View Full Version : 99.88% play - Phanteon of the gods 87% I can not find a mission contact - HELP

18th Jan 2019, 10:48
Hello everyone, I need a hand because I'm going crazy ..
I wanted to complete the game 100% and unlock Perfectionist.
All missions, artifacts, treasures ,,,, all areas 100% ..
Except the secret city .... it tells me 99% and in the main menu 99.88% (I attach photos)

in practice gives me a mission contact 11/12, but I completed the missions all I'm sure.Ma on the map I can not find that damn symbol.


The only thing that remains in my works Phanteon Of the Gods 87%


....... then missing one of those ..... but on the map I do not see anything..ne artifacts in contact mission.

Can you help me understand?

18th Jan 2019, 14:25
if i am not mistaken, there is a underground cave to reach these items. the entrance is were the campfire near the market is. that building facing the fire has several windows. jump in there.