View Full Version : I need rain!!!

The Raider
12th Dec 2002, 12:07
I once heard about a waterfall object that can be used for rain. Where can i find it?

12th Dec 2002, 12:26
As far as I know, TRWad has one.... You should PM or mail him. ;)

12th Dec 2002, 12:55

Yes TRWAD had Rain as Animating16 and one of the posts in the forum said that it wad going to out soon. But that was back at the start of the year!

I hope it's finished as it may make my jungle levels look a bit better and would look nice in some other level instead of using the water room trick which I think looks more like snow.

12th Dec 2002, 14:45
You can go to my website to get one! hopefully I will upload a better one soon but you can go here (http://www.geocities.com/scorpions89ca/home.html) to download it

The Raider
12th Dec 2002, 15:18
Thanks for the download link, disco-fever,but when i wanted to open it with WadMerger,i coudn't because the file was a .wad file and WadMerger can only open .was files!:( So could you please change this for me?

12th Dec 2002, 16:17
oh I'm sorry, Ill fix it right away

12th Dec 2002, 16:37
my website keeps crashing! what is you email address? I will try and send it to you

The Raider
12th Dec 2002, 19:43

12th Dec 2002, 20:02
;) Sent

12th Dec 2002, 20:43
Hmmm. Do you mean the one from my signature? I have no idea where it is, cause I never finished it (the screenshot is a 50% finished one).