View Full Version : isn't it annoying that people......

11th Dec 2002, 15:15
......don't include the subject of a thread in the subject field, like this or make subjects like "is it possible...." or "have you ever...." or just simply "HELP!", so that you have to open the thread to see what it is about or don't bother to look at the thread at all?

so can we please all work on a more productive forum by writing the subject of a thread in the SUBJECT field!?

thank you for listening to this plea for sanity :)

11th Dec 2002, 18:43
I understand competly, I'm a modrator at two fourms. I'll try not to ever do it ;)

Alias 56

11th Dec 2002, 18:49
I'm doing my best @ this so far, but my problems seem to be so "unique" that not many people bother to write a really helpfull reply in the threads I post :( But then again, the names of the threads you name don't help more either, so I don't do it (at least I can't remember when I've done like that).

11th Dec 2002, 19:35
awwww Lowin, you having a bad day? :p I personally don't think I've been guilty of omitting the title of subject matter, but I'll be extra careful from now on :D

11th Dec 2002, 20:21
lol don't see why it matters so much to you ;) but i'll remember that in future :D

11th Dec 2002, 20:37
I don't care either way, but the less unique topic names usually get my responce a lot faster than the others.