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9th Dec 2002, 04:32
I tried to deploy Fins inflatable boat but I can't seem to put it back in his backpack. :confused:

How do I pick it up? When I click shift, he jumps inside.

9th Dec 2002, 06:33
You can't pick it up again.

9th Dec 2002, 06:36
ok. thanks.

24th Jun 2003, 01:28
Are you ABSOLUTLY sure there's no way to back the Zoadiak up again? Why can't u? that's so wrong...

24th Jun 2003, 15:23
Just curious, but why would you want to deflate it? It's used in just 2 scenarios- Savo and the Amphibious bonus mission. In the bonus mission the commandos do better by swimming across the river so it's basically useless there. In Savo it's used to land the team. Then unless you take out the patrol boat and all the shore guns your're toast if you use it. And once you've taken out all the threats you've already been quite active on the island and can move pretty freely toward mission goals.

Not damning your question at all, just wondering how you'd want to use it to re-inflate again.

24th Jun 2003, 16:49
Yeah I thought of that but still, it wouldn't hurt to be able to pack it up again to make it portable. why did they include it at all if all the commandos can swim on their own?

24th Jun 2003, 19:36
it defends you against sharks!

24th Jun 2003, 20:21
Originally posted by sick
it defends you against sharks!
Sharks wont attack if you swim theyve attack only then when you dive

25th Jun 2003, 02:59
Originally posted by Ranger
Sharks wont attack if you swim theyve attack only then when you dive

My personal experience with Savo is that the sharks find surface swimmers quite tasty, i had fun feeding Wilson to the sharks.... he needed a bath anyway :D :D

So sick is quite right in the boat the sharks cant get you, and under water the guns can get you (except for the enemy frogmen with thier spear guns)

25th Jun 2003, 21:13
Wierd. I've never had a shark attack a surface-swinning commando on any level!

26th Jun 2003, 03:57
there is even worse things. sometimes it happens that people on my side start shoting at each other. once german saved dukie from cruel attack of lupin :eek:

26th Jun 2003, 14:43
There must be a pathing glitch in Haiphong since I LOL when the tank often runs over the goon's patrols and they run around going "Bukajukada!!"