View Full Version : Timed camera problems...

9th Dec 2002, 18:03
I have 2 timed cameras (that is camera works for the time that it is "told" to in the timer field of it's trigger options) but both of them don't show their target for more than a nano second (Ok, I'm exaggarating, but you still can't see what the camera is supposed to show). What causes this and how to fix it?

9th Dec 2002, 18:31
I believe that you have to multiply the number of second times 30. Plus I think you have to add the number to the OCB timer window, not the trigger.

10th Dec 2002, 20:09
No, the time must be set in the trigger in normal seconds.

Do you have any ROLLINGBALLS in your level stopping on a trigger? That causes this problem. ROLLINGBALLS CAN START ON TRIGGERS BUT THEY MUST NOT STOP ON THEM!