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10th Dec 2002, 04:20
Enjoy! :cool:







10th Dec 2002, 04:26
Looks great!

10th Dec 2002, 04:30
Cool, wonderful lighting and objects! But if I may, can I make a suggestion? If you don't wana here it then dont scroll down.

I think (In my opinoion) you should use a diffrent outfit and textures, the textures are placed so good I hate to say it. But it's useed from TRC, and one of the things I look for in a level is the outfit. But this is only my opinoin.

Alias 56

10th Dec 2002, 04:32
Oh and I forgot: IT LOOKS AWESOME!!! No matter what textures/outfit you use! :D Hurry up so I can play it!! Dont feel rushed or anything...

Alias 56

10th Dec 2002, 04:45
Lara will be wearing a Black catsuit similar to TRC. Blind Intentions offered to make me one.

10th Dec 2002, 18:37
Cool, when do you think it will be out for playing?

Alias 56

10th Dec 2002, 21:34
That looks really good! Like Alias56 said though, an outfit DOES make or break the level.... so once you have a new one it will be 99.9% perfect! If you want to get it 100% perfect though.... I suggest that you use different torches for beside the door... (In my opinion the look fake and cheap...lol) But other than that... ITS AWESOME!!!!

10th Dec 2002, 22:35
Ok so heres what I got so far: Textures are staying
Outfit = Black Catsuit
Lamps will be changed
Keep em comin guys/girls.

11th Dec 2002, 22:03
Lookin' good! ;)

By the way, I am new to the TRLE forums, but not to the TRLE or the Eidos Forums. I tend to be in the LoK forums more since I love LoK. In fact, that's why I joined Eidos in the first place... I joined back at the old forums and have been dropping in on the LE forums since. :)

Anyway, enough about me!

I was wondering Mgardiner, where did you manage to get the Rome WAD? I love making Rome based levels yet, unfortunately, they are empty as I cannot find a Rome WAD anywhere, despite extensive searching.

Any help with this would be much appreciated! :)

11th Dec 2002, 22:08
The TRLE Search Engine (link in sig) might be able to help. We have a wide selection of wads/objects and other stuff. Also, www.laraslevelbase.org is anotehr good place to start.

11th Dec 2002, 22:09
I've tried both of those before MDN and, unfortunately, they've resulted in nothing... :(

12th Dec 2002, 01:23
Ask Chronicles5, he gave me one of the wads...though some of the objects are in odd places, Ex: A static is in the place of a trap door and cannot be put into plant1, Arch1, etc..

12th Dec 2002, 01:34
but you can put it in one of the animating slots.

12th Dec 2002, 02:15
D'you think you could send me it GeckoKid? :)

If so, gimme a PM... Thanks! :)

12th Dec 2002, 02:47
sorry i don't have it, but i just know trapdoor slot stuff can be put into animating slots with no problem.

12th Dec 2002, 02:51
Oh, pity... :(

Could I possibly get it from you Mgardiner? :)

12th Dec 2002, 03:31
There is a way to convert it from animating to static quite easily.
Add the items that you want to a test wad and save (make sure that it has static objects that you don't care about overwriting). Open up strpix 3.8 and get to the object that is in the wrong place. Then go to file/export dxf. Now go to a static object that you don't want. Click file/import dxf and save. Add the static items to your wad and save.