View Full Version : Disney Afternoon in Kingdom Hearts, Please

11th Jan 2019, 18:36
Dear Square Enix,
Please include Disney Afternoon worlds in future Kingdom Hearts titles. Disney Afternoon was an afternoon block of new animated programs that came on the Disney Channel from 1990 to 1997. It was during those times, we were exposed to many great Disney animated shows and some not-so-great.... I would love to see some of these Disney-owned animated series become a world in the Kingdom Hearts games someday, shows like:

Adventures of the Gummi Bears - World name: Gummiberry Forest
DuckTales (1987) - World name: Duckburg
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers - World name: Ranger Park (they live in a kind of New York City, in a tree in a park)
TaleSpin - World name: Cape Suzette
Darkwing Duck - World name: St. Canard
Bonkers - World name: Toons Cross (as in a crossover of cartoons and humans, also a wordplay on King's Cross)
Gargoyles - World name: Manhattan
The Mighty Ducks the Animated Series - World name: Puckworld

I can see TaleSpin as a world where you side with Baloo and Kit Cloudkicker against the Heartless. and also as a Gummi Ship tutorial world where Baloo teaches you how to fly and fight, using Don Karnage, the Air Pirates and the Iron Vulture as combat practice. Also, Sora could learn cloud-surfing from Kit, being towed behind a Gummi Ship, firing spells at oncoming enemies from his Keyblade. lol