View Full Version : Why I Think Kingdom Hearts III Final Mix is NOT Going to Happen...

1st Feb 2019, 19:41
As many of you know, Kingdom Hearts 1, 2 and Birth by Sleep had Final Mix versions of the games made for them. They recolored a lot of Heartless and Unversed, added new cutscenes, more weapons and items, more optional boss fights, new collectibles and an extra difficulty mode.

Final Mix versions feels like a whole new game from the original versions of the games. And for the longest time, these Final Mix versions of the games were never sold outside of Japan, until recent years as HD Remix collections.

In the age of DLCs and digital downloading of games, whether you own a physical copy or a digital copy of the game, anything new that Square Enix creates for Kingdom Hearts 3 can be added as DLCs, so there wouldn't be any need to make a Final Mix version when they can just add more stuff to the game with DLCs.

Back when they made Final Mixes for Kingdom Hearts was during the PS2 and PSP era, when DLCs didn't exist and they had to sell these Final Mixes as a separate title and release from the original. But now, if they want to add more contents to the game, they can release DLCs instead of releasing a whole new version of the same game.

What do you guys think? Will Square Enix make a Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Mix that the rest of the world won't see for years, or will they release them world-wide this time, or will they simply give us DLCs in the future? Leave a comment below, and let's get this discussion going!