View Full Version : Thief under Windows 2000 Professional

10th Dec 2002, 18:33
Hi guys,

I recently bought a new computer, in which Windows 2000 Professional was installed. Although I can play all the games I tried, I cannot play thief. By the moment I only tried The Dark Project. When I run the setup, it displays the message: "This product cannot be installed on Windows NT due to a microsoft directx limitation". I don`t really know what to do, I think there must be a solution to this, for i can play other games that also use directx (I have 8.0 here) and I also have games that require 3D acceleration, and they work perfectly well. I also can play games from the same year as thief. Does any of you know how to solve this?

Thx in advance, and thanks for reading my post.

Grey Mouser
10th Dec 2002, 18:42
When installing on 2000 or XP, don't use the Launch Panel...Go to Start>Run and instead of "D:\setup.exe" to install Thief, type "D:\setup.exe -lgntforce" without the quotes...substitute your CD-Drive letter designation for D:\ if your CD-ROM is not D:\...this will by pass the fact that Installshield is thinking you are trying to install on NT... you should be able to play after that.

Make sure to type it correctly...there is a space after the ".exe" and it is a lower case L for "-lgntforce", not a capital I.