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10th Dec 2002, 23:11
I don't know if this would be the right place to ask this but I know a lot of you LE makers hale Angelfire sites. I need some help on learning how to make links on pictures and text. That's mainly it, I hope someone can help me... :(

Alias 56

10th Dec 2002, 23:28
Picture Link w/border

<A HREF="linkurl "><IMG SRC="pic url"></A>

Picture w/o border

<A HREF="linkurl"><IMG SRC="picurl" border="0"></A>

Text Links

<A HREF="linkurl">Link Text</A>

A HREF is for links
IMG SRC is for the pictures
Make sure to end your links with the </A> or else your link will go on forever, or until a </A> is added in.
Link url is the link and pic url is the pictures url.

[edit: now it will make more sense :) whenever you want to display HTML tags, use the vB tags [ p h p ] and [ / p h p ]]

11th Dec 2002, 19:08
Thanks, you just saved my site :p

Alias 56

11th Dec 2002, 19:33
hey Alias, you probably already know this lol... but my site was created using a site builder, where you don't have to know ANYTHING about HTML (and believe me, I don't haha). Lycos has one, as do Geocities, I thought Angel fire had one too?

11th Dec 2002, 20:21
No they don't :( but my site has already got a lot to it, and my new site "Tomb Raider Galaxy" has a custom web maker. Oh baby TR Galaxy is HUGE to! Ahemm.. I mean it's not finshed yet. *Smacks my self for leting anything get out* :p

Alias 56