard to mediate with Earth (and get all starfleet captain-ranked only intelligence/information.).

Earth has a formidable defenses. Not to mention ship yards and colonies.. I'm guessing there would've been a major fleet of starfleet ships ready to attack the borg & defend earth.

The borg went thru that way, they eliminated most of the resistance and earth was just there to take over.

I'm not too sure why the borg decided to appear the day before first contact (the event, not the movie.. though they're both the same.. I guess...). All I know is that it cleared the way for the 'Enterprise' Series.

Don't forget that Q Introduced Picard to the borg, in the 24th centuary.. Maybe the Borg didnt know what old earth was like or something..

How the writers write their episodes are beyond me.. I just watch, enjoy them and ask questions later :) (if I need to ask questions..)

21st Feb 2003, 09:49
See there, I miss the forums for a couple of days, and suddenly all the conversations turn multi-paragraph.:eek:

It's boggling my simple little mind.... :o ;) :D

21st Feb 2003, 17:46
You mean it wasn't detailed enough? :o~ sigh

Fine. I'll take up the first 20 pages in my detailed response to the next thread.. It might take me an hour or so.