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Luc [TRO]
11th Dec 2002, 16:09
sorry , but precedent topic was closed ...

That 's the question ; how to make it legal or have the advice of Eidos or Core ?

How to "present" this patch to Eidos or Core ?

Now the version of the TRLE patch is adapted to the "european" version of TRLE , this updated version works now with all installations of the editor US or EU.
This version is now 100% working and available on some important european TR sites .

Can somebody here help us about that ?

Luc [TRO]
13th Dec 2002, 09:31
Nobody answers to me ?

Is the Eidos people never reading this forums ?
Can you give me an email adress to write for this subject ?

13th Dec 2002, 16:09
You can't just email them saying there's a patch for XP users (unofficial) which is sorta a cool thing and ask them if they wouldn't mind if you could place it on your site for download :rolleyes:
You have to do it (present it) correctly so they gave you (us) the permission to use it and to freely distribute it. It's not that simple.
[edit] Yes I know, some of the XP users already have it and they don't care about this subject anymore, and yes I know that this patch is still available on the Internet :rolleyes:

Luc [TRO]
13th Dec 2002, 17:19
OK , i will tell him to do that ...

I see that the same patchs for TRLR and TRC are out ...and they are 100% working !

13th Dec 2002, 17:42
Originally posted by Luc [TRO]
OK , i will tell him to do that ...
You will tell whom and to do what?

13th Dec 2002, 18:47
If a thread is closed, you are not permitted to reopen it Luc [TRO] under any circumstances. If you would like to discuss the topic further, it can be done so via Private Message.

Thank you