View Full Version : Saving Private Smith Bug?

10th Dec 2002, 06:10
I just finished Saving Private Smith and onto the bonus mission. The problem is, the "Invasion" Button is greyed out. I can't finish this mission! :( Is there something I did wrong? I have all Allied men with me. 11 of them inlcuding private smith. I already positioned them, but I can't click the Invasion button.

Help! :(

10th Dec 2002, 06:24
Also, when I started the bonus mission, some enemy soliders are just standing there and some, I think respawned, but theyre not moving or shooting. My commandos cant shoot them, only the Allied men can. I think this is a bug.

10th Dec 2002, 06:30
It's a bug download the patch to fix this (link in sig.).

10th Dec 2002, 06:42
Thanks, man!

10th Dec 2002, 06:57
It's now working! Thank goodness!

24th Sep 2008, 10:38
I downloaded the link and suddenly I couldn't launch the game anymore (nothing happens, no error messages etc, nothing). A little help please!

29th Sep 2008, 19:26
You have to press the "invasion button" in the lower right corner of the screen.

11th Oct 2008, 13:10
The link is commandos2 V1.20 update patch
chq.gamemod.net/Files/2MOC/InternationalPatch.exe (http://chq.gamemod.net/Files/2MOC/InternationalPatch.exe)

playing again.