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10th Dec 2002, 21:47
Well, has anyone tried playing the full game?
Is it worth it?

Do tell us.

Iakovos :)

11th Dec 2002, 00:21
I haven't completed the game as of yet but so far I like it.

The only thing negative about it so far I wish they had more in game cinematics. there was the opening one and that's it so far. (I'm not counting the scrolls that talk) Desperados was loaded with in-game cinematics but RH...none...what gives?????

11th Dec 2002, 00:45
i installed the demo and started it, but found it was not very intuitive and i got bored quite quickly...

Maybe it was the Men in Tights, maybe it was because i couldn't change the direction of the screen view, maybe it was because Maid marion didn't look that hot.... whatever it was, it seemed more like a romp in the park than a commandos mission.

The bad guys didn't even look that bad

I think i'm happy to wait for the next Commandos installment

Perhaps its because i can immerse myself into commandos as a real life what if, but Robin Hood is always perceived as a myth/legend....dunno... :D

18th Dec 2002, 21:13
I enjoyed the demo a little bit but like Ragsy i got bored.

I voted stick with Commandos 3!

6th Jan 2003, 20:30
thats right. i played the demo of RH.it was quite fun,but not as good as commandos is. though the game have some cool tihngs like if you kill one guard,the other will notice that his pal is dissapeared and will sound alarm:(

3rd Feb 2003, 02:20
I have finally played the full version. Well, imo, it is inferior to Desperados. I agree with Longshot about the cinematics. There are only 2 in whole game (intro+outro). Other drawback is lack of maps and I don't mean maps as missions, no. Just maps as different areas. There are like 4-5 castles (4-5 maps) and all missions take place there. That's it. Granted, you get different enemy placement, different time of day but the place is totally the same. Beside that, we have 3-4 very small forest maps but it wouldn't be fair to count those as maps. Good thing is that they are kinda non-liniar.

3rd Feb 2003, 22:10
Yeah I agree with the maps as well. Once you played a mission in every castle area it's basically mods for those missions. The again how many different areas can you have for a game like Robin Hood?

3rd Feb 2003, 23:03
I think this is really up to developers and their imagination. Different villages, maybe also maps that are totally cover the interior of a building (castle) like for example the last mission of Desperados (caves). You can practically "bend" the story any way you like. You can even let player play as king Richard somethere in the middle east (temples, ruins). And yes, this game in its current state is screaming for the editor of some sort. Any news on that, Longshot?

4th Feb 2003, 22:46
Probably not but I never asked anyone...

I'm not even sure I'd want to do and mods for Robin Hood...