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11th Dec 2002, 03:39
First off I've been trying to figure out wot Vorador meant when he said he slaughtered 6 of the sheep before defeating malek their shepard? We only saw him kill three members of the circle. Is he referring to 6 of the Sarafan? Or is he referrring to 6 members of the circle? I don't see why he'd be mentioning any of the Sarafan. Malek seems to be the protector of the circle members and Vorador killing off random Sarafan doesn't seem like something he'd be bragging about.

If Ariel was killed by Mortanius and Nupraptor was in love with Ariel and Vorador didn't kill Malek and Moebius was kicking it with Raziel and Malek.. doesn't that only leave 4? Or perhaps he was referring to just some Random Sarafan.... and he only killed the three.. Who was the fourth member to survive or did they die? Or was it a Moebius from the future and Mortanius did get killed and the demon took over his body? Which would add up to 6 members of the circle that vorador slaughtered if there was another time streamer who died.. but then how would malek know to listen to Moebius is another question that wouldn't really fit the future Moebius idea very well.

So how many circle members were really slaughtered by Vorador? Do we even know who they are?

11th Dec 2002, 04:43
Ariel and Nuprator are summoned after the catastrophe, she is killed 470 years later, and Nuprator dies at the hands of Kain 500 years later.

Actually we see him kill 4 members of the Circle in the opening cinematic of Blood Omen, so I guess he killed 2 other Circle members before he reached that room.

11th Dec 2002, 04:58
Hey.. that is right.. hrm.. i think i knew that.. so uh.. then I suppose moebius, malek and mortanius were the three that survived.. silly smurf.. Moebius and Mortanius are really old men then huh.. Suppose that wouldn't be so hard if you're the master of time or death..

11th Dec 2002, 19:35
Yes, they are the 3.

I think all the Gaurdians live forever, or until they are killed. "Their gaurdianship sustains them." Its interesting though that this didnt sustain the original Vampire gaurdians, only the humans apparently.