View Full Version : I keep getting an illegal opperation Once i have reached 99 rooms..

9th Dec 2002, 20:34
I select the room entitled empty below the 98th room. The room appears like normal. But then when I go back to select room (the list) I get an illegal operation, and room editor shuts down. Is there a way to get around this. I don't know if this happens to other people. It has put my level on hold for a few days.

I tried using copy room.. It works untill i goto select room. Any suggestions... other than not using the select room list, or must i discontinue use with it?

9th Dec 2002, 20:38
Copy the room and save the project (as a different name of course). Then reload the newly saved project and click on the select room again. If it doesn't show a list of more rooms, try the same thing once more.

9th Dec 2002, 22:48
ok, cool