View Full Version : Graveyard objects needed.

The Raider
11th Dec 2002, 11:57
Where can i find some cool graveyard objects to put in my level. Like some tombstones and coffins and other spooky stuff?

11th Dec 2002, 13:10
Lara's Levelbase Trle Stuff has some things like that :)

The Raider
11th Dec 2002, 14:54
I didn't find anything to do with graveyard's there. Where must i go now?:(

11th Dec 2002, 17:38
I have a special graveyard wad full of items on my site :) Go to the level editor page and then to the extra objects/wads page.


11th Dec 2002, 17:41
You can find some graveyard stuff in the title wad of TRC..... The Sage Of Time hosted it, but his site seems to be disabled....
Guess you'll just have to whip out WADmerger yourself! ;)

The Raider
12th Dec 2002, 08:43
Thanks for that great graveyard wad, TrueRaider!!!:D

12th Dec 2002, 17:01
No Problemo :D